Wo Hu: Operation Undercover

"A police superintendent plans to take down triads who are disrupting the social order."
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This film is about the story of a man named Wai, who is a superintendent that also goes by the code named, WO HU. He decides to put together an operation and sends his army of undercover police officers spy on a well-known triad leader, Jim. However, Jim later finds out that one of the undercover cops have been sent to kill him. Once Jim learns of this, he decides to send some of his triad leader, Tommy and Walter, to keep a close eye on Wai and his cops, while getting their attention. Surprisingly, after Tommy thinks that his triad brothers are planning to kill him, he decides to escape to Hong Kong and leaves Jim in charge of his businesses. Jim loses trust in Tommy and eventually plans to kill him as well.

2006 | 1 hr 42 min | 6.0/10
Eric Tsang, Francis Ng, Jordan Chan, Sonija Kwok
Marco Mak
Produced By
Ivy Kong, Angela Wong, Jing Wong
Wo Hu: Operation Undercover
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Also directed by Marco Mak