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  • 1937
  • 58 min
  • 5.9  (137)

When Thief Meets Thief is a 1937 American film starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Valerie Hobson, and Alan Hale. The movie is a romantic drama mixed with a touch of comedy and crime, making it a unique watch for moviegoers who appreciate this genre. The story of When Thief Meets Thief revolves around Val Travers, an up-and-coming thief, who gets caught in the act by Steve Barlow, a veteran thief who has recently retired. Steve proposes a unique proposition to Val. Instead of turning him in to the police, he offers to teach him the tricks of the trade so that he can become a master thief like himself. Val, in turn, agrees to work with Steve for a year and then split their earnings equally.

As Val learns the ropes of thieving from Steve, he also develops feelings for his teacher's wife, Sylvia. The story takes a twist when Steve decides to pull off one last, big heist before retiring for good. Val, unaware of Steve's plans, inadvertently creates a situation where the heist's success becomes unlikely, putting Steve's life in danger.

The movie shows the dynamic between two thieves and how their plans unravel when greed, love, and betrayal get mixed up. The characters are flawed and realistic, making the audience root for them in one scene and lose faith in them in another.

The performances of the three main actors are outstanding. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. is charming and witty, exuding confidence as Val Travers. Valerie Hobson is captivating as Sylvia Barlow, displaying a range of emotions as the story progresses. Alan Hale, as Steve Barlow, portrays the grizzled veteran thief with a sense of gravitas that makes him believable as the master thief.

The plot of When Thief Meets Thief is well-constructed, with a mix of humor, romance, and suspense, keeping the audience engaged and invested in the story. The chemistry between the actors is excellent, particularly the scene where Val and Sylvia share their first kiss, which is steamy yet elegant.

The movie's setting is classic Hollywood, with a variety of locations and backdrops that bring the 1930s world to life. The black-and-white film adds to the atmosphere of a noir crime drama, taking the audience back to a time when Hollywood was at its peak.

The movie's writing is crisp, with punchy dialogues that keep the audience entertained throughout the movie's runtime. The scene where Val and Steve steal the magnetic key is particularly memorable, with its wit and humor.

The movie's soundtrack is composed by Roy Webb, who adds a thrilling score to the film, enhancing the scenes' atmosphere and tension. The sound design is also well done, with the subtle sounds of footsteps and breathing adding an extra layer of depth to the scenes.

Overall, When Thief Meets Thief is an enjoyable film that combines humor, romance, and crime, making it a unique blend of genres. The actors' performances, the well-written plot, and the classic Hollywood setting make it a must-watch for anyone who appreciates this era in filmmaking.

When Thief Meets Thief
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