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  • 2007
  • 2 Seasons

Da Kink in My Hair is a heartwarming and soul-stirring play-turned-TV-show created by Trey Anthony and executive produced by Entertainment One. The series is an adaptation of the popular stage play of the same name by Anthony, which was first performed in Toronto in 2001.

The show tells the story of a group of African-Canadian women who visit a hair salon and share their personal stories with their hairdresser, Novelette (Ordena Stephens). The salon serves as a safe space where these women can speak candidly about their experiences without fear of judgment. Through their conversations, Da Kink in My Hair explores themes like love, loss, disappointment, triumph, and sisterhood.

Novelette, who is Jamaican-Canadian, owns the hair salon and serves as the backbone of the show. She is known as the "hairapist" because she not only styles customers' hair but also listens to their problems and doles out advice. Novelette is compassionate and insightful, and her presence makes the salon feel like a second home for many of the women who visit.

The group of women who frequent Novelette's salon is diverse and multifaceted. The characters include hairstylist Sharmaine (Sharon Lewis), who is in a tumultuous relationship with a man and must decide whether to stay or leave; Joy (Raven Dauda), a successful businesswoman struggling to balance work and family; Patsy (Karen Robinson), a single mother trying to raise her teenage daughter; and many others.

Each episode of Da Kink in My Hair focuses on a particular character and their journey. While the series deals with serious issues, it is also full of humor, music, and dance. The characters often break out into song and dance numbers that add a playful and vibrant energy to the show.

One of the key strengths of Da Kink in My Hair is its authentic portrayal of the experiences of Black women. The series does not shy away from tackling topics like colorism, racism, and sexism. It offers an unfiltered look into the lives of Black women and the challenges they face.

Another standout aspect of the show is the performances of its cast. The actors bring nuance and depth to their characters, making them feel like real people with real struggles. Ordena Stephens is particularly remarkable as Novelette. She is charismatic and soulful, embodying the role of the hairdresser with grace and poise.

Overall, Da Kink in My Hair is a powerful and poignant series that celebrates the strength, resilience, and beauty of Black women. Its themes are universal, and its execution is top-notch. The show is a testament to the power of storytelling and the importance of representation in media. It is a must-watch for anyone who appreciates great TV.

Da Kink In My Hair is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on October 14, 2007.

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Oil's Well That Ends Well
13. Oil's Well That Ends Well
May 14, 2009
Claudette, Novelette's chief competitor and the bearer of bad news, has put in an offer for Novelette's building. Now Letty must raise $50,000 to stay and that's just the down payment. How is she going to raise the money?
Pardnah Me?
12. Pardnah Me?
May 7, 2009
Just when things get hot for Starr and Julian, Julian drops a homophobic bomb, leaving Starr to decide between ecstasy or integrity. Does love really conquer all?
Coming Out of the Closet
11. Coming Out of the Closet
April 30, 2009
Letty and Joy must convince their landlord, Sanjay, an overprotective South Asian father, to let his daughter, Nira, date Dre. Cultures clash as the West Indies meet the East.
Black Cake, White Cake
10. Black Cake, White Cake
April 23, 2009
Letty and Starr's mother, Jackie, co-host a birthday party for Starr. Unfortunately, the heads of Starr's "two families" butt heads over how to throw the party.
Computer Love
9. Computer Love
April 16, 2009
When Starr introduces a computer to the shop, scheduling appointments is the last thing Joy wants to use it for. Instead, Joy finds herself on a Caribbean Internet dating site, where both she and Starr set up profiles with the hopes of meeting their true matches.
Empress of Eglinton
8. Empress of Eglinton
April 2, 2009
Joy decides things need to change in the shop: she deserves respect and it's high time that Letty made her a partner. Joy is surprised to find Letty is open to her demand. However, Joy soon finds out respect also comes with an R-word that she doesn't like as much - responsibility.
Honesty the Best Policy?
7. Honesty the Best Policy?
March 26, 2009
Letty seems to be effectively balancing motherhood, work and her relationship with Richard. Letty's ducks are finally all in a row, until Cedric walks in - Dre's father and Letty's ex.
6. Licks!
March 19, 2009
Letty is extremely pleased with how well Dre is doing in school, so pleased she lets the whole salon know it. However, when Dre's friends lead him into trouble with the law, Joy and the shop clients want to set him straight with a few "licks!"
Forced Ripe Mango
5. Forced Ripe Mango
March 12, 2009
Letty and Richard decide it is time to take their relationship to the next level and go away for the weekend. However, when Thea, Richard's wife, comes into the shop to ask Letty to leave Richard alone, Letty has second thoughts about dating a separated man.
Playing Social
4. Playing Social
March 5, 2009
Dre, embarrassed by the way Joy dresses and acts, asks Novelette to attend his school's culture day in her place. When Joy finds out, she enlists Starr's help to make her more Canadian.
Of Papers and Patois
3. Of Papers and Patois
February 26, 2009
Starr oversees some shop repairs, but has trouble trusting the Caribbean work crew with their seemingly haphazard work practices - they don't even have a permit!
Looks Can Be Revealing
2. Looks Can Be Revealing
February 19, 2009
Letty's mentor, Pops, arrives at the shop in need of a favor - to give his grandson, Malik, a job at Letty's Salon. Letty is hesitant.
Everything in Its Right Place
1. Everything in Its Right Place
February 12, 2009
With a new man in her life, Letty is finding it hard to balance motherhood, the shop and her clients - especially without Joy and Nigel around.
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Da Kink In My Hair is available for streaming on the Entertainment One website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Da Kink In My Hair on demand at Amazon Prime.
  • Premiere Date
    October 14, 2007