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  • 2017

FIM Enduro World Championship is an exhilarating show from Motor Trend OnDemand that takes viewers through a thrilling journey filled with high-speed action and adrenaline-fueled excitement. The show follows the world's best enduro riders, as they compete in a series of races across the globe.

Enduro is a unique form of motorcycle racing that combines elements of motocross and cross-country racing. Riders are required to navigate through a variety of terrains, including forests, mountains, and rivers, while encountering obstacles such as rocks, logs, and steep inclines. The races typically last for several hours and require a high level of endurance and skill.

The FIM Enduro World Championship is the pinnacle of the sport, featuring the best riders from around the world competing for the title of world champion. The championship comprises of multiple rounds, each held at different locations, with the riders facing different challenges at each venue.

The show provides viewers with a front-row seat to the thrilling action, as the riders push their bikes to the limit, navigating treacherous terrain, and overcoming obstacles with astonishing speed and skill. The show features stunning footage of the races, including aerial shots, onboard cameras, and slow-motion replays, allowing viewers to appreciate every moment of the action.

Beyond the races themselves, the show also provides insight into the lives of the riders, their training regimes, and the preparation required to compete at the highest level. Interviews with the riders provide an in-depth look at the level of commitment and dedication required to be a professional enduro racer.

One of the key features of the show is the variety of terrains and challenges faced by the riders. From the muddy tracks of Europe to the rocky mountain passes of South America, each round of the championship presents its unique set of challenges, with no two races ever the same. The riders must be adaptable and able to adjust their technique to suit the conditions, making for an exciting and unpredictable spectacle.

The FIM Enduro World Championship is an exciting show that will appeal to anyone who loves high-speed action and extreme sports. Whether you're a fan of motocross or just looking for an adrenaline-fueled rush, the show provides a thrilling look into the world of enduro racing. With its stunning footage, insightful interviews, and thrilling races, the show is a must-watch for anyone interested in the sport.

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2017 FIM EnduroGP Season Review
10. 2017 FIM EnduroGP Season Review
October 27, 2017
On this special episode of EnduroGP highlights, enjoy a look back at the greatest moments from eight rounds of intense off-road, cross-country, two-wheel action through forests, mud, and snow, where dozens of the most skilled riders in the world gave it everything they had in one extremely competitive season.
2017 FIM EnduroGP Round 8 Germany
9. 2017 FIM EnduroGP Round 8 Germany
October 22, 2017
The 2017 FIM Enduro Grand Prix season comes in to a close in Zschopau, Germany, after eight incredible rounds of competition. The city is a mecca for motorcycling and will be a fitting site to end the season because it was the location of the very first FIM EnduroGP 17 years ago.
2017 FIM International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) From France
8. 2017 FIM International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) From France
September 2, 2017
Since 1904, the ISDE (commonly referred to as the Enduro Olympic Games) has attracted hundreds of competitors from all over the globe to fight for the glory of their home country in a challenging six-day, 1,000-mile motorcycle endurance event. Check out the most skilled championship riders in the world as they attempt to make history in the World, Junior, Women's, and Club Trophy showdowns.
2017 FIM Enduro GP Round 7 United Kingdom
7. 2017 FIM Enduro GP Round 7 United Kingdom
September 24, 2017
The FIM Enduro GP returns to England for the first time in nine years for world championship action. The first day is an Enduro sprint race against the clock on the Hawkstone Park MX Circuit in Shropshire, followed by a cross-country trek through forest and field on the second day of competition.
2017 FIM Enduro GP Round 6 Portugal
6. 2017 FIM Enduro GP Round 6 Portugal
July 23, 2017
Head to Castelo Branco, Portugal, for Round 6 of the 2017 FIM Enduro GP. After the supertest on the opening day that will set the running order, the riders will repeat a challenging 37.28-mile off-road course three times in pursuit of valuable championship points.
2017 FIM Enduro GP Round 5 Greece
5. 2017 FIM Enduro GP Round 5 Greece
July 2, 2017
Take a trip to Greece for the fifth round of the 2017 FIM Enduro GP season! Watch as motocross riders traverse 40.39 miles of demanding countryside in three separate runs after securing a good starting position during the Supertest held at the start of the weekend.
2017 FIM Enduro GP Round 4 Hungary
4. 2017 FIM Enduro GP Round 4 Hungary
June 26, 2017
Travel to the tiny Hungarian town of Parádfürdö to watch some of the best off-road motocross stars in the world compete in Round 4 of the 2017 FIM Enduro GP. This three-day contest features Enduro2 and EnduroGP riders putting their KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Sherco, Yamaha, and Beta machines through their paces on muddy creek beds, grassy fields, and rocky mountains.
2017 FIM Enduro GP Round 3 Italy
3. 2017 FIM Enduro GP Round 3 Italy
May 28, 2017
It's time for the Italian Grand Prix, Round 3 of the 2017 FIM Enduro GP World Championship. Travel to the town of Spoleto to see these motocross masters navigate the track sections of the supertest, then challenging and beautiful off-road stages to determine the Round 3 champion.
2017 FIM Enduro GP Round 2 Spain
2. 2017 FIM Enduro GP Round 2 Spain
April 23, 2017
The FIM Enduro GP World Championship continues near the city of Puerto Lumbreras in the south of Spain. In the sophomore round of the 2017 championship, riders will compete in dust and heat not just on track sections but on custom off-road treks through the Spanish countryside.
2017 FIM Enduro GP Round 1 Finland
1. 2017 FIM Enduro GP Round 1 Finland
March 26, 2017
For the opening round of the 2017 season of FIM Enduro GP racing, we head to the forests of Finland, where participants will travel over mud and snow-covered trails around Lake Päijänne. This 24-stage event stretches for nearly 500 miles and requires 6 hours of riding each day for multiple days in order to complete!
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    March 26, 2017