El Mariachi

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El Mariachi (2014): Spanish language TV series about a traveling mariachi who is mistaken for a murderous criminal.

Sony Pictures Television
1 Season, 71 Episodes
March 10, 2014
Horror & Suspense, Latino
Cast: Iván Arana, Martha Higareda, Julio Bracho, Gustavo Sánchez Parra
El Mariachi

El Mariachi Full Episode Guide

  • Robles brings Mart

  • Mart

  • When Fernando

  • Robles pressures Alicia into telling him what Lupe was really doing at her house, but she maintains they were taking care of her father and then she asks to speak to Celeste.

  • Gabo, Chino, and Clemencia are killed in a shoot-out between Fernando

  • The next day, Fernando walks in unexpectedly as Clemencia is having breakfast.

  • Robles assures Alicia that he doesn

  • When Celeste steps away, V

  • Vctor tells Fernando, Clemencia, and Celeste how terrifying the operation was and he inquires about Alicia, because he suspects that Celeste was with her when she gave Lieutenant Salazar a ride.

  • After making sure that everyone's dead, the Boss leaves with Gabo.

  • Although Alicia insists on staying to help Mario, Celeste stresses how dangerous it is for them to stay there.

  • Vctor meets with Fernando and discovers that hes holding Mara.

  • Mario hides in the trunk of Celeste's car, and they all get ready to return to San Juan.

  • Payo's feeling lucky; all of the pieces of his plan to move the money are falling into place.

  • Maras tied up and gagged in Martns old room at the Ace of Diamonds.

  • Lupe's afraid that Payo may kill her.

  • Payo pledges his love to Lupe and suggests that they leave town with her godparents; he claims it will be easy to ask for a job transfer.

  • Lupe is increasingly tense.

  • Coyote and Mart

  • Celeste tells Mart

  • Ricky and Adri

  • Mart

  • Coyote calls Vicky to get instructions on how to give Priest his injections, but then they decide that it

  • Mart

  • Clemencia wakes Celeste up to get ready for her wedding.

  • Robles does some research on Ignacio Gonz

  • As they

  • Priest and the sergeant fall to the ground, wounded.

  • Celeste meets with Jos Anbal and shes surprised by his aggressive behavior.

  • Vctor tells Urdaneta the news that hes getting married to Celeste, and Urdaneta agrees to be his best man.

  • Urdaneta and Celeste discover the vault in the mausoleum.

  • Payo and Ricky listen in on Fernando's conversation with H

  • Martn and his friends approach the soldiers camp and they prepare to distract them while Priest and Tarzn, disguised as farmers, sneak into the cache to get the money.

  • Vctor takes Celeste back to the boarding house and reminds her that she doesnt really need to work.

  • Fernando confronts Mauro's men and he hands them an envelope with a message for Mauro.

  • As Celeste tallies up the numbers to calculate losses from the reopening, Lupe, still amazed by the strong resemblance between the car thief and the mariachi, asks whether Mart

  • Urdaneta and the other officers arrive at the Ace of Diamonds and demand that the building be evacuated so that officers can inspect the premises.

  • Now that they have the money, Martin and his friends discuss plans for the future. The girls begin to dance, and Mauro tells Vicky to come closer to him.

  • Mart

  • Celeste and V

  • Celeste thinks about the advice her father gave her just before he died.

  • Celeste arrives at the bar.

  • As Mart

  • Montero and Robles go to see Urdaneta to tell him that Mauro has discovered that he

  • Clemencia pays a visit to the Ace of Diamonds. Mart

  • Mart

  • As V

  • Celeste is concerned by the bar's sluggish sales and she asks Fernando to help her come up with a solution, but their conversation's cut short by a call from V

  • As they're figuring out how to get the money out of the mausoleum, Mart

  • Gladys nags Carmelo about being too permissive with Lupe. He's so tired of hearing the same thing over and over again that he decides to go and find his daughter at the bar.

  • Mara obtains false documentation so that she can pretend to be a member of Berenices family and retrieve the body.

  • Mara discovers that Martn and his friends are planning to collect a large sum of money in San Juan de la Tierra, but they dont talk about it when shes in the room.

  • Celeste asks Urdaneta if the cemetery murders have anything to do with An

  • A lieutenant officer tells Flores that the fugitives have escaped by jeep.

  • Anbal chastises Fernando for becoming a delinquent. Anbal wants to know if Fernando and Clemencia are just lovers or whether shes also an accomplice.

  • Mart

  • Mart

  • H

  • Lupe goes to see Payo. She gives him an early payment on her loan and he promises to come to see her at the bar. That night, Mart

  • Mart

  • Tarz

  • Urdaneta criticizes V

  • Clemencia is upset that someone has found out about her affair with Fernando, but she puts on a brave face in front of Celeste and An

  • When Mart

  • The Boss is uttering threats and putting pressure on Tarz

  • Mart

  • Feeling rejected by Celeste, Mart

  • Fortunately, the prison director orders a new set of guard assignments and the mariachi is safe from the Boss' threats.

  • The Boss has set a trap with the help of prison guards, and Mart

  • Martín is a mechanic with dreams of becoming a mariachi.

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