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  • 2005
  • 7.1  (119)

Transit is a Mexican film, directed by Antonio Negret, released in 2005. The story starts off with Olivia, a young woman from Mexico, who has been living in New York for a while. She decides to visit her family in Mexico, and thus embarks on a journey that is a cross-border adventure. The first part of the movie is set in New York, where Olivia's life seems to be coming to a standoff. She is working as a waitress, is in an unfulfilling relationship, and seems to be lost in life. Olivia decides to break the monotony of her life, and to find some meaning in it, she decides to visit her family in Mexico.

Olivia boards a bus that will take her from New York to Mexico. This journey is one of self-discovery for her, but it turns into something else entirely. Soon after the bus crosses the Mexican border, it is hijacked by a group of bandits. The bandits are led by a man named Salazar, who is played by Humberto Busto. Salazar has a simple demand - he wants the occupants of the bus to pay a ransom for their release. Olivia, along with the other passengers, is held captive by the bandits, and they do not know how or when they will be released.

As Olivia's ordeal continues, she meets a young girl named Rosa on the bus. Rosa is a runaway, and her situation is more dangerous than Olivia's. Olivia slowly bonds with the young girl and tries to help her. Olivia and Rosa become friends, and Olivia starts to care for her in a motherly way. Olivia's transformation from someone who is lost to someone who is taking charge of a situation is one of the key highlights of the movie.

The bandits themselves are a varied group of people. There is the leader Salazar, who is imposing and threatening. Another member, Hector, is played by the actor Diego Luna. Hector is a more sympathetic character, who is not entirely happy about the violence that Salazar employs. There is also a woman in the group who seems to have some influence over Salazar. But she is not given any backstory, and it is not clear what her role in the group is.

The movie is shot almost entirely on the bus, which gives it a claustrophobic feel. There is a sense of danger that is palpable throughout. The characters are faced with difficult choices, and they make decisions that are not always admirable. The movie does not shy away from portraying the ugly side of human nature.

The movie's plot is simple, but it is well-written and well-executed. The pacing is also good, with the tension building up with each passing moment. The acting is also excellent. Anna Slynko delivers a powerful performance, and her transformation throughout the movie is believable and nuanced. The other actors also do a good job, especially Humberto Busto, who plays the villain with just the right amount of menace.

Overall, Transit is a movie that deserves to be seen. It is a gripping thriller, but it is also a character study. The movie shows how people react when they are put in extreme situations. It also highlights the unstoppable nature of hope, and how even in the bleakest moments, people can find something to hold on to. Transit is a movie that will stay with you long after you have watched it.

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