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  • 2015
  • 1 Season

Buddha Sutra is a television series that explores the teachings and philosophy of Buddhism. Set against the backdrop of ancient India, the show follows the life and teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, who later became known as the Buddha. The show begins with a young and curious Siddhartha, who is eager to learn about the world and the mysteries of life. He is born to a noble family, and raised in luxury and privilege. However, he soon realizes that happiness and contentment cannot be found in material possessions alone. He embarks on a journey to discover the true meaning of life, and to find a way to overcome the suffering and struggles that plague humanity.

The show explores the various stages of Siddhartha's life, from his early years of learning and reflection, to his years of asceticism and self-denial, and finally to his enlightenment and the spread of his teachings. Along the way, we see Siddhartha as a student, a teacher, a friend, and a spiritual master.

The show is divided into several episodes, each of which explores a different aspect of Buddhism. We learn about the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path, and the importance of mindfulness and meditation. We see how the Buddha's teachings can be applied to everyday life, and how they can help us find peace, happiness, and inner fulfillment.

The show is beautifully shot, with stunning visuals and a richly detailed production design that transports us back to ancient India. The costumes, sets, and props are all meticulously crafted, and help to create an immersive and authentic world.

The acting is superb, with a talented cast that brings each character to life with nuance and depth. The lead actor, who plays Siddhartha, captures the essence of the Buddha's teachings and conveys a sense of deep wisdom and enlightenment.

Overall, Buddha Sutra is a thought-provoking and engaging show that offers a unique and insightful look into the world of Buddhism. Whether you are a devout practitioner or simply curious about this ancient religion, this show is sure to inspire and enlighten.

Buddha Sutra
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Buddhist Sangha, Circuit and the Dalai Lama
6. Buddhist Sangha, Circuit and the Dalai Lama
The egalitarian, non-discriminatory nature of Buddhism has made it a popular religion, resulting in the establishment of communities called Sanghas.
Niravana and Bodhisatva
5. Niravana and Bodhisatva
Buddhism holds that the key to overcoming suffering is the dissolution of desire, and that this can be achieved through the eight-fold path.
Spread of Buddhism, Stupas and Viharas
4. Spread of Buddhism, Stupas and Viharas
Through the patronage of kings and the efforts of traveling Buddhist merchants, Buddhism spread from India to Central and East Asia.
Nalanda University and Ashoka
3. Nalanda University and Ashoka
Nalanda University was one of foremost centers of Buddhist scholarship, while Indian emperor Ashoka's embrace of Buddhism helped spread its message.
Jataka Tales and Schools of Buddhism
2. Jataka Tales and Schools of Buddhism
The Buddhist message has been elegantly disseminated through a book of parables known as the Jataka Tales, and through its various schools.
Buddha and Buddhist Iconography
1. Buddha and Buddhist Iconography
October 19, 2015
The roots of Buddhism lie in the story of a prince who renounced the gilded cage in which he was raised in order to seek enlightenment.
  • Premiere Date
    October 19, 2015