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  • TV-G
  • 1927
  • 1 hr 32 min
  • 6.7  (1,097)

Two Arabian Knights is a 1927 adventure comedy film directed by Lewis Milestone and starring William Boyd, Mary Astor, and Louis Wolheim. The film follows two American soldiers, Sergeant Peter O'Connell (Boyd) and Private Oscar Johnson (Wolheim), who are captured by the German army during World War I. However, they manage to escape and find themselves in the company of a beautiful Arabian princess, Mirza (Astor), who is being forced to marry against her will.

The film's opening sequence introduces the audience to the two soldiers, who have a comical and friendly rapport. They are both excited to be heading home to America after serving in the war, but their plans are derailed when they are captured by the Germans. The soldiers' escape from the prison camp is filled with slapstick humor and action sequences, which set the tone for the rest of the film.

After their escape, the soldiers find themselves stranded in the desert and eventually come across a group of Bedouins. The Bedouins, who are preparing for a raid on a nearby town, initially treat the soldiers with suspicion. However, the soldiers manage to convince the Bedouin leader that they are on his side, and they join the raiding party.

During the raid, the soldiers meet Mirza, who is being held captive in the town. Mirza is the daughter of the local sheik, and she is being forced to marry a man she does not love. The soldiers are immediately smitten with Mirza and devise a plan to help her escape before the wedding.

The majority of the film takes place during the soldiers' attempts to help Mirza escape. They face a number of obstacles, including treacherous terrain, hostile enemies, and disapproving Bedouin leaders. Along the way, they also experience a number of comedic mishaps, such as accidentally setting their own tent on fire and being mistaken for women by a group of Arab traders.

The film's climax takes place during a chaotic chase sequence, in which the soldiers and Mirza are pursued by a group of angry Bedouins. The chase is filled with exciting stunts, such as the soldiers using their horses to jump over a large gap in the desert. The chase ultimately ends in a dramatic showdown in which the soldiers and Mirza are forced to fight for their lives.

Two Arabian Knights is a classic example of a silent-era adventure comedy. It features a number of well-executed action sequences and slapstick comedy set pieces. The film's stars, William Boyd and Louis Wolheim, have excellent comedic chemistry and deliver strong performances. Mary Astor, who would go on to become a major Hollywood star, is captivating as the beautiful and feisty Arabian princess.

The film's Arab characters are largely portrayed as exotic and mysterious, which may be problematic for modern audiences. However, the film does make an effort to portray the Arab characters as multi-dimensional individuals with their own goals and agendas. The film's climax also features a moment of intercultural understanding, in which the Bedouin leader and the soldiers come to a mutual understanding.

Overall, Two Arabian Knights is an entertaining adventure comedy that showcases the comedic talents of its stars. The film's light-hearted tone and action-packed scenes make it a fun watch for fans of early Hollywood cinema.

Two Arabian Knights
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