Visible Secret

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This is a horror movie about a young woman who is haunted by spirits. When June was a small girl, she saw a man killed in a trolley accident. She eventually forgot about it, but she wears dark glasses or an eye patch every day. She does this so she can avoid seeing the spirits who haunt her. One night she meets Peter, who is a hair dresser. Peter takes her home at her request.

June and Peter continue to see each other and are developing a relationship. The longer they are together, the worse Peter’s life becomes. He begins to explore the mystery of June’s spirit sight for the answers to the strange events in his life.

| 2003 | 1 hr 38 min | 5.9/10
Eason Chan, Qi Shu, Anthony Chau-Sang Wong, Sam Lee
Ann Hui
Produced By
Thomas Chung, John Chong, Solon So, Ann Hui, Abe Kwong
Cantonese, Mandarin
Visible Secret
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