Ice Cream Therapy

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Come in for dessert but leave with some therapy, when soul-healing ice cream makes everything right in the world - at least for a few licks.

Funny Or Die
1 Season, 8 Episodes
March 24, 2020
Cast: JP Sears, Gabbie Hanna

Ice Cream Therapy Full Episode Guide

  • Your relationship with your family might suck but at least your relationship with food will always stand strong

  • Just because it isn't healthy doesn't mean it isn't self-care

  • Ice cream can't fix this woman's flaws, but it can't hurt them either

  • Could this career student learn to grow up from a scoop of ice cream?

  • These Pregnancy Cravings Are Crazy (Ice Cream Therapy Episode 4)

  • This ice cream may make you realize your partner isn't as "sweet" as you thought they were

  • The only thing worse than an indecisive person is standing behind an indecisive person in line.

  • Why workout for an endorphin high when you can eat ice cream and get a sugar high?