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  • TV-G
  • 2014
  • 5 Seasons
  • 5.0  (2,290)

Every Witch Way is a supernatural dramedy television series produced by Nickelodeon that aired from 2014 to 2018. The show follows the story of Emma Alonso, played by Paola Andino, who discovers that she is a witch with elemental powers on her first day of high school. The show also revolves around Emma's tumultuous relationships with her friends, family, and love interests, including Daniel Miller, played by Nick Merico, who is the most popular boy in school and the son of the principal; Maddie Van Pelt, played by Paris Smith, who is Emma's enemy and one of the most powerful witches in the school; Diego Rueda, played by Tyler Alvarez, who is Maddie's ex-boyfriend and one of Emma's closest friends; Andi Cruz, played by Daniela Nieves, who is Emma's best friend and a human; and Jax Novoa, played by Rahart Adams, who is a new student with mysterious powers.

Throughout the four seasons of the show, Emma learns to control her powers and balance her magical life with her personal life. She faces many challenges, including battling evil witches, dealing with love triangles, and discovering family secrets. Along the way, Emma and her friends join forces to solve mysteries, save the school from danger, and protect the magical realm from harm.

One of the highlights of the show is the strong female characters, especially Emma and Maddie, who are not only powerful witches but also intelligent, witty, and supportive of each other. The show also explores themes of friendship, loyalty, trust, and self-discovery, making it relatable to its target audience of tweens and teens.

The cast delivers strong performances, with Paola Andino standing out as the lead. She portrays Emma with depth, charm, and vulnerability, making her a likable and admirable character. Nick Merico also shines as Daniel, showing his range as an actor by portraying both the charming and vulnerable sides of his character. Daniela Nieves brings humor and heart to her role as Andi, while Paris Smith portrays Maddie with impressive acting skills, making her a complicated and captivating villain.

The show's production design is also noteworthy, with its colorful and visually appealing sets, costumes, and special effects. The soundtrack also adds to the show's appeal, with its catchy pop songs and upbeat instrumental music.

Overall, Every Witch Way is a delightful and entertaining show that combines magic, romance, humor, and drama in a way that appeals to its young audience. It is a must-watch for fans of supernatural and teen dramas. To watch Every Witch Way online, fans can access it through various streaming services or purchase the episodes on digital platforms.

Every Witch Way is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (91 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2014.

Every Witch Way
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A Girl's Sacrifice
18. A Girl's Sacrifice
July 30, 2015
Emma's plans go horribly awry and it's up to her friends to save her - and the Realm. Later, Emma is forced to make several tough decisions.
Mommie Dearest
17. Mommie Dearest
July 29, 2015
The gang stages a "Witchervention" for Emma. Jax finally discovers the truth about his family.
Stop Emma
16. Stop Emma
July 28, 2015
Emma's pals want her stopped. Elsewhere, Jake delivers unexpected news to Jax.
15. Frenemies
July 27, 2015
Emma angers her friends when she tries to gain power to cast a big spell.
What If?
14. What If?
July 24, 2015
Emma's actions create a divide with her and Andi. Diego searches for more Kanays.
Power in a Bottle
13. Power in a Bottle
July 23, 2015
Jax finds out where Jake and Jessie are hiding. Emma continues to abuse her magic and strips the Council of their powers.
Back to Square One
12. Back to Square One
July 22, 2015
Emma considers going back in time to save her mother. Daniel wants to return to the Everglades. Jake and Jessie go into hiding.
Van Pelt Reunion
11. Van Pelt Reunion
July 21, 2015
Emma misses her mother and becomes consumed with finding out more about her. An unwelcomed guest shows up at the Van Pelt reunion.
Diego's Wipedown
10. Diego's Wipedown
July 20, 2015
After the Continuum Break ends, Emma is determined to reconcile with Jax.
The Final Countdown
9. The Final Countdown
July 17, 2015
Jax discovers the truth about his family. Emma tries to restore Daniel's memory in the few hours he has left.
Monkey Face Emoji
8. Monkey Face Emoji
July 15, 2015
Daniel believes that Maddie is his girlfriend. Jax tries to find information about his mom.
Lunch at Lola's
7. Lunch at Lola's
July 14, 2015
In a special crossover episode the gang goes to Lola's for lunch for a magical experience.
Twisted Sister
6. Twisted Sister
July 13, 2015
Emma discovers Mia flirting with Daniel. Andi is on a mission to become the first human Guardian. And Diego learns more about being a Kanay.
A Tale of Two Lives
5. A Tale of Two Lives
July 10, 2015
Emma triggers another Continuum Break, which puts Daniel and his entire family in danger.
Stuck in a Storm
4. Stuck in a Storm
July 9, 2015
While lost in the Everglades, a big storm is about to move in on Katie, Sophie and Gigi.
Ever in the Everglades
3. Ever in the Everglades
July 8, 2015
Emma accidentally freezes time and can't figure out how to fix it. And a mysterious new girl, Mia, arrives in Miami.
Road Trippin'
2. Road Trippin'
July 7, 2015
When a magical P.I. has a lead on Daniel's location, the gang takes a road trip to the Everglades to find him.
A World Without You
1. A World Without You
July 6, 2015
Emma's decision to pick Jax triggered an unusual break - and Emma is now the only person who can remember Daniel.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    5.0  (2,290)