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  • 1969

GT Cup Championship UK is an exhilarating motorsport series that has been taking place for over a decade. Motor Trend OnDemand brings you all the action and excitement from the GT Cup Championship UK in this thrilling series. The GT Cup Championship UK is a highly competitive GT racing series that features some of the best drivers and teams in the country. The championship attracts some of the most stunning supercars, including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and many more.

The championship comprises of a total of ten rounds, each round taking place at different circuits across the UK. The series features a variety of different races, including sprints, enduros, and even night races. Each round of the championship includes qualifying sessions, free practice sessions, and a series of races.

One of the highlights of this series is the sheer variety of cars competing in the series. The GT Cup Championship UK caters to a wide range of GT cars, from GT3 class cars to GTB class cars. This means there is always an exciting mix of cars on the grid, which makes for thrilling on-track battles.

The championship is open to drivers of all abilities, making it an excellent platform for amateur racers to compete against some of the best drivers in the country. The championship also features several different classes, including the GTO class, GTB class, and GTC class, allowing drivers to compete against others with similar cars and experience levels.

One of the standout rounds of the championship is the annual Silverstone 24 Hour race. This race is a true test of endurance for both the drivers and their cars, as teams battle it out for 24 hours straight in a bid to be crowned the overall winner.

The series also features some of the most iconic circuits in the UK, including Brands Hatch, Donington Park, and Silverstone. These circuits offer a variety of different challenges for drivers, from high-speed straights to twisty hairpins, making for some truly exhilarating racing.

The coverage of the GT Cup Championship UK on Motor Trend OnDemand is top-notch. The series is filmed and edited to the highest standard, with multiple camera angles and on-board footage providing viewers with an immersive viewing experience. Expert commentary from the likes of Ben Constanduros and Andy McEwan adds further depth and insight to the races, providing a real understanding of what it's like to compete in the championship.

Overall, the GT Cup Championship UK is an incredible racing series that is not to be missed. With its variety of cars, iconic circuits, and thrilling on-track action, this is an event that is sure to excite any motorsport enthusiast. If you're a fan of GT racing, then the GT Cup Championship UK on Motor Trend OnDemand is definitely worth checking out.