Everyone probably wonders what it's like to have a twin sister or brother. You may probably dream of being with them all of the time and maybe even having eerie similarities. And it may even be many parents' dreams. Unfortunately, not in the movie Villain. Two twin brothers are in danger. The danger is because of the two people that gave them life. When the two find out that their parents plan on killing one of them, their whole world is torn apart. The two brothers may be closer than ever when they find that they have no choice but to run away from home.

2002 | | 7.0/10
Ajith Kumar, Neha Dhupia, Meena, Tulip Joshi
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Villain Official Trailer | Ajith Kumar,Meena,Kiran| Ab2|2:33
Villain Official Trailer | Ajith Kumar,Meena,Kiran| Ab2|2:33