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Hunt down answers to history's biggest conspiracies and puzzles.

History's Greatest Mysteries
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Decoding the Mysterious Antikythera Mechanism
9. Decoding the Mysterious Antikythera Mechanism
March 27, 2023
An ancient mechanical device found on a 2,000-year-old shipwreck has become known as the world's first computer. The machine is centuries more advanced than historians thought possible, but its origin and true purpose are shrouded in secrecy. Can modern technology finally unveil what the mysterious Antikythera Mechanism actually is?
Blackbeard's Lost Treasure
8. Blackbeard's Lost Treasure
March 20, 2023
One of history's most notorious pirates, Blackbeard, is said to have had a treasure worth millions of dollars. After centuries of searching, the legendary hoard remains missing. As new evidence is unearthed, the mystery endures: what became of Blackbeard's lost treasure?
7. The "Missingest" Man in America
March 13, 2023
In 1930, a New York Supreme Court justice with close ties to Tammany Hall, and future president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, steps out of a steakhouse and disappears. For decades, the politically charged case dominates mainstream media and remains unsolved nearly 100 years later. But could a deathbed confession finally tell us what really happened to the notorious Judge Joseph Crater.
The Ark of the Covenant
6. The Ark of the Covenant
March 6, 2023
One of the holiest and most powerful relics from the Bible has been missing for over 2,000 years. While some believe the Ark of the Covenant was destroyed, many people think it's still out there. Could new clues finally tell us what happened to the Ark, and lead us to where it can be found?
The Phoenix Lights Phenomenon
5. The Phoenix Lights Phenomenon
February 27, 2023
In 1997, thousands of people across Phoenix witness a series of strange lights unlike anything they've ever seen. Could this be one of the largest-scale UFO sightings in history, or is there another explanation for this mysterious phenomenon?
The Lost Colony of Roanoke
4. The Lost Colony of Roanoke
February 20, 2023
In 1587, a group of settlers land off the coast of North Carolina on Roanoke Island to establish the first English Colony in America. But only a few years later, the 115 men, women and children seemingly vanish without a trace, leaving only cryptic clues. The search to find out their fate has endured for over 400 years. Can new technology finally tell us what happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke?
The Assassination of JFK
3. The Assassination of JFK
February 13, 2023
On November 22, 1963, President John F Kennedy is assassinated, shaking the nation to its core; while an initial suspect is captured, many believe there's more to the story; investigators and amateur sleuths alike have been searching for answers.
Who is the Zodiac Killer?
2. Who is the Zodiac Killer?
February 6, 2023
In 1969, one of history's most elusive serial killers terrorizes Northern California. He taunts investigators with cryptic ciphers and clues, leaving police and the public questioning his identity for over 50 years. Can new evidence and technology finally crack his code? Who is the Zodiac Killer?
The Loch Ness Monster
1. The Loch Ness Monster
January 30, 2023
Despite centuries of sightings and searches, one of the most infamous deep-sea monsters remains unidentified. As evidence continues to mount, the mystery endures: does the Loch Ness Monster really exist? And if so, what could it be?

Hunt down answers to history's biggest conspiracies and puzzles. History's Greatest Mysteries is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (51 episodes). The series first aired on July 10, 2016.

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