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Every Witch Way is a teen sitcom based off of Grachi, a Nickelodeon Latin American show. The story centers around Emma Alonso, a sixteen-year old high school student and witch. After moving to Miami, Florida, she discovers her powers as a witch and realizes she is the chosen one, a rare title given to only one mighty witch who eclipses all others in terms of magical ability and prowess. She also inherits the Hexoren Book of Spells from her mother, who passed away before the events of the show.

Emma is opposed by Maddie Van Pelt, the leader of the Panthers and most popular girl in school, as well as the school's principal, Mrs. Lafuente. Maddie and Mrs. Lafuente are both evil witches who use dark magic in the hopes of ruining Emma. Emma is supported by Lily, the school nurse, who acts as her guardian witch. Emma's boyfriend, Daniel Miller, also helps her keep Maddie's schemes at bay, despite having dated Maddie in the past.

Every Witch Way is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (89 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2014.

Where do I stream Every Witch Way online? Every Witch Way is available for streaming on Nickelodeon, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Every Witch Way on demand at Apple TV+, CBS, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, The Roku Channel, Google Play, Hoopla, iTunes online.

Weekdays at 7:30 PM et/pt on Nickelodeon
5 Seasons, 89 Episodes
January 1, 2014
Kids & Family Comedy
Cast: Paola Andino, Nick Merico, Daniela Nieves, Paris Smith, Elizabeth Elias
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Every Witch Way Full Episode Guide

  • Emma's plans go horribly awry and it's up to her friends to save her - and the Realm. Later, Emma is forced to make several tough decisions.

  • The gang stages a "Witchervention" for Emma. Jax finally discovers the truth about his family.

  • Emma's pals want her stopped. Elsewhere, Jake delivers unexpected news to Jax.

  • Emma angers her friends when she tries to gain power to cast a big spell.

  • Emma's actions create a divide with her and Andi. Diego searches for more Kanays.

  • Jax finds out where Jake and Jessie are hiding. Emma continues to abuse her magic and strips the Council of their powers.

  • Emma considers going back in time to save her mother. Daniel wants to return to the Everglades. Jake and Jessie go into hiding.

  • Emma misses her mother and becomes consumed with finding out more about her. An unwelcomed guest shows up at the Van Pelt reunion.

  • After the Continuum Break ends, Emma is determined to reconcile with Jax.

  • Jax discovers the truth about his family. Emma tries to restore Daniel's memory in the few hours he has left.

  • Daniel believes that Maddie is his girlfriend. Jax tries to find information about his mom.

  • In a special crossover episode the gang goes to Lola's for lunch for a magical experience.

  • Emma discovers Mia flirting with Daniel. Andi is on a mission to become the first human Guardian. And Diego learns more about being a Kanay.

  • While lost in the Everglades, a big storm is about to move in on Katie, Sophie and Gigi.

  • Emma accidentally freezes time and can't figure out how to fix it. And a mysterious new girl, Mia, arrives in Miami.

  • When a magical P.I. has a lead on Daniel's location, the gang takes a road trip to the Everglades to find him.

  • Emma's decision to pick Jax triggered an unusual break - and Emma is now the only person who can remember Daniel.

  • When Emma and Mia get sucked into a videogame, it's up to their friends to save them. Lily and the Panthers try to get Gigi's memory card and prevent the Realm from being exposed.

  • Emma and Andi struggle to turn Phillip into a human. Diego and Mia take part in a Kanay duel.

  • Emma and Andi attempt to turn Phillip into a human. Gigi gives her memory card to Black Hawk.

  • Emma and Daniel must find the kangaroo. Mia challenges Diego to a duel.

  • After Jax refuses to share information regarding Emma's powers, the Council makes him pay.

  • Mia's scheming climaxes when she freezes Andi. Diego is torn between helping Mia or standing by Andi.

  • Emma and Jax try to find a solution to Andi's invisibility.The Cristal de Caballero goes missing.

  • Jax incidentally makes Andi invisible and she takes advantage of her new status to try to trap Mia. Mia conspires with Katie against Emma.

  • While Maddie and Emma try to find ways out of the janitor's closet, Daniel and the Panthers try to find them. Diego and Mia grow closer.

  • Emma and Andi are sure that Mia was responsible for Daniel's strange behavior, but they are unable to prove it.

  • A mysterious crystal magically binds Emma and Maddie together; Daniel becomes sick; the H2O pull a prank.

  • Daniel continues to exhibit strange behavior; Jax thinks that he has lost his powers; Mia schemes to become Katie's best friend.

  • Emma and Andi are suspicious of Daniel's strange behavior. The T3 are framed for the Neverending Summer Party debacle.

  • Jax has a difficult time studying for his final boot camp exam and is in danger of losing his powers forever; Mia plots to get Daniel to do whatever she wants.

  • Emma and Andi try to get their feet in the door of the magic realm; Maddie and Diego want to repair the relationships between witches and Kanay; Mia causes trouble.

  • Emma finds Mia flirting with Daniel; Andi is determined to become the first human Guardian; Diego learns more about being a Kanay.

  • Emma is forced to go to boot camp as punishment for casting spells in public; the T3 are framed for a prank.