Vanishing Point

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In Vanishing Point, an ex-race car driver and former Army ranger tries to get across the country to reach his wife, who's in labor, while also trying to elude the authorities. He eventually winds up on an Indian reservation, where he reflects on his life before continuing on his journey, where he must try to break through a police roadblock to reach his wife.

| 1997 | | 5.7/10
Viggo Mortensen, Christine Elise, Steve Railsback, Rodney A. Grant
Vanishing Point is a 1997 television remake of the 1971 cult film of the same title. The film stars Viggo Mortensen, Jason Priestly, Peta Wilson, Christine Elise and Keith David and the same model 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T as in the original, and was dir
Vanishing Point
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Also directed by Charles Robert Carner