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  • 1997
  • 1 Season

From Captain James Cook's arrival in Nootka Sound to Jimmy Pattison's stewardship of Expo '86, B.C. Times explores the history of British Columbia through the eyes and the words of the people who lived it.

B.C. Times is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on June 16, 1997.

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The millennium approaches, 1986-1996
6. The millennium approaches, 1986-1996
July 21, 2003
Expo 86 brought new money into Vancouver, mainly from Asia. New racial tension arises. Government is finally on the side of sustainable resources: Clayoquot is saved, as well as the Kitlope. The Forestry Practices Code is enacted and the Alcan deal is called off. Recycling and environmental concerns become part of everyday life.
Coming of age, 1959-1986
5. Coming of age, 1959-1986
July 14, 2003
Dave Barrett and Grace McCarthy talk about what it was like in the legislature with W.A.C. JFK and the Beatles are featured, as well as ski champ Nancy Greene. In the early 70s things start to change, with the Vietnam War,the energy crisis, and the Peace movement. Greenpeace is born and Meares Island is saved. The economy is on a downturn, but here comes Expo 86.
The war and beyond, 1939-1959
4. The war and beyond, 1939-1959
July 7, 1997
Joy Kogawa speaks poignantly about what it was like for her as a young child to be removed from her home on the coast and relocated to internment camps in Slocan and Tabor, Alberta. After the war, British Columbia begins a period of growth and development that would continue for at least 25 years.
Growing pains, 1914-1939
3. Growing pains, 1914-1939
June 30, 1997
The inter-war years: political graft, the organization of labour, social reform and the Depression. Women get the vote, liquor is prohibited for a few years and Chinese immigration is outlawed. A survivor of the "hobo jungles" and work camps speaks candidly about organizing the On-To-Ottawa Trek of the unemployed in 1935.
Rush for Spoils, 1857-1914
2. Rush for Spoils, 1857-1914
June 23, 1997
Gold is discovered and changes the face of the province. People come in droves, instant towns are erected of wood logged from the surrounding forests and the province of British Columbia is born. The railroad is built with federal subsidies to the CPR and with cheap Chinese labour, native communities are decimated by smallpox and the Indian Act is made into law.
In the Beginning
1. In the Beginning
June 16, 1997
A general look at the geography of B.C. Representatives of the Native, Chinese and East Indian communities express their general feelings about life in B.C. At an archaeological dig near Lillooet, SFU archaeologist Brian Hayden describes the sophisticated societies that existed 3,000 years ago.
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    June 16, 1997