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  • TV-14
  • 1999
  • 1 hr 41 min
  • 7.0  (578)

Metade Fumaca is a Hong Kong crime thriller released in 1999, directed by Joe Ma and starring Eric Tsang, Nicholas Tse, and Shu Qi. The film was known for its intense storylines and even more intense action scenes. The story revolves around a gang of criminals who rob a jewelry store and steal a precious gem worth millions of dollars. Afterward, they split up to evade the police and the gangsters who are after them to get a piece of the pie. However, a young hacker, played by Nicholas Tse, accidentally discovers the whereabouts of the robbers and decides to blackmail them for a share of the loot.

Eric Tsang plays the role of the mastermind behind the robbery, a ruthless criminal who will do whatever it takes to protect his interests. Meanwhile, Shu Qi plays his assistant, who is in charge of cleaning up the mess left behind by the gang. As the story unfolds, the tension among the characters increases, leading to an explosive climax that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

One of the most notable aspects of the film is its stunning visuals and realistic portrayal of the criminal underworld in Hong Kong. The movie was filmed in various locations across the city, including vibrant nightclubs, narrow alleyways, and crowded marketplaces. The cinematography and lighting work together to create a moody and atmospheric backdrop for the intense action scenes.

Another striking feature of the film is its soundtrack, which includes a mix of modern and traditional Chinese music. The music adds to the film's overall mood, and it is particularly effective in the suspenseful scenes, where it heightens the tension and keeps the audience guessing about what will happen next.

Metade Fumaca was critically acclaimed upon its release and was praised for its strong performances and gripping storyline. Eric Tsang's performance, in particular, was singled out for its intensity and convincing portrayal of a hardened criminal. The movie was a commercial success as well, grossing over $13 million at the box office.

Overall, Metade Fumaca is a thrilling crime drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. With its intense action scenes, stunning visuals, and powerful performances, it is a must-watch for fans of Hong Kong cinema and crime thrillers alike.

Metade Fumaca
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