British Rallycross Championship

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  • 1969

The British Rallycross Championship is a thrilling, action-packed competition that has been taking place for over five decades. It involves purpose-built cars racing on a mixed-surface track, with drivers competing in high-speed, adrenaline-fueled heats. The Motor Trend OnDemand show captures all of the excitement of the championship, featuring expert commentary and in-depth analysis of each race. Viewers are treated to the thrills and spills of high-octane racing, as drivers compete in a series of heats and finals to determine the ultimate winner.

One of the key features of the show is the sheer variety of vehicles on display. From nimble, lightweight buggies to powerful four-wheel drive machines, there is a huge range of cars competing in the championship, each with their own unique characteristics and quirks.

During each heat, drivers must navigate a tricky course that combines tarmac and gravel surfaces, as well as hairpin bends and jumps. This presents a formidable challenge, requiring a combination of speed, skill, and courage to come out on top.

The British Rallycross Championship is not just about the drivers, though. The show also shines a spotlight on the hardworking mechanics, engineers, and support staff who keep the cars running smoothly and ensure that they are always in peak condition for each race.

Viewers can expect to see some of the biggest names in British rallycross competing in the championship. From seasoned veterans with years of experience under their belts to up-and-coming talents looking to make their mark, there is always a diverse array of talent on display.

In addition to the main championship races, each episode of the show also includes highlights from support races and other events taking place around the track. This provides a wider context for viewers, helping them to gain a better understanding of the sport and its many intricacies.

Ultimately, the British Rallycross Championship is a must-watch for any motorsport fan looking for high-octane thrills and excitement. Whether you are a seasoned rallycross fan or a newcomer to the sport, the show is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat, craving more racing action.