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  • TV-14
  • 2013
  • 4 Seasons
  • 4.4  (4,394)

Charlie's Angels is an action-packed television series from Sony Pictures Television that was first released in 2011. The show was a reboot of the iconic 1970s series with the same name and follows the adventures of three female private detectives who work for the mysterious Charlie Townsend.

The show features three angels, each with their unique backgrounds and skills. The first angel is Abby Sampson (Annie Ilonzeh), a former thief turned private investigator. She is the leader of the group and the most experienced of the three. Her criminal past has given her unique insight into the minds of criminals and makes her a valuable asset to the team.

Eve French (Minka Kelly) is the second angel and a former Miami cop. She is tough and capable, with sharp investigative skills and quick reflexes. Her past experiences have made her adept at handling intense situations, and she knows how to keep a cool head in the face of danger.

The third angel is Kate Prince (Rachael Taylor), a former CIA operative. She is the most tech-savvy of the group and knows how to access and analyze information quickly. Her background in intelligence work gives her a deeper level of understanding of the world of espionage and counterintelligence.

Together, the three angels take on a series of high-stakes cases that take them all over the world. From investigating corrupt businessmen to foiling assassination attempts on foreign diplomats, the angels are constantly on the move, using their skills and wits to solve each new case.

One of the unique aspects of the show is its focus on girl power. The angels are strong, independent women who take charge of every situation and are not afraid to get their hands dirty. They are skilled fighters and sharp thinkers who know how to use their femininity to their advantage.

Charlie's Angels also features some interesting twists to the original premise. In keeping with modern times, the new Charlie is no longer a mysterious voice on the other end of a speakerphone. Instead, the character is now a software mogul named Charlie Townsend, played by Victor Garber, who runs his business from a high-tech headquarters in Miami.

Another twist is the introduction of Bosley, played by Ramón Rodríguez. Unlike in the original series, there are now multiple Bosleys, each assigned to a different team of angels. This adds a layer of intrigue and depth to the show's plot and helps to flesh out the characters and their relationships.

Overall, Charlie's Angels is a thrilling and action-packed show that is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. With its strong female leads, unique twists, and high-stakes cases, the series is a must-watch for fans of crime dramas and action-adventures.

Charlie's Angels (2011) is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (31 episodes). The series first aired on March 7, 2013.

Charlie's Angels (2011)
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One Love ... Two Angels - Part 1
25. One Love ... Two Angels - Part 1
April 30, 1980
Kelly is thought to be the orphaned daughter of wealthy hotel owner, Oliver Barrows, whose search for his "Margaret" ends when the resemblance between Kelly and a huge oil portrait of Barrows' deceased wife is indistinguishable. Kelly is suddenly heir to the massive Barrows fortune, including the stately Barrows Hotel, which was scheduled to be donated to the city if no heir were found. Barrows' nephew and accountant Glenn is involved with Vegas types who hold $1 million in options on the hotel and the surrounding land. Glenn stands to make millions if the deal is pulled off and one step towards that assurance is the elimination of Oliver Barrows by poisoning. Kelly resists signing any papers concerning the estate until the Angels investigate her sudden windfall. Kelly is attracted to attorney William Cord, who explains the computer research used to find her. After a tryst, they profess love for each other but when Kris questions Cord, they develop affections and Cord professes his lov
Toni's Boys
24. Toni's Boys
April 2, 1980
After a number of attempts on the Angels' lives, Charlie hires Antonia Blake to protect them. Toni's boys (Bob, Matt and Cotton) are expert detectives but the Angels resist their orders to stay undercover and not venture out of Toni's mansion. Racketeer Danny Flores is tipped off to the presence of an investigation in which Tiffany figures prominently. They are sleuthing his modeling agency so he captures her in hopes of drawing the other Angels around. The guys uncover Flores' winery, a front for a scheme to infiltrate an elite gathering but Flores recognizes Kris and Kelly as hostesses at this affair for the rich, and in an effort to save them, Toni's boys are forced to blow their cover. Flores' men overcome the guys and then proceed with their original plan to seal the Angels behind a brick wall where they will suffocate. Toni's boys storm the hacienda and wine cellar.
Three For The Money
23. Three For The Money
March 12, 1980
When three unsuspecting investors are bilked by racketeer, Harley Dexter, the Angels scheme to con Dexter into returning the money. Kelly persuades Dexter to use laundered syndicate money to buy her truckload of Mayan artifacts; Kris works an ingenious switch of her worthless Rolls Royce for Dexter's Rolls and Tiffany poses as a Senator's aide demanding payment to stop the Senator's investigation of Dexter's syndicate ties. Dexter is ruined when the syndicate realizes that the Maya artifacts are phony. Kris Rolls Royce is junked and the Senator arranges a Grand Jury injunction against Dexter. The original investors receive their money and Dexter is last seen being cornered by his syndicate ties demanding their money.
Nips & Tucks
22. Nips & Tucks
March 5, 1980
When a Congressional witness is found dead, the Angels investigate plastic surgeon Paul Redmont's association with racketeer Vern Maddox, who they learn wants plastic surgery to change his identity. Kris and Bosley pose as a couple seeking cosmetic surgery for Bosley, while Tiffany gathers information posing as a nurse. Redmont's girlfriend and former revolutionary, Barbara Brown, arranges for Maddox's surgery. But when nurse Elena discovers Maddox's true identity as the million dollar swindler of government pension funds, Barbara kills her. Barbara then forces Tiffany to replace Elena during the surgery of Maddox and she blackmails Redmont into completing the operation. The other Angels burst into the operating room where they subdue and apprehend Barbara and Maddox and inform Redmont that his very professional work almost changed their suspect's identity.
An Angel's Trail
21. An Angel's Trail
February 27, 1980
Jill Munroe is taken hostage when she accidentally stumbles into a gas station robbery. Convict Sam Mason and his sons, Clint and Harley, escape into the desolate desert hills keeping Jill tied in the back of their getaway van. Tiffany researches the geography of the highlands and discovers an old road overlooked by the search party. Hampered by wind and rain, Kris continues to lead the search for her sister when they find indications that the convicts are nearby. Jill befriends the retarded Harley who retaliates against his cruel father by battering Sam unconscious -- saving Jill from certain death. Jill sees that Harley receives special attention in the best institution for the mentally handicapped.
Harrigan's Angel
20. Harrigan's Angel
February 20, 1980
When Starrett Electronics is the victim of a second large heist, Paul Starrett's insurance company insists he have additional help for Joseph Harrigan, a bumbling, disheveled private investigator covering the case. The Angels investigation develops leads and they question photo engraver Belkin materials and shipper Felber, who both have police records linked to Starrett. Kris and Harrigan figured out the heist method but Starrett has already ordered them killed. The Angels confront and arrest Starrett for robbing his own business. They then rush to Harrigan's apartment in time to capture Felber and Belkin attempting to kill Harrigan.
Dancin' Angels
19. Dancin' Angels
February 6, 1980
A dance marathon with $5,000 in prize money attracts Joe and Sally Fairgate to compete, but when Sally disappears, Joe enlists the Angels' help in finding her. They investigate and question suspects, promoter P.J. Wilkes, investor Al Norman and leading dance couple, Steve and Jenny. Bosley discovers that Norman is a small time racketeer and Steve is a convicted hood from New York. The Angels approach the suspects to find motives for Sally's murder, making Wilkes and Norman very nervous. But when dance band singer, Billy, is found dead after an altercation with band leader Elton Mills, Kelly mistakenly confronts Mills, who confines her until he can kill her later. Wilkes and Norman admit moving Sally's body after Mills killed her. The Angels busy themselves searching for Kelly. She escapes from Mills and following a brief shootout, he is captured by the Angels, ending his attempt at a comeback as a dance band leader.
Homes, Sweet Homes
18. Homes, Sweet Homes
January 30, 1980
When a wealthy Beverly Hills couple is robbed of valuable Egyptian art treasures, the Angels suspect the dapper real estate baron, Barry Kingsbrook. Kris infiltrates the Kingsbrook Agency as an agent and the Angels set up a phony house listing to lure Barry to Tiffany's supposed priceless collection of revolutionary period letters. Barry sets a deal with Bosley who poses as a wealthy collector willing to buy letters. Barry's assistant, Tina, tells him that Kris is a plant and while Tina shows Tiffany's house to prospective buyers (including the thieves) Barry takes Kris to his house where he attempts to drug her drink. The Angels capture the thieves and persuade Tina to tell where Kris is located. As the Angels arrive at Barry's house, they find that Kris has beaten Barry into confessing his role in previous thefts for money used to pay his enormous gambling debts.
Catch A Falling Angel
17. Catch A Falling Angel
January 23, 1980
Tennessean Seth Jeffers follows his girlfriend, Bess Murdock, to Los Angeles and discovers she is acting in porno movies. But when Seth disappears, the Angels are called to investigate. Kelly discovers a showbill with Bess' picture and the producer's name, Joe Willis. Kris approaches Willis and the Angels find and question Bess, who knows nothing about Seth's disappearance. Willis orders the Angels killed and they barely escape death in an auto accident. Kris steals a copy of Willis' movie and upon recognizing the locale, she has police comb the area for Jeffers' body. Bess overhears Willis tell his thugs how to handle police questions about Jeffers. She confronts him, but cannot escape Joe's plans to photograph her own death on film. Kris arrives in time to interrupt the shooting and following a brief shootout, the Angels arrive to apprehend the whole crew. A shaken Bess recuperates and returns home to Tennessee.
One Of Our Angels Is Missing
16. One Of Our Angels Is Missing
January 16, 1980
Bondsman Harry Silvers hires the Angels to locate accused jewel thief Ray Devlin, who has fled, jumping bail. Using a cover as a wealthy divorcee, Kris is to lure Devlin from an Arizona resort back to Los Angeles. Soon she has Devlin attracted to her jewels and lured by talk of the sale of her Beverly Hills mansion. The Angels set up a phony tour of the house for Beck -- Devlin's partner -- who sizes it up as a robbery possibility. Kris invites Devlin to stay with her during the sale. He agrees, but only if they return by car. The Angels learn that Devlin has a murder-rape conviction and warn her not to continue the plan. Thinking it is the only chance to lure him to LA, she ignores them. Then Beck learns that the house for sale is a phony. Devlin suspects Kris and his suspicions are confirmed when he overhears a call between her and Bosley. Devlin and Beck take Kris out to the desert -- there is a helicopter chase and retreat into a mineshaft. Kris ambushes the unsuspecting Devlin and
Angel's Child
15. Angel's Child
January 9, 1980
While working on a robbery case, Kelly calls for police assistance when she observes the thieves escaping. A shootout occurs and one of the thieves, Joe Willow, escapes after killing a cop. Sgt. Cates takes his anger and frustration home where he batters his son, Greg. When Kelly realizes that Cates beats his son, she confronts the Sgt. and presses for child abuse charges. Joe Willow's underworld friends, Stone and Burke, observe the welfare court case awarding Kelly temporary custody of Greg while Cates works on the murder case. The thugs kidnap Kelly and Greg and attempt to persuade Cates to drop the search for Willow. Kelly manipulates her telephone answering service to alert the Angels and Cates to her house where she is being held captive. In the ensuing shootout, Kelly and Greg escape and the Angels apprehend the thugs and Willow. Cates admits his problem and is reunited with his son.
Of Ghosts & Angels
14. Of Ghosts & Angels
January 2, 1980
While visiting Erica Renny Burke, Tiffany's old college friend, the Angels are alerted to mysterious and sinister occurrences in the Burke mansion. Erica Renny Burke is frightened but her husband, Cliff, admonishes her for being so cowardly. Tiffany has frightening, recurring dreams about a party in which a woman confined to a wheelchair falls down a staircase. When a caretaker relates the circumstances involving the death of Burke's first wife, Madeline, exactly as Tiffany had dreamed, the Angels suspect foul play. One day before Burke's lavish Halloween party, Erica injures herself and is confined to a wheelchair. Cliff is hounded by racketeer George Harper to pay an enormous debt. Cliff covers it, using the estate as collateral. More mysterious happenings lead the Angels to believe that Madeline's spirit is haunting the place and trying to speak to them. They search a dark and frightening passageway. Tiffany discovers evidence implying that Cliff deliberately killed Madeline for her
Cruising Angels
13. Cruising Angels
December 12, 1979
Bosley and the Angels are set to transfer Charlie's 100-foot yacht, "The Wayward Angel," to Miami -- only to find it stolen and mysteriously returned. Bosley finds blood on deck and traces it to Captain Webner. Meanwhile the Angels find a large cache of gold hidden on board. Charlie's designer and boat handler, Pat Justice, is involved with a mercenary and smuggler, Ken Atamien, who has stolen the gold from a South American dictator, General Ranez. Webner tells Ranez of Atamien's scheme of hiding the gold on board ship and the general confronts Atamien. Bosley holds a party on board for security while the Angels search and find Webner and Atamien dead. After contacting the yacht, the Angels realize that Ranez has taken Bosley and Pat as hostages while he has the gold transferred to a shore warehouse, where he attempts to exchange it for money. Bosley maneuvers into the driver's seat of the van and accelerates, causing chaos in the warehouse. Bosley and Pat escape as the Angels and poli
Angel Hunt
12. Angel Hunt
December 5, 1979
The Angels act upon a mysterious telephone call from Charlie to come to a Diablo Island in Mexico. When they are put ashore, Wilson, the boatman, inexplicably leaves, taking their baggage and weapons. The threesome is stranded on the beach Malcolm Case, onetime convict imprisoned on Charlie's testimony, phones Charlie himself, threatening to hunt and kill the Angels one at a time until their boss arrives and exchanges himself for them. Diablo Island, they learn, is a big game preserve and the Angels must be wary of wild animals as well as of gangsters. Tiffany is thought to be drowned after attacking Wilson. Kris and Kelly set snares hoping to trap the hunters. They are successful, killing one of the henchmen. Wilson recaptures Tiffany and leaves her tied in a shack where she is ultimately freed by Kris and Kelly. Case returns to chase the Angels but is killed unexpectedly by a big cat. Knowing they are in danger of seeing Charlie (for the first time)--Bosley sends him away quickly whe
Angels On Campus
11. Angels On Campus
November 28, 1979
When two girls from Tiffany's sorority disappear, the Angels find themselves back in college trying to unravel a suspected white slavery ring. English professor, James Fairgate, with a reputation as a womanizer, is considered a prime suspect. So is footballer Steve Fitzpatrick, who harasses sorority women. Kris audits Fairgate's class and cautiously questions him about his possible involvement in the case. Bosley and Kelly pose as pro football scouts also to question Steve. Tiffany escapes an unseen assailant in the locker room but later, she is kidnapped from a party. Satisfied that Steve is not involved, and acting on Kris' information, Bosley and Kelly follow Fairgate to a beach house where Tiffany and the other girls are being held captive. It seems that the sorority housemother, Barbara Kay, heads a white slave trading ring. Tiffany awakens from a drugged stupor and battles with Fairgate and the guards--dropping them all with karate blows. The Angels arrive to apprehend the group
Angels On Skates
10. Angels On Skates
November 21, 1979
The Angels don roller skates to investigate the disappearance of roller dance favorite, Rita Morgan. The motive, they suspect, is to prevent Rita and her dance partner Ken Satillo from winning the first place prize of $30,000 in the Fortune roller dance contest. However, Kelly and Tiffany uncover the real motive as they discover that Rita is the heiress to the wealthy Lathrop real estate empire. Rita's stepmother agrees to pay the million-dollar ransom. The Angels discover that Satillo and roller dance promoter Freddie Fortune are the most likely suspects. They see Satillo pick up the ransom and follow him back to the roller rink and Rita. Freddie is captured in his D.J. booth and Ken and Rita are allowed to perform their last duet before he must go to the slammer.
The Prince And The Angel
9. The Prince And The Angel
November 14, 1979
During a return visit to the States, Jill Munroe (Farrah Fawcett) becomes involved with a wealthy and eccentric European named Eric Railman. He has flair, expensive taste, and charisma. Eric invites Jill to his yacht but their interlude is interrupted by sniper fire. Jill returns the gunshots, but the sniper escapes in a speedboat. Later, Jill and the Angels uncover Railman's identity as the Crown Prince of a small European country. At a planned picnic rendezvous, Jill confronts Railman, who admits he is avoiding reactionaries to his father's government. During more investigation, the Angels discover that Railman's bodyguards are accomplices to the assassination attempts. During a wild chase in the forest picnic area, the Angels subdue and apprehend the would-be assassins.
Angels On The Street
8. Angels On The Street
November 7, 1979
The Angels go undercover as hookers to find the man that beat up the daughter of a dance school owner, Amy Hawkins. Kelly and Tiffany find Freddie The Pimp who hires the girls for his stable. He tries to intimidate them but they stand up to him. Amy seems to have a lot of ready cash but can't account for her large income. Then they learn that Amy doubles as Rose--one of Freddie's girls. A coffee stand operator tells Freddie that the girls are undercover investigators and he tries to use Amy to help kill them. But Kris confronts Amy about her double life and learns that Amy is doing it to pay her father's debts. Amy agrees to cooperate and tells them where Freddie has Kelly and Tiffany locked up. Bosley and Kris raid Freddie's party and the Angels are saved.
Caged Angel
7. Caged Angel
October 31, 1979
When a young woman who is supposed to be in prison is found dead at the scene of a robbery, the Angels are called in to investigate. Kris enters the minimum-security prison population to determine how Amy Nalon was involved in the robbery of Kenyon Armored Security. Prison toughs Aggie and Matron Wallace advise Kris to cooperate in return for their protection. Intimidated a little, Kris still manages to learn that Amy leads knowledge of the floor and alarm system at Kenyon. She doesn't learn who the accomplices are, though. Kris finds herself framed -- blamed for the thievery; what's worse, Big Larry, a thug, goes after her but falls into a swimming pool. Kris saves Larry and earns his friendship. Aggie pressures Kris into producing detailed floor diagrams of her supposed former employer -- the Van Dorian Diamond Company. Kris complies, but before she can warn the Angels, Aggie and her cohorts rob the store of thousands in jewels. She returns to prison to discover that they know her tr
Fallen Angel
6. Fallen Angel
October 24, 1979
The Angels are retained by opera star Carla Taggart to protect her Blue Heron Diamond from the ice cat jewel thief, Damien Roth. However, Jill Munroe (Farrah Fawcett) has become romantically involved with Roth, who invites her to participate in the heist. The Angels are highly suspicious of Jill and decide to capture the thief and his accomplice. While the Angels gather for Miss Taggart's dress rehearsal, Roth and Jill steal into the dressing room where they find a giant cobra guarding the diamond. Roth carefully snatches the rock and they make their getaway. They reach the rooftop and Jill and Roth fight when she reveals she's a cop. The Angel appear in time to rescue her and she reveals that Charlie thought it essential that she portray a traitor to the Angels in order to gain the thief's confidence.
Angels At The Altar
5. Angels At The Altar
October 3, 1979
Kelly is set to be maid of honor at best friend, Sharon Kellerman's, wedding. Suddenly they discover that there have been several near misses on the groom's life and the Angels are called in to investigate. Tension mounts as a wild shot is fired at the groom (Jean Pierre) just one day before the wedding. Sharon's wealthy family demands that she postpone her plans. She adamantly refuses. Her ex-boyfriend, Randy, is the prime suspect but Kris discovers that Jean Pierre's partner, Burt Marshall, has been shooting at him, planning to miss--"accidentally" killing Sharon. Then the groom, his buddy and Jean Pierre's real lover, Claudia, would inherit Sharon's money. When exposed the groom tries to take the bride hostage but is foiled by the Angels.
Avenging Angel
4. Avenging Angel
September 26, 1979
Frank Desmond, a heroin addict Kelly helped convict and send to prison, gets out of jail. Desmond proceeds with his friend, Eddie Feducci, to get Kelly in revenge. They dissolve a sleeping potion and then break into Kelly's house and inject heroin into the unconscious Angel. But racketeers, Joe Thurgood and Harold Sims, see Desmond entering Kelly's house and assume that he and Kelly are responsible for stealing his missing heroin valued at $2 million. After Kelly denies any part in the theft--the racketeers kidnap her and Desmond and again inject heroin into both of them, knowing they will confess during the painful withdrawals. Alone with Kelly and in a stupor, Desmond confides that he has hidden the cache of stolen drugs and had hoped to sell it upon his release from prison. Meanwhile the other Angels follow a string of clues to learn the hostages' whereabouts and arrive in time to save Kelly and Desmond from sure murder.
Angels Go Truckin'
3. Angels Go Truckin'
September 19, 1979
A million dollars in pharmaceuticals is hijacked from a cross-country truck. The Angels are called in to help the Venus Trucking Company that employs all women drivers. The company is owned and operated by Maggie Brill. Kris and Tiffany drive a big rig -- following the route of the hijacked truck. They see some suspicious country boys and follow them into a truck stop where Kelly is posing as a waitress. When a fight occurs, and they are distracted, an identical Venus rig is switched with that being driven by the Angels. Kris and Tiffany drive away, unaware of the switch -- but Kelly gets word and warns them on the CB Radio System. Kris in turn uses the CB to help track down their real rig. Other truckers help. They find the cargo, capture the thieves and confront and arrest Maggie who had masterminded the hijacking of her own trucks.
Love Boat Angels - Part 1
1. Love Boat Angels - Part 1
September 12, 1979
The Angels are retained by an insurance company to find $5 million in stolen bronze and gold statuary. So, they follow suspects Paul Hollister and Wes Anderson on a cruise ship bound for the Caribbean, while Bosley stays in Los Angeles to keep an eye on a fence known to be associated with the two thieves. Once on board the cruise ship, Paul and Kris are attracted to each other and she uses the occasion to infiltrate their activities. Lead ashore in St. Thomas by Rourke and Paul, the thugs lead Kris to a Henri Dumajeran who demands delivery of the stolen art. Paul refuses and gives the man his assurance that the art will arrive soon. Meanwhile Jon becomes suspicious of Kris and her curious responses in conversation. Rourke discovers that the Angel threesome (including new Angel, Tiffany Welles) are ex-cops. He and Dumajeran abduct Kelly at gunpoint and demand that she take them to Paul and the stolen art. She does so, leaving a "Hansel and Gretel" trail of clues. Paul reveals that he sm
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