Final Stab

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"Last One Alive Wins."
  • NR
  • 2001
  • 1 hr 21 min
  • 3.6  (940)

After being humiliated one time too many by her sister Angela, Kristen decides the time has come to seeking revenge against her sister, as well as the other who helped Angela in Kristen's humiliation. As an added bonus, she also decides to use her revenge plans as a means to test out a new murder mystery business she is planning on starting

Inspired by her love of horror movies Kristen decides to throw a party to seek her revenge. She invites Angela, Charlie, and their friends to an old farm to relieve the good old days. Upon their arrival, Kristen starts a game where by the friends are given fake knives and a plastic bags filled with ketchup and water, which represents blood. Kristen says that the idea is to play a fun slasher game where when a person comes across another they are supposed to stab the plastic bag, thus killing the person. The friends go along with it, not knowing just what Kristen has in store for them.

While out on the farm trying to find someone to stab with the pretend knife, one of the party named Wallace is murdered by a real serial killer, who wears a mask that is in a similar vein to that of Michael Meyers. When the others come across the dead body they confront Kristen over the affair and she tells them about her revenge. However, it does nothing to help as one by one the party goers are brutally murdered. The final person left standing that can defeat the killer is Angela. As the killer lunges in to take out Angela, Angela pulls out her knife and quickly stabs the killer in the throat. The killer dies instantly, which ends the blood bath.

Final Stab
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    1 hr 21 min
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    3.6  (940)