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In the drama series Baywatch, the lifeguards on a California beach have to do much more than save drowning people. They also deal with personal dramas and solve crimes. The series is famous for its scantily clad cast. David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson, and Yasmine Bleeth star.

Baywatch is a series that is currently running and has 11 seasons (239 episodes). The series first aired on April 22, 1989.

Where do I stream Baywatch online? Baywatch is available for streaming on , both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Baywatch on demand at Amazon Prime, Hulu online.

11 Seasons, 239 Episodes
April 22, 1989
Action & Adventure
Cast: David Hasselhoff, Jeremy Jackson, Michael Newman, Pamela Anderson
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Baywatch Full Episode Guide

  • Sean has a decision - move to Australia or stay in Hawaii. Zack sees Leigh naked, leading to complications with her fiance Sam. Kekoa dumps JD and become a party girl. When Sam leaves Leigh at the altar, Sean asks Leigh to marry him instead.

  • For a rescue, Sean is awarded a free week at Hilton Hawaiian Village, which he declines. Zack pretends he's Sean and enjoys all the freebees, until Sean shows up! A pretty fashion photographer thinks Jason has top model potential.

  • Leigh takes over at Baywatch while Sean, Jason and Zack go to compete in a 12-mile race of natural obstacles. Jessie's presence at the race creates turmoil. Leigh and Jenna pretend to be lesbian lovers.

  • Investigating toxic dumping, Sean and Leigh end up chained inside a chamber slowly filling with toxic seawater. Can Sam get them out in time? To raise money, Jason and Zack have to hula dance in grass skirts in front of a lot of women.

  • Kekoa is devastated when Jessie tells JD that he's the father of her child. A rescued body boarder is paralyzed. Sean has a romantic encounter with a beautiful, woman he thinks might really be Pele, the goddess fire.

  • Jenna invests all her money with an investment banker who turns out to be a con man. Derek Hart is the kind of man JD wishes he was. But when Derek jumps off a cliff, JD and Jason dive in to save his life, in more ways than one!

  • A hurricane hits Hawaii. Sean and Jenna get trapped in a WWII bunker and must put their hatred aside and work together to escape. Zack is trapped in headquarters with a thrill-seeking reporter that puts their lives in danger to get her story.

  • Baywatch faces two bizarre lawsuits. Kekoa's father wants her to break up with JD and quit lifeguarding. Zack runs the new Junior Lifeguards program. A government Investigation puts Sean's job, and the future of the Training Center in jeopardy.

  • Carrie rescues a spearfisherman who starts obsessively stalking her. Sean, Jason and Zack save her from his deadly pursuit, but can Carrie feel safe saving strangers again? Sean is jealous of Sam dating Leigh, but Leigh has doubts about Sam.

  • Zack corrupts the headquarters' computer system forcing everyone to work in the Dark Ages. Sean is freaked because a major donor is about to arrive in the midst of chaos. Jason saves Brit from her ex.

  • A series of fake rescue calls puts Sean, Jenna and Zack's lives in danger. Jenna replaces Councilman McKenna, giving her the power to shut down the Training Center! JD tries to get Kekoa's father to bless their relationship.

  • Leigh suspects Sasha, an attractive tourist, of murdering her husband. Betraying Leigh, Jason seduces Sasha with shocking results! Sean is shocked when he discovers the truth about his ex-wife's visit to Hawaii.

  • Zack is devastated when Sean promotes Carrie instead of him. Zack and Jason befriend a man and his teenage daughter who harbor a dangerous secret. Zack supplies a boat to escape to Maui, but disaster strikes before they get there.

  • Sean's incredible guilt after a surfing accident leads to a crisis of faith. Zack has to choose between loyalty to his Baywatch teammates and his competitive ambitions.

  • Sean confronts a "shark tour" operator dangerously dumping chum to lure sharks. A tourist who wants to be a hero to impress his son keeps interfering with Jason's rescues. JD and Kekoa try to keep their passionate relationship a secret.

  • Jenna convinces ruthless Councilman McKenna to close the Training Center. Sean suspends Zack after he severely injures JD during a rescue. Kekoa expresses her deep love for JD - but to Leigh! Zack sees a ghostly woman from his dreams.

  • To avoid jail, Danny joins Team Baywatch. Leigh doesn't trust him. Kekoa battles her father over her lifeguard career and moves out. JD, Zack and Jason hustle two gorgeous women who turn out to be con artists who turn the tables on them.

  • A plane carrying a donor heart crashes, and it's up to Jason to makes a desperate dive to retrieve the heart before the patient dies. Two hooligans steal a car and end up trapped underwater. Jenna tries to get Leigh to turn against Sean.

  • Leigh goes hang gliding with Sam Parks, a daredevil pilot who puts her life in danger. Things go horribly wrong when Kekoa's cousin, Nani, parties on a boat with drunken frat boys and ends up alone in the ocean.

  • Baywatch faces a lawsuit after a rescue. Zack pursues Carrie while she's pursuing Jason.

  • Sean clashes with Jenna. A new love triangle emerges between new recruit Zack and rookie hopeful Carrie, who's more interested in Jason. Sean and new lifeguard Leigh Dwyer confront daredevil Cliff, whose dangerous antics disrupt the Baywatch team.

  • Mitch goes undercover to stop an ex-Navy SEAL turned eco-terrorist from detonating a deadly underwater explosive device. When Mitch's dive gear floats to the surface, Sean and the team fear the worst.

  • No longer able to cope with his guilt of surviving the attack on Pearl Harbor, Jessie's grandfather comes to Hawaii to end his life. Can Mitch intervene in time? Kekoa and Sean help a college basketball player learn to swim.

  • Sean tries to keep his relationship with Jenna a secret. When the team has to rescue swimmers trapped in a filtration tube, Jenna is sucked down a shaft and Sean risks everything to save her, revealing his darkest secret.

  • Jessie tries to overcome her condition to compete in the Maui triathlon with Dawn as her coach. Allie suspects an agenda behind Dawn's motives. Jason and Kekoa seek a mysterious underwater Hawaiian spirit that lures people to their deaths.

  • Jason falls for a Kahuna's beautiful granddaughter. Jenna wants to take over the team and shut down the training center she thinks is a waste of money. Sean vows to fight her.

  • Dawn saves a skydiver who could be her ex-boyfriend in disguise. Jason is assigned to a Beach where he has to confront a terrible incident from his past.

  • Kekoa, Dawn and Allie reexamine their femininity. Jason rehearses a love scene with a sexy actress. JD tries to rebound from his breakup with Jessie.

  • Sean reveals a secret to Jenna that could threaten his job. Allie and Jason fly her helicopter to the big island where they have to rescue four people trapped on a volcanic lava reef.

  • Sean has mixed feelings about Jenna, the beautiful but smug new head of North Shore Lifeguards. When nudists protest on the beach, Sean and Jenna have to work intimately together to save the day, if they don't kill each other first!

  • Dawn and Sean are drawn to the strange and spiritual powers of the mind. Kekoa, Allie and Jessie try to save lives after disaster strikes at a party.

  • A dark secret from Dawn's past could jeopardize her career as a Baywatch Hawaii Lifeguard. JD puts his new invention, a double scuba fin, to the test trying to rescue a young boy being sucked into whirring propeller blades in a storm vent.

  • Allie is terrified she may lose the love of her life when Nick gets the bends in a daring attempt to rescue a mini-sub on the ocean floor.

  • Allie discovers a rare Hawaiian coin from a ship that sank after the Pearl Harbor attack. Sean lets the team dive for sunken treasure provided it doubles as a training exercise. The deep-sea dive leads to discord, dissent and explosive danger.

  • The Team hunts men mutilating sharks for their fins. Jason, who's always feared sharks, learns to accept the local tradition that sharks are sacred protectors of the Hawaiian Islands.

  • Sean is faced with a life-or-death decision during a daring cave rescue in which Kekoa faces her greatest fear. Hobie plans to get married, but Mitch is at odds with his fiancee's obnoxious parents.

  • Sean threatens to kick Jason off the team after Jason defies his orders and makes a daring rescue. Allie, Dawn and Nick have to save a drowning man and his pregnant wife about to give birth in the ocean.

  • Jessie and Kekoa battle each other even as they rescue a man stranded behind a waterfall! Sean and Allie search for treasure. JD and Jason help two girls save a cat caught on a boat mast, but wind up catapulting it across the water!

  • Sean leads Team Baywatch on a daring night rescue in shark-infested waters to save 6 kayaking teens stranded off the perilous Na Pali coast.

  • Tanner believes The Shark Island Legend. Mitch doesn't. Team Baywatch competes with the Coast Guard. Jessie and Kekoa both dump JD. Swimming naked in a Hawaiian purification ritual, Jesse has to make a rescue in the nude.

  • Tanner visits Mitch, tours the Islands, and befriends a dying girl. After failing her initial "test", Dawn challenges Sean to a dangerous contest with her future at Baywatch hanging in the balance. JD competes to join the America's Cup Sailing Team.

  • Amidst chaos, the new Baywatch Hawaii team must learn to work and live together. Jason meets a man with a mysterious past. A girl Mitch saved suffers from secondary drowning, leading to a critical test of the new recruits.

  • Mitch envisions an International "Top Gun" style lifeguard school in Hawaii. He invites Sean Monroe to lead the new team, which will include a variety of highly rated lifeguards from beaches around the world.