Men Suddenly in Black

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  • 2003
  • 1 hr 39 min
  • 6.8  (1,057)

Men Suddenly in Black is a 2003 Hong Kong comedy film directed by Edmond Pang and produced by Eric Tsang. The movie stars Eric Tsang, Chapman To, Jordan Chan, and Tat-Ming Cheung, known collectively in Hong Kong cinema as the "Four Heavenly Kings of Comedy." The story revolves around the sexual escapades of four married men, who decide to have one last night of sexual freedom before they are condemned to a life of monogamy. The evening begins with a dinner party, where the quartet of men decide to spend the night pursuing women and living on the wild side.

Along the way, the men encounter a variety of women, including a pair of Russian sisters, an enthusiastic health fanatic, and a woman who suffers from a split personality disorder. The comedic hijinks that ensue will have viewers rolling in their seats as the men make fools of themselves in the name of pleasure.

While the movie is undeniably comedic, it also delivers some biting social commentary about gender relations in contemporary Hong Kong society. The film's representation of women as sexual objects for the entertainment of men is sure to raise eyebrows, but the movie ultimately delivers a message of empowerment for women, as the female characters take control of their own sexual desires in ways that the male characters cannot.

The humor of the movie is classic Hong Kong slapstick, full of zany antics and wordplay that will have viewers of all ages laughing out loud. The titular "men suddenly in black" are a group of sexual deviants who seem to be lurking around every corner, waiting to derail the plans of our hapless heroes.

The acting is top-notch, with Eric Tsang leading the charge as the wise-cracking ringleader of the group. His comic timing is impeccable, and his chemistry with his co-stars is evident from the first frame of the movie.

Chapman To delivers a standout performance as the most hapless of the bunch, constantly finding himself in situations that he cannot control. His facial expressions alone are worth the price of admission, and his awkward attempts at seduction will have viewers cringing in sympathy.

Jordan Chan rounds out the cast as the most subdued of the group, playing the role of the reluctant participant with skill and nuance. His deadpan delivery and unassuming demeanor add a welcome dose of realism to the movie, grounding it in the reality of modern relationships.

In terms of production value, the movie delivers in spades. The cinematography is top-notch, with sweeping shots of the Hong Kong skyline and expertly choreographed fight scenes that will have viewers on the edge of their seats.

The music is also a standout feature of the movie, featuring a catchy theme song that will have viewers humming along. The soundtrack is expertly curated, with a mix of classic Hong Kong pop hits and original compositions that set the tone for each scene.

In conclusion, Men Suddenly In Black is a must-see for fans of Hong Kong cinema and anyone who enjoys a good laugh. With its expertly crafted humor, top-notch acting, and biting social commentary, the movie is sure to leave viewers entertained and thinking long after the credits roll.

Men Suddenly in Black
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    1 hr 39 min
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    6.8  (1,057)