Wolves of Wall Street

"They Feed On Greed"

Wolves of Wall Street is a movie that stars Jeff Branson, William Gregory Lee, Louise Lasser, Eric Roberts, Mary Elaine Monti, Angela Pietropinto, and John Michaelson. It is written by Barry L. Levy and directed by David DeCoteau. After receiving advice from a bartender who is very familiar with the crowd on Wall Street, Jeff (Lee) decides it is time to finally pursue his dream job. Taking the initiative, he proactively applies to the Wolfe Brothers brokerage firm to be a stock broker. Immediately, his life begins to change. He soon realizes, in order to succeed in that field he must give up his love, values and morals. Instead, he must learn to adopt a cunning personality. When he decides that he can no longer lead a life like that, he discovers that trying to leave the brotherhood is actually much more difficult than it was to initially join it.

| 2002 | 1 hr 25 min | 2.5/10
David DeCoteau
Wolves of Wall Street

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