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  • 2007
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Driving Legends is a thrilling and fascinating show from Motor Trend OnDemand that delves deep into the lives and careers of some of the greatest drivers in automotive history. The show follows these legends as they reveal their secrets and discuss their greatest triumphs and challenges, offering a rare glimpse into the world of motorsports and the lives of the people who make it so exciting.

The show features a variety of legends from different eras and disciplines, including racers, engineers, designers, and more. Each episode is dedicated to a single legend, offering an in-depth look at their career and the impact they had on the sport. Viewers can expect to see interviews with the legends themselves, as well as with their colleagues, competitors, and other experts in the field.

One of the most impressive aspects of the show is the amount of archival footage included. Viewers are treated to rare and never-before-seen clips of historic races and events, as well as interviews with the legends themselves that were conducted at various points throughout their careers. These clips provide a unique perspective on the sport and its evolution over time, offering an educational and entertaining look at the history of motorsports.

In addition to the archival footage, each episode of Driving Legends is filled with stunning cinematography that captures the beauty and power of the machines at the heart of the sport. Whether it's a classic car from the 1960s or a modern supercar capable of speeds in excess of 200 mph, the show highlights the design, engineering, and performance that make these machines so special.

Some of the legends featured in the show include names like Carroll Shelby, Juan Manuel Fangio, and Ayrton Senna. These individuals are known and respected throughout the world of motorsports, and their stories are sure to captivate viewers. However, the show also takes time to shine a light on lesser-known figures who may not be as widely recognized but who still had an important impact on the sport.

Perhaps what sets Driving Legends apart from other shows about motorsports is the level of detail and insight it provides. Viewers will learn about the history and evolution of the sport, as well as the technical details behind the machines themselves. Whether you're a die-hard motorsports fan or simply someone who appreciates beautiful machines and the people who drive them, this show is sure to be entertaining and informative.

Overall, Driving Legends is a must-watch show for any fan of motorsports or automotive history. With its fascinating stories, stunning footage, and insightful commentary, it offers a unique and comprehensive look at the world of high-performance driving. Whether you're a casual viewer or a hardcore enthusiast, you're sure to find something to love in this engrossing and engaging series.

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Colin McRae Rally Legend
23. Colin McRae Rally Legend
January 1, 2007
Here Colin talked candidly about every aspect of his career and life, his favourite and not-so-favourite, drives, events, teams and his plans for the future. he result is the critically-acclaimed Colin McRae - Rally Legend.
Road Racers
22. Road Racers
January 1, 2007
The Road Racers goes behind-the-scenes and into the lives of road racers Frank Kennedy, Mervyn Robinson and Joey Dunlop. From the crackle of racing engines at full power during 'unofficial practice', to the spectacular rider's-eye-view of racing on roads barely wide enough to take a car - this is the real thing!
Cars and Stars of the 1930's Part 1
20. Cars and Stars of the 1930's Part 1
January 1, 2007
In part 1 of this 2 part 'Golden Age of Motor Racing' series, British producer and historian Neville Hay takes us on a journey through pre-war Europe to tell the story of the drivers and cars of Grand Prix racing (F1) before the sport had its official beginings in 1950.
Our Man Clark
19. Our Man Clark
January 1, 2007
Our Man Clark brings together exceptional film from three classic rallying events showing one of the sport's greatest, Roger Clark, at his absolute best.
Champion Joey Dunlop
18. Champion Joey Dunlop
January 1, 2007
Since his tragic death in 2000, Joey Dunlop has become a road racing icon around the world, but for his fans he was already a legend.
Ferrari's Men: Musso, Castelotti, Bandini
17. Ferrari's Men: Musso, Castelotti, Bandini
January 1, 2007
Showcasing Ferrari Team drivers, Eugenio Castellotti, Lorenzo Bandini & Maurice Trintignant and how it was to drive for Enzo Ferrari.
British Grand Prix Greats
16. British Grand Prix Greats
January 1, 2007
Throughout the history of Grand Prix motor racing, British drivers have enjoyed an exceptional level of achievement and personal popularity. Now we bring together eight of Britain's greatest post-war motor racing drivers in a powerful saga that vividly portrays these men who battled their way to the top in the fastest, most dangerous sport on earth.
History of the Nurburgring
15. History of the Nurburgring
January 1, 2007
In this video we get first hand accounts of what it was like to race on the track as well as showcasing the winners of the German Grand Prix from it's inception into the 1970's.
Formula Villeneuve
14. Formula Villeneuve
January 1, 2007
More than 25 years after his death, the name of Gilles Villeneuve still conjures up images of an awesome talent working his magic at the wheel of a Ferrari on the racetracks of the world. For a brilliant, but tragically brief period, Villeneuve's precocious skills delighted Formula One fans and ensured the Canadian's place in the history books.
American Drivers: Dan Gurney
13. American Drivers: Dan Gurney
January 1, 2007
This episode of Golden Age of Motor Racing profiles the life and driving career of America's first World Champion, Phil Hill, by use of interviews and extensive archive footage.
American Drivers: Phil Hill
12. American Drivers: Phil Hill
January 1, 2007
This episode of Golden Age of Motor Racing profiles the life and driving career of America's first World Champion, Phil Hill, by use of interviews and extensive archive footage.
American Drivers: Mario Andretti
11. American Drivers: Mario Andretti
January 1, 2007
During a career spanning five decades, Mario Andretti proved himself one of the fastest, most versatile and most determined racing drivers ever.
Changing Concept - Brooks, Brown, Evans, Frere and Gendebien
10. Changing Concept - Brooks, Brown, Evans, Frere and Gendebien
January 1, 2007
Changing Concept - Brooks, Brown, Evans, Frere and Gendebien
Uncrowned Champions - Wimmile, Nuvolari and Varzi
9. Uncrowned Champions - Wimmile, Nuvolari and Varzi
January 1, 2007
The greatest drivers at the begining of Grand Prix Formula 1 racing including Tazio Nuvolari, Achille Varzi and Jean-Pierre Wimille are celebrated in this series written and narrated by British historian and film producer Neville Hay.
To The Championship & Beyond - Parnell, Gerard
8. To The Championship & Beyond - Parnell, Gerard
January 1, 2007
This program, produced and narrated by historian Neville Hay, examines the lives and careers of Grand Prix drivers that raced for team manager Reg Parnell, as told by his son Tim.
Fast Riding the Roberts Way
7. Fast Riding the Roberts Way
January 1, 2007
In 1995, he opened the Kenny Roberts Training Camp outside Barcelona in Spain. We join five young Malaysian racers as they undertake the intensive month-long course. With help from GP star Randy Mamola, Roberts and his team offer expert advice on fitness, diet, mental attitude, bike control, choosing lines and much more
Raymond Mays Story
6. Raymond Mays Story
January 1, 2007
Mays was one of the principal people behind the development of English Racing Automobiles (ERA) and British Racing Motors (BRM). Mays was also a driver for 30 years competing in various cars and was also renowned for competing at Shelsey Walsh.
Joey Dunlop 1952-2000
5. Joey Dunlop 1952-2000
January 1, 2007
This is a story of dedication, determination, humility and humanity... It charts the rise from humble beginnings of William Joseph Dunlop, from the fabled Armoy Armada to the dizzy heights of F1 world titles, record-breaking exploits at the Isle of Man TT, and countless race wins which inspired fans to crown him their €˜King of the Roads€™.
V Four Victory
4. V Four Victory
January 1, 2007
In 1983 Joey Dunlop and the Honda V4 were not only F1 World Champions, but were almost untouchable on closed public road circuits like the famous TT course, where Joey takes us on a lap around the cirucuit and the mighty Dundrod circuit which is home of the Ulster Grand Prix.
The David Jefferies Story
3. The David Jefferies Story
January 1, 2007
The David Jefferies Story is a reminder of the much loved and much missed Yorkshireman. It covers the remarkable rides and records throughout his career and features interviews with family and friends.
Carroll Shelby: The Man and His Cars
2. Carroll Shelby: The Man and His Cars
January 1, 2007
This film delivers the remarkable and engaging profile of the 1959 Le Mans winner who became famous for the AC Cobra and his involvement with the Ford GT40 development programme.
John McGuiness: Breaking the Barrier
1. John McGuiness: Breaking the Barrier
January 1, 2007
This is the incredible, action-packed story of how TT great John McGuinness became the first man in the event's illustrious history to lap the dramatic 37.73-mile circuit at an average speed of more than 130mph.
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    January 1, 2007