Try This One for Size

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  • 1989
  • 102 hr
  • 5.3  (104)

Try This One for Size is a 1989 action-comedy film directed by Guy Hamilton and starring Michael Brandon, David Carradine, and Arielle Dombasle. The film follows the story of two master thieves, Ted and Alex, who are blackmailed by a wealthy woman named Christine to steal a priceless diamond from her ex-husband's safe in his heavily fortified mansion. In order to pull off the heist, the two thieves team up with a group of international experts, each bringing their own unique set of skills to the table.

The film opens with Ted and Alex, two experienced jewel thieves, pulling off a daring heist in Rome. However, their joy is short-lived as they are soon approached by Christine, a wealthy and powerful woman who has a proposition for them. She wants them to steal a diamond worth millions of dollars from her ex-husband's safe in his heavily fortified mansion. The catch? She has something on the two of them and will use it to ruin them if they don't carry out the heist.

Ted and Alex initially refuse the job, but soon realize that Christine has all the leverage she needs to ruin their lives. They reluctantly agree to take on the job and begin planning the heist. They quickly realize that they will need some help, so they pull together a team of international experts, each with their own unique skills. These include a computer hacker, a safe-cracker with a photographic memory, an explosives expert, and a martial arts specialist.

The group begins to plan out the heist in detail, but things quickly become complicated when they discover that the mansion is even more heavily fortified than they initially thought. They must navigate security cameras, trip wires, and other obstacles in order to reach the safe.

Meanwhile, Christine's ex-husband is becoming suspicious of her motives and calls in his own team of security experts to protect the diamond. This leads to a series of tense and action-packed confrontations as the two teams clash in their attempt to steal the diamond.

Throughout the film, there are many twists and turns as the characters double-cross each other and the stakes continue to rise. The film is filled with comedic moments as well, largely stemming from the characters' various quirks and idiosyncrasies.

Michael Brandon and David Carradine provide excellent performances as Ted and Alex, respectively. They have great chemistry onscreen and their banter and quips add to the film's comedic elements. Arielle Dombasle is also a standout as Christine, bringing both elegance and deviousness to her role.

The film's action sequences are well choreographed and exciting, with a mix of hand-to-hand combat, gunfights, and explosions. The heist itself is a highlight, as the team must use all of their skills and expertise to overcome the mansion's defenses and reach the safe.

Overall, Try This One for Size is an entertaining and action-packed film with a great cast and plenty of twists and turns to keep viewers engaged. While it may not be the most original of heist films, it is certainly worth a watch for fans of the genre.

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  • Release Date
  • Runtime
    102 hr
  • IMDB Rating
    5.3  (104)