Operation Desert Storm

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In response to Saddam Hussein invading Kuwait, the U.S. led a 42-day air offensive.

1 Season, 6 Episodes
January 7, 1996
Operation Desert Storm

Operation Desert Storm Full Episode Guide

  • A generational leap in technology and strategy is put to the test over enemy airspace in Iraq as the air combat of the future begins with America's first large-scale air offensive since the Vietnam War.

  • General Norman Schwarzkopf is the hot-tempered commander tasked with driving Hussein out of Kuwait. The desert terrain is tough, the enemy is ruthless, and White House orders are impossible.

  • During Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, special ops units consisting of Navy Seals, Green Berets, and Army Rangers covertly gathered intelligence. As the Gulf War escalated, so did their duties "in the storm."

  • In 1991, five months after Iraq invaded Kuwait, a U.N.-sanctioned coalition retaliated with an air offensive and Operation Desert Storm, pitting "Stormin' Norman" against the "Butcher of Baghdad."

  • Look at how Saddam Hussein's misunderstanding of the international political climate led to his invasion of Kuwait. Then, examine the aborted attempt by U.S. Special Forces to rescue hostages held in Tehran in 1980.

  • The U.S. entered the Persian Gulf War as a gambler in a winner-take-all gam marked by great use of technology, lightning speed decision-making, and political alliances which reverberate in the Middle East today.