Men Suddenly in Black

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This 2003 Chinese sexual comedy was directed by Pang Ho-Cheung. The film portrays it's events with a slapstick, kitsch and often melodramatic tone, traits which were all severly criticized by foriegn audiences. The plot of the film revolves around three men living in Hong Kong, one of who is constantly berated and downtrodden by his wife. The other men take pity on him, through this they come to decide that they need to prove their virile power over their wives and to do so they all go out seeking prostitutes. What ensues from their night of attempted debauchery is a series of wacky misshaps and slapstick situations.

2003 | 1 hr 39 min | 6.8/10
Eric Tsang, Chapman To, Jordan Chan, Spirit Blue
Pang Ho-Cheung
Produced By
Chan Pak-cheung, Bruce Ren, Eric Tsang
Men Suddenly in Black
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