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From ancient tech to modern-day usages, uncover the pivotal role these armored warriors played throughout history.

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Siege Warfare
18. Siege Warfare
June 12, 2009
Patton orders his men to take the heavily fortified city of Metz. The thick forts and castle-like walls that surround the city prove to be more than a match for American armor, and the siege goes on for weeks.
Rommel's Last Stand
17. Rommel's Last Stand
April 17, 2009
February - May 1943: After the Germans deliver a stinging defeat to American forces under the command of General Lloyd Fredendall at Kasserine Pass, Eisenhower appoints Patton to take charge of the humiliated Americans.
Rogue General
16. Rogue General
May 1, 2009
July - September 1943: Frustrated by the slow progress of his British allies, Patton ignores orders to stay by their side and pushes on to capture Palermo.
On Hitler's Doorstep
15. On Hitler's Doorstep
June 5, 2009
Patton's blitzkrieg is so successful that his army outruns its own supply lines. He invades Lorraine, hoping to cross into Germany before Christmas, but delays from fuel shortages have given the Germans time to regroup.
Leading the Charge
14. Leading the Charge
May 15, 2009
France, August 1944: As American forces tear through western France, Patton's superiors order him to stop before completely trapping an entire German Army.
Crushing the Third Reich
13. Crushing the Third Reich
June 28, 2009
With the German Army again in full retreat, Patton and his men are ordered to break through the vaunted Siegfried Line and cross into Germany.
Blood & Guts
12. Blood & Guts
April 10, 2009
Patton and the U.S. Army embark on the road to Germany by invading North Africa in November 1942. Preview the first showdown between U.S. and German forces at Kasserine Pass in February 1943.
Baptism of Blood
10. Baptism of Blood
April 24, 2009
July 1943: Patton is given command of the Seventh Army as the Allies prepare to invade Sicily. Known as Operation Husky, the combined amphibious and airborne assault is the largest invasion of the war to date.
American Blitzkrieg
9. American Blitzkrieg
May 8, 2009
September 1943 - July 1944: Patton's victories in Sicily are overshadowed by the infamous "slapping incident." He is assigned to command a fictitious army in England as part of a ruse to fool the Germans.
Hell's Battlefield: Kursk
8. Hell's Battlefield: Kursk
June 11, 2003
In the summer of 1943, one of the greatest clashes of WWII took place on the Eastern Front. The Battle of Kursk was vast and intense as German and Russian armies engaged in a cycle of attacks that lasted 50 days.
7. Alamein
November 17, 2006
October 23rd, 1942. British and Allied troops face off against the feared German Afrika Korps. In one of the greatest deceptions of the war, photo recons help to fool the Germans into making a catastrophic mistake.
Ancient Tank Tech
6. Ancient Tank Tech
November 6, 2008
What exactly was the ancient weapon engineered to stop an onslaught of bullets, elephants, and cavalry? Watch as experts and archaeological digs reveal new evidence into this invention.
5. Tanks
September 30, 2003
Former Navy fighter pilot Hunter Ellis explores how tanks, satellites, and parachutes have been adapted into common usage in civilian life.
Lost Tanks of D-Day
4. Lost Tanks of D-Day
June 1, 2004
Intended as a secret weapon of the D-Day invasion, 28 out of 30 Duplex Drive modified tanks sunk before reaching store. John Chatterton and French diver Bertrand Sciboz travel to Normandy to find them.
Battle of the Bulge
3. Battle of the Bulge
February 2, 2007
On December 16, 1945, in the frozen forests of the Ardennes, a German assault force amassed in secrecy. But the blood-and-guts defense of a small Belgian town called Bastogne embodied the spirit of Allied defiance.
Tank Crews
2. Tank Crews
December 17, 2000
During World War II, German tanks had thicker armor and better guns. But what the U.S. tanks lacked in firepower and protection, the crews made up for with ingenuity.
First To Fight: The Black Tankers Of WWII
1. First To Fight: The Black Tankers Of WWII
February 19, 2006
Through the stories of a group of surviving veterans, examine the history of the first all-black tank unit to see combat: how they came to be, the racism they faced, and their courageous service in the European Theater.

From ancient tech to modern-day usages, uncover the pivotal role these armored warriors played throughout history.

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    February 19, 2006