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Bringing Up Bates, tagged "The Other Duggar Family," is a new reality television show chronicling an East Tennessee family of 19 children ranging in ages from 2-25. The Bates children are nine boys and ten girls. Parents Gil and Kelly Jo Bates open up their home and private moments. Follow the family as they celebrate marriages and births as they welcome the first grandbabies. Experience the love they have for one another as they face tragedies and heartache, dealing with accidents and miscarriage.

Gil and Kelly Jo, as well as the children, speak openly about their faith in God. Bringing Up Bates is in their second season.

Bringing Up Bates is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (252 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2015.

Where do I stream Bringing Up Bates online? Bringing Up Bates is available for streaming on UP, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bringing Up Bates on demand at Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, The Roku Channel, Sling, iTunes, Tubi TV online.

Thursdays 9:00 PM et/pt on UP
9 Seasons, 252 Episodes
January 1, 2015
Kids & Family Reality
Cast: Gil Bates, Kelly Jo Bates, Addallee Bates, Callie Bates
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Bringing Up Bates Full Episode Guide

  • Kelly Jo has a heart-to-heart with Gil about her health. Meanwhile, Gil creates a makeshift boot camp in the yard to help Jackson stay in shape for ALERT.

  • The best Bates moments never before seen on TV.

  • In this family-filmed episode, the Bates remain productive while maintaining social distancing guidelines during the pandemic. Kelly Jo is in project mode, so she leans on Lawson, Jud, and Jeb to help put together shelves for a new pantry.

  • The Bates family continue to document their lives in the midst of the CoronaVirus. While Bobbys at work, he gets a call from Tori that its time for baby #2! He rushes home to take her to the hospital. Meanwhile, Trace collided with Warden during a basketball game, forcing Gil to take him to the emergency room, just as Toris about to have her baby. With only Bobby by her side, Tori gives birth to a healthy baby boy, rooted on via video chat by Kelly Jo and her sisters. Later, Kades promoted to big brother as he meets baby Kolter for the first time!

  • A global pandemic is on the hearts and minds of the world, as well as the Bates family. Gil and Kelly strategize how they're going to manage social distancing guidelines with a family of ten plus people.

  • Katie, Gil, and Kelly Jo are in New Jersey for Travis' birthday weekend. While Katie thinks she's going to be celebrating her crush all weekend, she's actually 48 hours away from Travis asking her to court.

  • Gil recovers from shoulder surgery; Josie and her partner take part in a bride's trial hair and makeup session; Katie and Travis make plans to celebrate his 19th birthday; the family goes indoor skydiving to celebrate Addee and Jackson's birthdays.

  • It is double date fun when Katie and Travis join Josie and Kelton for a pizza-making party. Tori is gearing up for baby #2.

  • A "Love" filled day and Baby Layla is on her way! Soon to be parents Carlin and Evan lean on Erin's decorating expertise and Chad's handyman skills to put the finishing touches on Baby Layla's nursery. Now that the renovations are complete, Josie...

  • The Bates family stop by Whitney and Zach's house to enjoy some snuggle time with Khloe Eileen.

  • Zach and Whitney decide to bond with Kaci Lynn and Bradley before Baby Khloe is born.

  • Brandon's celebrating a big accomplishment. He published his first book and has a book signing. Meanwhile, since Erin is always doing so much for her family, Chad plans a sweet surprise for his very pregnant wife.

  • Given Gil's recent rotator cuff surgery, the older Bates boys join their Dad to help on a tree job. But will Gil be able to put down the chainsaw and let his sons take the lead? Meanwhile, Erin and Chad have a discussion about their current living arrangements.

  • Now that Josie and Kelton have purchased a home, they are putting finishing touches on their renovations. Erin, Chad, and Lawson join Josie to help with a challenging painting project. Meanwhile, Michaella takes a break from nursing school.

  • The entire Bates family, along with some guests, head to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for some family fun in the great outdoors!

  • It's the ultimate ultrasound when Whitney, Erin, Carlin, and Tori share a check-up appointment together. Later, the married couples go on a kid-free date as all the grandkids have a sleepover with Kelly Jo and a still recovering Gil.

  • With Kelly Jo by his side, Gil heads to an orthopedic center for rotator cuff surgery.

  • Trace, Gil and Kelly Jo are Texas bound where Trace is planning to ask Chaney to be his girlfriend, and the pressure is on to make it a memorable moment. They spend quality time in the Lone Star State with Chaney's family.

  • Now that Carlin and Evan's baby secret has been revealed, they head to the doctor for their first ultrasound. When it's revealed Carlin has the same blood disorder as Erin, she begins to worry about the pregnancy.

  • New parents Josie and Kelton are bringing home baby to a brand new place and the first time homeowners call in a few family favors to complete renovations on their fixer-upper.

  • Ever since Whitney, Carlin, and Erin have started their online dress business, it's been non-stop. They've been selling out of dresses and staying up all hours to ship out packages. Given their rapid expansion, the ladies are working on moving.

  • After their fairytale wedding, Carlin and Evan head off on their honeymoon with a stop in romantic Charleston, SC. The newlyweds experience the romance of the city and try their hand at crabbing.

  • Get all the feels in this special HEARTfelt episode of Bringing Up Bates! We'll take a look at all the very best ""I Love You Day"" moments from past seasons, feel the love! TV-G

  • In this special, share in the joy and witness all the heart-touching moments from Tori & Bobby's journey to parenthood-from the first sonograms and gender reveals.

  • In this special, share in the joy and witness all the heart-touching moments from Alyssa & John's journey to parenthood-from the first sonograms and gender reveals.

  • In this special, share in the joy and witness all the heart-touching moments from Erin and Chad's journey to parenthood - from the first sonograms and gender reveals to that moment they meet their child for the first time.

  • In this special, share in the joy and witness all the heart-touching moments from Whitney & Zach's journey to parenthood-from the first sonograms and gender reveals.

  • See all the great moments that led to Evan and Carlin's big day.

  • Relive Josie and Kelton's beautiful and endearing love story.

  • Touching moments from Tori and Bobby's romance-from a sweet courtship and unforgettable proposal.

  • Follow Michaella and Brandon's endearing love story to a beautiful wedding ceremony.

  • Some of the best "I Love You Day" moments from past seasons are presented.

  • Carlin's fairytale wedding is just days away. Emotions are running high and the clock is ticking. Later, the big day has finally arrived. Carlin gets ready to walk down the aisle, as she and Gil share a sweet and tearful first look moment. After being pronounced husband and wife, the couple make their way to the reception, where they share a romantic dance together and Carlin has a heartfelt dance with her dad.

  • As their wedding day gets closer and closer, Carlin and Evan get busy fixing up their future home. With all the unpacking, they have to try to find the time to finish writing the duet they plan to sing at the ceremony.

  • Whitney and Zach are ready to share some happy news with the rest of the family - they have baby number 3 on the way!

  • Erin and Chad are teaming up and combining skills to work on a project together!

  • Carlin has the perfect wedding venue but needs to start nailing down all the details including decorations and a game plan in case it rains on her special day!

  • Carlin has the perfect dress and thinks she may have found the perfect venue, but will the wedding budget cause delays with securing the spot of her dreams?

  • Kelly Jo, Carlin, and Erin go to Nashville to find Carlin's wedding dress.

  • I Love You Day is here and the Bates crew gathers for an elaborate "Chivalry" themed party with food, games and amazing costumes. Before the big event, Kelly Jo and the girls decorate for the party and get caught up on all the family news like Carlin and Evan's wedding plans, Trace's romantic prospect and the news that Michaella and Brandon might be moving to Tennessee. Meanwhile, the Bates boys hit the slopes for the day in a "Battle of the Brothers."

  • It’s a mad rush as Gil, Erin, Carlin, and Lawson attempt to make it to the hospital before Tori gives birth to baby Kade. After having contractions all day, Tori is ready to push! Bobby comforts Tori through her delivery and the couple shares an emotional moment together when baby Kade touches Tori’s face for the first time. After several weeks have passed, the entire family gathers at the Bates house so everyone can finally meet Baby Kade in person and celebrate the Christmas holiday. During the festivities, Gil has an unexpected surprise for the family...but Josie has an even bigger surprise in store for her parents!

  • To celebrate Zach's 30th birthday, the guys hit the road for some bonding time and fun in the mud. But in between four wheeling and skeet shooting, Gil gets news from Kelly Jo that baby Kade is on his way.

  • To celebrate their 5th anniversary, Erin and Chad take a romantic getaway to their proposal spot.

  • Josie and Kelton settle into their new apartment; while Kelton is away at work, Josie decorates their living room in a bohemian style; Gil and Kelly Jo take Addee to an audiologist for a check-up; Jud and Jeb experience indoor rock climbing.

  • Bobby and Tori count down the days to the arrival of Baby Kade.

  • Home is where the heart is! It’s a family reunion when Michaela and Alyssa join Erin, Whitney, Kelly Jo and the grandbabies for some playtime and catching up at a children’s museum. Can Kelly Jo convince Alyssa and Michaela to move back to TN? Meanwhile, Gil takes Addee, Ellie and Callie to visit Erin, who helps the younger girls with a craft project! And later, the older boys and Gil head to the church to check out what’s still left to do with the renovations. While cleaning up, the guys discuss their busy lives and whether any girlfriends are on the horizon?

  • Josie and Kelton go to Asheville, North Carolina for their honeymoon.

  • How well do you know your spouse? The older couples are pros and have been married for several years now, while the newlyweds are still getting used to married life. Can Whitney name Zach’s favorite snack? Do Erin and Chad remember the first meal that Erin ever cooked? Does Michael remember the first gift she received from Brandon? And what habit drives newlywed rookies, Josie and Kelton, and Tori and Bobby a little or a lot crazy? Find out in this special episode of Bringing Up Bates.

  • The countdown to Josie and Kelton's wedding ceremony begins. After needing several alterations to her dream wedding dress, Josie tries on her dress one final time before the big day.

  • Katie's family celebrate her 18th birthday with pizza and ice cream. Later, Kelton and Josie look for an apartment.

  • Ever since Evan sang a heartfelt song to Carlin and asked her to “officially court,” they’ve been inseparable. Two years later, they’re both more than ready to take the next step in their relationship.

  • Josie and Kelly Jo are headed back to New York City so Josie can try on the wedding dress she selected one final time. Will she be pleased with the alterations or will the dress of her dreams need more work? And Evan is moving full speed ahead with prepping for his proposal to Carlin.

  • Josie’s found her dream wedding dress online...there’s just one dilemma - the bridal designer’s showroom is located in New York City. Can she convince Kelly Jo that a trip to the Big Apple is a priority, so that she can try on the dress? And now that Evan has permission from Gil and Kelly Jo to propose to Carlin, it’s time to shop for an engagement ring! The young couple break tradition and decide to look at wedding rings together. Later, Kelly Jo, Josie, Whitney and Carlin head to Manhattan to take in the sights and hopefully find Josie a wedding dress. But when Josie tries on her dream dress, will it be “the one?”

  • How well do you know your spouse? The older couples are pros while the newlyweds are still getting used to married life. It's "Pros" vs "Rookies" in this Bringing Up Bates special.

  • It's 5 years strong for Erin and Chad, so to celebrate their 5th anniversary, the happily married couple takes a romantic getaway to where Chad first proposed to his true love!

  • It's a mad rush, as Gil, Erin, Carlin and Lawson attempt to make it to the hospital before Tori gives birth to baby Kade. After having contractions all day, Tori is ready to push!?

  • The Bates crew gathers for a Chivalry themed party with food, games, and costumes.

  • Whitney and Zach's touching vow renewal ceremony!

Bringing Up Bates Video Clips & Extras

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