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Join Nature photographer and Diver Ty Sawyer as he travels to document and explore exotic locations around the globe.
1 Season, 12 Episodes
January 1, 2015
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Another Shade of Blue Full Episode Guide

  • Crocodile rescues, shark feeding and "Chicken Bingo" are just a few of the adventures that we find Ty experiencing in the beautiful country of Belize. From ancient Mayan pyramids to forbidding Mayan caves that Ty explores while sitting in a float tube. Mayans have lived in Belize for thousands of years. Ty flies to an island off the coast of Belize, Ambergris Caye.

  • Escape to an ancient Mayan island with aquamarine waters and sapphire blue skies, Cozumel Island, Mexico. Ty finds the heart of Cozumel in the jungle as he partakes in an ancient Mayan ritual at a sweat lodge. He also judges an underwater photography contest that people all around the world take part in because Cozumel is renowned for its gin clear water and breathtaking coral reefs.

  • Romantic music, blue cobblestone streets, warm friendly people, this is Puerto Rico. Ty strolls the ancient streets of Old San Juan in search of the heart of Puerto Rico. He dives on the wreck of the sister plane of the Enola Gay, a B-29, that has lied in a watery grave for fifty years. Lastly Ty explores a rain forest and photographs a water nymph enjoying the warm waters of a beautiful pond.

  • Join Ty Sawyer as he slips beneath the surface of the sea at night for a graceful encounter with the majestic manta ray. Then it's off into the highlands for a six wheel drive Pinztrek adventure to find the Big Island's hidden waterfalls and taro fields. Next Ty visits a coffee plantation with 83 year young Mama Lily Kong. We meet Grammy award winning slack key guitarist John Keawe.

  • Join Ty as he leaves the confines of the Tahitian capital city of Papeete behind to discover the Tahitian jungle that enshrouds the primordial Pampenoo Valley. Then he is off diving in crystal blue waters for a photo shoot on a sunken PBY seaplane. Next up is a short ferry ride to Moorea where we discover hidden pineapple fields by ATV, and dive with sharks and rays.

  • Ty's adventures on the islands of Rangiroa and Huahine in French Polynesia starts on Huahine, where he tours the island first by boat, then by horse and finally on foot where he visits some of the largest ancient archaeological sites in all Polynesia. Next stop is Rangiroa.

  • The pivotal moment on this episode occurs as Ty's photographing an 1800-pound buffalo. Check out this episode to see just how fast Ty can run. We're on assignment to Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California where the island is being marauded by invaders, including a Japanese menace under the sea. Oh, and we dive for diving for treasure.

  • Guy Harvey is an artist, fisherman, lifelong adventurer, scientist, writer, environmental guardian of the sea and father. A true renaissance man. Ty joins up with his friend on this episode to live a few days in the life of a man he's admired for years. Ty fishes with Guy Harvey.

  • It starts slow for Ty on this episode. That is if you call zip-lining at 45 MPH, "slow." It gets dirty with a mountain to sea ATV jaunt through the desert, then ramps up as Ty bungee jumps from a gondola suspended over an arroyo, then ups the thrill-factor with a "Sling Swing," which makes bungee seems tame. Watch for the look of terror. This is day one.

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