• 2016

GT4 European Series is a popular motorsport series that showcases the skills of talented young racers from different parts of Europe, competing each other to win the coveted prize. The series features a range of high-powered sports cars, including Aston Martin Vantage, Porsche Cayman, and Ginetta G55, among others. With intense action, close-quarter battles, and high-speed chases, GT4 European Series brings the thrill and excitement of motorsports to audiences worldwide.

The series is organized by SRO Motorsports Group, a leading racing organization that manages various motorsport events around the world. GT4 European series, one of its premier events, features multiple races held across different countries in Europe, including France, Belgium, Germany, and Spain, among others. The series attracts a large fan following with its exhilarating racing experience that tests the limits of the drivers and their machines.

Each round of the GT4 European Series comprises two races held over a weekend, with qualifying and practice sessions preceding the races. The races mainly follow a sprint format, with the drivers pushing their cars to the limit to complete as many laps as possible within a specified time. The races typically last between 60-90 minutes, depending on the track layout and other conditions.

The drivers competing in the GT4 European Series come from a diverse background and have varying levels of experience. Some are seasoned professionals with years of experience competing in various motorsport series, while others are young talents looking to make a name for themselves in the competitive racing circuit. The series offers an excellent platform for young racers to showcase their skills and gain exposure among motorsport enthusiasts and professionals.

The races in the GT4 European Series are highly competitive and closely fought, with drivers battling it out for every inch of the track. The cars used in the series are specially designed for high-speed performance and handling, with advanced technologies and components that make them agile and responsive. The contests are not just about speed and skill; they also demand strategic thinking and quick decision-making, as racers must navigate the challenges posed by the track and their opponents.

Along with the drivers' prowess, the success of a team in the GT4 European Series also depends on the vehicle's performance and setup. The teams play a crucial role in ensuring that their cars are prepared to perform at their best, with the right balance of power, control, and durability. They also strategize on pit stops and other critical moments to give their drivers an edge in the races.

To summarize, GT4 European Series is a thrilling motorsport series that offers a close-up view of high-performance sports cars and talented young racers in action. With intense races, fierce rivalries, and high-stakes competition, the series has gained a massive following among fans of motorsports and racing enthusiasts.

Finally, for fans of the motorsport, GT4 European Series is a must-watch event that guarantees an adrenaline-filled experience. So, for an exciting journey into the world of racing and competition, tune in to GT4 European Series today.

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2016 GT4 European Series Round 6 Zandvoort Race 2
5. 2016 GT4 European Series Round 6 Zandvoort Race 2
October 9, 2016
Hang on to your helmets! It's time for Race 2 from Round 6 of the GT4 European Series. Our highlight coverage continues with the finale of the 2016 championship from Circuit Park Zandvoort in The Netherlands. Three First Place finishes have propelled team ProSport Performance into the lead in the pro category, while J©r´me Demay and Street Art Racing lead in the amateur class.
2016 GT4 European Series Round 6 Zandvoort Race 1
4. 2016 GT4 European Series Round 6 Zandvoort Race 1
October 5, 2016
The 2016 GT4 European Series continues with Race 1 from Round 6 in The Netherlands. The famous and historic Circuit Park Zandvoort will provide plenty of challenge for these amateur and pro-am drivers as they try and pilot their GT cars to victory at this track by the sea.
2016 GT4 European Series Round 1 Monza Race 1
1. 2016 GT4 European Series Round 1 Monza Race 1
April 23, 2016
2016 GT4 European Series Round 1 Monza Race 1
  • Premiere Date
    April 23, 2016