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  • 2017
  • 1 Season

A Portrait of Postwar Japan is a documentary series produced by Film Ideas, Inc. that explores the social, cultural, and historical changes that have affected Japan in the aftermath of World War II. The series consists of seven episodes, each of which focuses on a particular aspect of Japanese life during the postwar period.

The first episode, "Reconstructing Japan," takes viewers back to the immediate aftermath of World War II, as the devastated country struggled to rebuild its economy and society in the face of enormous challenges. The episode provides a detailed look at the various efforts that were made to rebuild Japan, from the massive infrastructure projects undertaken to combat the country's chronic shortage of housing, to the social welfare programs set up to provide support to the many people who had been left homeless and destitute by the war.

The second episode, "The Rise of the Japanese Miracle," explores the many factors that led to Japan's dramatic economic growth during the 1950s and 1960s. The episode examines the ways in which Japanese businesses were able to overcome the significant challenges they faced, from limited resources and a relatively small domestic market, to competition from much larger and more established firms in the West. Through interviews with Japanese business leaders and scholars, the episode sheds light on the innovative strategies that helped Japanese firms to succeed on the global stage.

The third episode, "The Transformation of Japanese Society," examines the many changes that have occurred in Japanese society since the end of World War II. The episode explores the ways in which Japanese culture has been transformed by the country's rapid modernization and globalization, and how these changes have affected Japanese attitudes toward work, family, and social life.

The fourth episode, "Quest for Identity," focuses on the question of Japanese national identity in the postwar period. The episode examines the ways in which the traumas of war and the rapid changes of modernization have affected the Japanese people's sense of cultural and national identity. The episode also looks at the various ways in which Japan has tried to carve out a distinct cultural identity for itself in the context of a globalized world.

The fifth episode, "Riding the Wave of Change," explores the many cultural changes that have taken place in Japan over the past few decades. The episode looks at the ways in which Japanese culture has become increasingly diverse and fragmented, as new subcultures and avant-garde movements have emerged to challenge traditional forms of Japanese culture. The episode also examines the many ways in which Japan has participated in global cultural trends, from the rise of anime and video games to the popularity of Japanese cuisine around the world.

The sixth episode, "Japan's New Era," looks at the political changes that have taken place in Japan since the beginning of the 21st century. The episode examines the ways in which Japan has become increasingly involved in global politics, as well as the challenges that Japan faces in the context of an increasingly globalized world. The episode also explores Japan's efforts to forge new relationships with other countries in the region, and the ways in which Japan is striving to position itself as a leader in the Asia-Pacific region.

The seventh and final episode, "Remembering the Past, Looking to the Future," brings the series to a close by reflecting on the lessons that can be learned from Japan's postwar experience. The episode examines the ways in which Japan's past has shaped its present, and the challenges that the country still faces as it looks to the future. Through interviews with scholars, experts, and ordinary Japanese citizens, the episode provides a nuanced and thought-provoking account of Japan's complex and fascinating postwar history.

A Portrait Of Postwar Japan is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (2 episodes). The series first aired on May 1, 2017.

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The Bubble and Lost Decades
2. The Bubble and Lost Decades
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Economic Miracle
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A Portrait Of Postwar Japan is available for streaming on the Film IdeasInc. website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch A Portrait Of Postwar Japan on demand at Amazon Prime.
  • Premiere Date
    May 1, 2017