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  • 2018
  • 1 Season

Deadly Dates is a captivating true-crime series on MagellanTV that recounts romantic outings that resulted in murder, assassination, or kidnapping. The show juxtaposes the chemistry, excitement, and anticipation associated with meeting someone new for the first time against the tragic events that unfold shortly after. Each episode showcases a different case, featuring interviews with law enforcement professionals and loved ones of the victims alongside dramatic reenactments.

The series opener, “Love Potion Murder,” dives into the story of Graham Young, a British man who developed a fascination with poison and experimented on his family members. After being imprisoned and eventually released, he found himself employed at a photo company where he met a woman named Molly, with whom he fell in love. However, he continued to secretly administer poison to his coworkers, leading to a national outcry and eventual capture. This episode is particularly interesting as it highlights some of the warning signs and risk factors one should be aware of in a new relationship, such as secrecy and tendencies towards morbidity.

Another compelling episode is titled “Fatal Vows,” which covers the murder of Adrianne Reynolds, a high school student who was reportedly dating two male classmates at the same time. After one of them revealed the situation to a female friend, she grew enraged and eventually convinced her boyfriend to lure Adrianne into an industrial park where the two beat her to death and burned her body. The episode examines the toxic boy-girl dynamic and includes commentary from psychologists, criminologists, and legal experts on the psychology of jealousy and the impulse to act out violently.

Perhaps one of the most chilling episodes in the series is “The Great Heist,” which tells the story of the assassination of Robert Lloyd Schellenberg, a Canadian citizen convicted of smuggling drugs in China. After several appeals, Schellenberg was summoned to a final hearing where he was subsequently sentenced to death. The episode takes viewers through the events leading to the execution, which was controversially abrupt and brutal, even raising tensions between Canada and China. The episode leaves audiences with a chilling question: Is a relationship worth giving up one’s own safety and security?

Overall, Deadly Dates is an intense and engaging show that touches upon a wide range of topics on criminology, psychology, and human behavior. Some of the themes examined in the series include romance and manipulation, pathological lying, toxic masculinity, and the power dynamics in relationships. The episodes veer towards the graphic and are not suitable for all audiences, but it is an interesting and informative watch for anyone looking to better understand the human psyche.

The show’s production value is also noteworthy. The reenactments are well-done and add a dramatic element to the storytelling. The sound design is sharp and the use of light and shadow in the dramatizations sets the mood effectively. Overall, the series showcases compelling stories that are engaging to watch and informative without being exploitative or trite. While some of the cases may be well-known among true crime enthusiasts, the way in which they are presented provides a fresh perspective and adds new layers of depth to the stories. Additionally, the interviews with law enforcement officials and loved ones of victims provide a humanizing element to the episodes, making them much more than just sensationalized retellings.

In conclusion, Deadly Dates is a fascinating and insightful true crime show that tells the stories of ill-fated romances in a gripping and thought-provoking way. With expert analysis, dramatic reenactments, and interviews with people close to the cases, the show provides a balanced and comprehensive look at some of the most notorious cases in recent history. The show is not for the faint of heart, but for those interested in true crime, it is an enthralling and well-produced series worth checking out.

Deadly Dates is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on August 17, 2018.

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Carly Ryan
8. Carly Ryan
October 5, 2018
When teenager Carly Ryan went online to meet new friends, she thought she'd met the boy of her dreams in 18 year old musician, Brandon Kane. They chatted intensely online for months, always under the watchful eyes of both Carly's mother, Sonya, and Brandon's stepfather, Shane. Little did they know, Brandon wasn't the man they thought he was.
Nicole White
7. Nicole White
September 28, 2018
When young mother Nicole White met Jonathan Harris online, he seemed to be just the rugged type of man she found attractive. CCTV footage from their second date at Jeepers Bar showed their evening getting off to a great start. At the end of the evening, the pair drove off in Nicole's car, but she never made it home.
Clare Wood
6. Clare Wood
September 21, 2018
In April 2007, lonely and looking for love, Clare Wood met 40 year old fairground worker George Appleton online. At first, it seemed to be the perfect relationship, but neither Clare's father nor her brother warmed to Appleton. Her relationship started to get rocky, and after discovering that Appleton was having affairs with other women, Clare attempted to end it.
Lorraine Long
5. Lorraine Long
September 14, 2018
Finding herself alone for the first time in many years after the death of her husband, 62 year old Lorraine Long decided to try online dating. In 2009, she met Robert Wiesner on an online dating site. Lorraine and Robert quickly hit it off and the relationship flourished, but friends and family had concerns about Lorraine's new man.
Kayleigh Haywood
4. Kayleigh Haywood
September 7, 2018
Kayleigh was 15 years old when 27 year old Luke Harlow contacted her out of the blue online. He bombarded her with messages, saying she was pretty, special, and that he should be her boyfriend. Luke persuaded Kayleigh to lie to her parents in order to meet him. On Friday 13th, November 2015, Kayleigh went to meet Luke for the first time.
Ashley Pegram
3. Ashley Pegram
August 31, 2018
28 year old Ashley Pegram was a mum to three young children. Lonely and depressed, Ashley began to use dating apps to meet guys. On Friday 3rd, April 2015, Ashley hastily arranged to meet a guy she'd met online just a few hours earlier. She left for her date around 9pm, and was never seen again.
Sharon Siermans
2. Sharon Siermans
August 24, 2018
29 year old Ballarat mum Sharon Siermans was looking for love when she began chatting online with a man named Jason Godfrey, in January 2013. When Sharon met him at Ballarat train station for their first date, he looked nothing like he did online. Sharon was so embarrassed to be seen with him in public that she made a catastrophic decision: she invited him to her house.
Nadine Aburas
1. Nadine Aburas
August 17, 2018
In 2012, when Nadine Aburas from Cardiff met New Yorker Sammy Almahri on a Muslim dating site, he seemed charismatic and glamourous. He said he was a successful businessman and showered her with gifts. Their online relationship became intense, communicating at all hours of the day and night. Little did she know the nightmare that was about to take place.
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  • Premiere Date
    August 17, 2018