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In markets and back streets, sidewalks and shopping malls, our stylish travelers, KT Comer, Megan McCormick, Estelle Bingham and Lucille Whitney, find endless bargains and treasures, gifts, mementos or the latest fashion 'must haves'. It's just a matter of knowing where to look ...

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13. Vienna
June 7, 2010
Vienna is the capital of the republic of Austria & has a population of just under 2 million people. Its rich history is reflected in the cities stunning architecture & a wealth of world class museums & stylish shops. Presenter Estelle discovers how easy it is to get around on foot. Vienna has a strong artistic tradition & the last century saw an emergence of Art Nouveau & modernism and today
12. Singapore
June 7, 2010
Once a tiny fishing village, Singapore has become a bustling city & a melting pot of cultures & traditions. The city is host to Western style boutiques & global brand names are available in shops that stay open until 10pm, seven days a week. Nevertheless, if you're looking for a more traditional shopping experience, there are still shops to be found with that distinctly Asian feel.
Rio de Janeiro
11. Rio de Janeiro
June 7, 2010
Rio de Janeiro is one of the world's most stunning cities. With its wonderful beaches, colorful multicultural identity, fascinating history and unrepentant lust for life it never fails to seduce visitors. KT Comer heads out into the Cidade Maravilhosa (the magnificent city) to find out what makes it tick. You can't truly experience a city without tasting some of its native food.
10. Miami
June 7, 2010
Miami is one of America's most trendy & fashionable cities, offering beaches, sunny skies & beautiful people. KT Comer gets herself kitted out in the latest designer swimwear for a visit to South Beach's Volleypalooza, a beach volleyball tournament for models. While in South Beach, she tours the city's famous Art Deco District & one of the world's largest vintage clothing stores.
Mexico City
9. Mexico City
June 7, 2010
Mexico City is the capital of a country which is home to some of the best craftsmen in the world. It is a magnet for Mexicans & visitors alike & for shoppers it's paradise! Whether you are an eagle-eyed bargain hunter or a serious collector there is something here for everyone. On this program 'Bazaar' visit's some of the city's best markets & discovers fantastic bargains & local craft treasures
8. Marrakech
June 7, 2010
Marrakech is one of the World's most vibrant & exciting cities for visitors & shoppers. Megan McCormick explores the exotic sounds & smells of the souk, miles of alleyways filled with metal workers creating sculptures, tanners & leather workers creating brilliantly colored shoes, bags & furniture as well as weavers, wood-turners & carpet salesmen. Marrakech is rapidly becoming a fashion center
Los Angeles
7. Los Angeles
June 7, 2010
Los Angeles is the city of American dreams & a must for shoppers. It's home to some of the richest, most famous personalities in the world & has some of the fastest cars, largest houses & classiest shopping you will ever see. Bazaar unveils some offerings unique to LA. On this program Bazaar finds out how Hollywood has made an impact on everything from the local shopping scene to special effects
6. London
June 7, 2010
London should be in anyone's top three shopping destinations. It's been voted the most popular city in the world - but also the most expensive! Estelle Bingham sees how one goes about dressing like a proper English gentleman in Jermyn Street. We also visit the incredible Silver Vaults, lay our hands on some Royal china, get some bargains at the Portobello market & explore the famous Harrods.
Hong Kong
5. Hong Kong
June 7, 2010
Hong Kong has long been one of the world's great trading centers and its multi-cultural heritage, extremes of wealth and poverty, hi-tech and historic make this global cross-roads one of the most exciting places to visit and shop. Megan McCormick explores the contradictory elements that make Hong Kong so special. She explores the islands and mainland areas of Hong Kong and Kowloon.
4. Florence
June 7, 2010
Sophisticated and chic, Florence has been a center of style and status for 500 years. KT Comer finds that the spirit of the Renaissance is still alive as she travels the streets, shops, markets, museums, hotels and hostelries of Tuscany's greatest city. In this episode, she learns of the link between the money of the Medicis and the masterpieces of Michelangelo.
3. Dubai
June 7, 2010
Located in the heart of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai is one of the world's youngest & yet most cosmopolitan cities. The city literally sprung up in the middle of desert & has become a hub of activity in recent years. You cannot go to the United Arab Emirates & not see the desert. Megan visits one of the modern landmarks of Dubai, the Burj Al Arab hotel & goes shopping for an authentic Persian carpet.
2. Berlin
June 7, 2010
Berlin is a fantastic shopping destination and in this program, we visit some of the city's highlights for the shopaholic. The Adidas store, the epitome of the word funky, Mercedes, the Kadewe department store, Sterling Gold dresses and the lively flea market are just some of the treats that Berlin has to offer.
1. Bangkok
June 7, 2010
Bangkok is the capital of Thailand & is famous for antiques, arts & crafts, textiles & gems. Presenter Estelle Bingham unveils some of Bangkok's best-kept secrets. In quest for some more interesting arts & crafts Estelle ventures out of the city on a day trip to the Arts & Folk Crafts Centre. Bangkok has taken a pivotal role in the lucrative trade of Asian antiques.

In markets and back streets, sidewalks and shopping malls, our stylish travelers, KT Comer, Megan McCormick, Estelle Bingham and Lucille Whitney, find endless bargains and treasures, gifts, mementos or the latest fashion 'must haves'. It's just a matter of knowing where to look ...

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    June 7, 2010