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Hunt down answers to history's biggest conspiracies and puzzles. History's Greatest Mysteries is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on November 27, 2020.Where do I stream History's Greatest Mysteries online? History's Greatest Mysteries is available for streaming on HISTORY Vault, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch History's Greatest Mysteries on demand at Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, Vudu, Apple TV online.

2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
November 27, 2020
Cast: Laurence Fishburne
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History's Greatest Mysteries Full Episode Guide

  • Investigator Ben Smith travels to Jesse Marcel's hometown on Louisiana's Gulf Coast to speak with family members who reveal information that supports Marcel's story of a government coverup. Smith speaks with Leslie Kean, the investigative journalist who broke The New York Times story about a clandestine U.S. government program to investigate UFOs. Smith also digs deeper into the mystery of the journal as he studies writing samples to determine if the journal might have been written by one of Marcel's fellow officers who later claimed he was ordered to oversee the military's coverup. Back in Marcel's hometown, Smith meets with a man who swears Marcel confided in him about alien bodies-- something Marcel had never mentioned to the press or family. As the results come back from soil, metal and forensic handwriting analysis, Smith shares his findings with the Marcel grandchildren.

  • A former CIA operative's investigation into the Roswell crash arrives at a critical moment when the mysterious journal found among the possessions of Major Jesse Marcel undergoes a crucial test. As a US Army intelligence officer, Marcel was the first government official at the crash site. Investigator Ben Smith is taken to a secret location believed to be the real resting place of the airborne object, as a local archeologist finds evidence that a military cleanup may have taken place. A leading code-breaker continues his attempt to decipher the journal which may be written in a home-brewed code and contain hidden information about what happened at Roswell. And witnesses describe a series of bizarre events surrounding the now legendary crash, while an incredible new technology attempts to read words on a 70 year old photograph that may hold clues to the mystery: Did an extraterrestrial spaceship crash at Roswell?

  • The series follows the grandchildren of Major Jesse Marcel, the first person to investigate the wreckage. The investigation is being led by Ben Smith, a former CIA operative. The family believes Major Marcel was forced by the U.S. government to deny he ever saw a UFO. The family possesses a diary found in the belongings of Major Marcel, which may contain coded clues to the truth of what happened at Roswell. The investigation follows a compelling trail of evidence that leads from the Roswell crash site to new revelations that key U.S. Army officers believed it was truly a UFO incident. We will also attempt to decode the diary for the first time.

  • Twelve days after the assassination of President Lincoln, history records that Booth suffered a fatal gunshot wound while resisting arrest. Today, the Booth family believes this to be untrue. The family believes he faked his death, reunited with his wife, going on to marry again under an assumed name, eventually revealing his true identity in a series of clues. Investigators now have access to 60 boxes of materials at Harvard University, marriage certificates, what is believed to be the will of John Wilkes Booth and other rare documents that could speak to the mystery, and for the first time, use DNA to prove or disprove that Booth escaped his death.

  • In 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton led an expedition to Antarctica but soon after arrival, Shackleton's ship - The Endurance - was destroyed by shifting glaciers, and he was tasked with leading his 27 men across the tundra, on an epic struggle for survival. Shackleton's battle against the odds and his unfailing commitment to bring all his men out alive turned him into a legend that still inspires today. The Endurance is as illustrious as the Titanic, yet it has remained lost for over a hundred years. Its final resting ground remains as one of the greatest polar mysteries. Now, the HISTORY(R) channel follows a new ground-breaking expedition heading back into the frozen seas to hunt down the last piece of the story: Shackleton's lost ship. Led by maritime archeologist and shipwreck expert, Mensun Bound, this expedition is the result of two years of planning and over $250 million spent in cutting edge technology as they set out to break through the ice and locate this holy grail of shipwrecks.

  • Dig deep into the core of "The Rock" and its imprint on our national psyche with fresh and revealing interviews from those who know the true story of Alcatraz.

  • For over 400 years, the disappearance of 117 colonists from Roanoke Island has been America's oldest mystery. Now, a mysterious stone inscription may lead to uncovering the truth.

  • Travel to Egypt and join a team of archaeologists who have uncovered the lost fourth pyramid of Giza, and explore the most powerful - and arguably the most debauched - of all Egypt's dynasties.

  • In 1994, a journalist stumbled upon a manuscript from 1629 titled "Nostradamus Vatinicia Code" that contained cryptic images and watercolors by the visionary himself. How did the manuscript survive for so long?

  • Trace Lee Harvey Oswald's actions in the minutes, hours, and days following the events of JFK's assassination in Dallas.

  • Adventurer-geologist Dr. Martin Pepper sets out to prove his theory that the true Atlantis existed on the Greek island of Santorini, and was destroyed in the biggest volcanic eruption in human history.

  • History's most acclaimed prophet, Nostradamus, saw the arrival of three antichrists who would plague mankind. But who are they? Believers search his writings for evidence.

  • The sorcerer's stone was a compound in the Middle Ages that was said to grant immortality. Were alchemists' quests to find it based on sound scientific ground? And did some, as is still rumored, actually succeed?

  • In a country torn by bloody civil war, a Romanian prince seizes power, becoming known across Europe for both breathtaking courage and terrifying cruelty.

  • Examine clandestine organizations (past and present) with highly selective memberships and vague goals, and explore why so many people are convinced of their nefarious agendas.

  • Get an inside look at the secret protocols, elite security, and hidden history of the world's most public of private residences. The only thing more guarded than the White House itself are its secrets.

  • The search for the Loch Ness Monster has captivated the world for decades, but now a startling realization about "Nessie" might shatter this age-old myth. Could the Loch Ness Monster be dead?

  • Do texts other than the Bible reinforce the idea of Eden? Sift through the evidence to decode an age-old mystery about how paradise was lost, and where it might be found.

  • Since the 15th century, the Bermuda Triangle has mysteriously vanished an untold number of ships, planes, and lives, inspiring fear and speculation. Can today's scientific tools finally lay its mysteries to rest?

  • Originally stolen by the doctor trusted to perform his autopsy, scientists over the decades have examined the brain of Albert Einstein to try and determine what made this seemingly normal man tick.

  • In 1962, John and Clarence Anglin and Frank Morris broke out of the toughest penitentiary America had ever conceived: Alcatraz. Their bodies were never found. But new evidence could crack open the iconic cold case.

  • Best-selling author Brad Meltzer and his team examine claims that John Wilkes Booth actually escaped to freedom after murdering President Abraham Lincoln in 1865.

  • Recent discoveries of previously unknown hominids and breakthroughs in genetic technology have given a nation of Bigfoot believers new hope that this mysterious man-ape will be found.

  • A former FBI agent and a crime journalist dive deep into the D.B. Cooper case, revealing new information through exclusive interviews with nearly 20 experts and insiders.

  • Get unprecedented perspective from insiders into the baffling case of the man who, in 1971, hijacked a Northwest Orient flight, demanded $200 thousand in cash, and disappeared. Who is D.B. Cooper?

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