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  • 2004
  • 1 Season
  • 7.0  (42)

Interpol Investigates is a thrilling crime documentary series produced by Kew Media Group that takes the audience on a wild ride across the globe, exploring some of the most complex and dangerous criminal cases that have been solved with the help of the International Criminal Police Organization, Interpol. The 2004 hit series is presented by an ensemble cast of investigative reporters, led by Mike Shapiro, Jim Cissell, and Jayce O'Neal, who take viewers behind the scenes of some of the most shocking global crimes and the tactics used to solve them.

Each episode of Interpol Investigates is an awe-inspiring masterpiece of investigative journalism, diving deep into some of the most difficult and perplexing criminal cases that have somehow eluded local law enforcement. From hostage situations and bank heists to drug trafficking and cybercrime, every case is a fascinating look into the inner workings of criminal organizations and the exhaustive work of Interpol agents in tracking them down.

The series' structure stands out as a highlight, with each episode following a similar formula that highlights the background of the criminal case, the methods used to track the perpetrators down, and the eventual arrest and extradition of the criminals. The archival footage, interviews with victims and detectives, and dramatizations of crucial events all serve to build the tension of each episode, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats until the final reveal of the culprit.

One of the key strengths of Interpol Investigates is its global perspective. The series takes us all around the world, from the bustling streets of Paris to the drug cartels of Colombia to the cybercriminal communities of Eastern Europe. In doing so, the show sheds light on just how intricate and far-reaching many criminal organizations are, and how international cooperation is often the key to bringing them to justice.

Moreover, the show's presentation is relatively straightforward, with a strong emphasis on storytelling and factual accuracy. The show's producers work alongside Interpol agents themselves, bringing viewers the most accurate representation of events that they could possibly produce. This method adds authenticity to the show and makes it a must-watch for anyone interested in how international law enforcement truly operates.

Another standout feature of the show comes from its host, who each provide a unique perspective on the criminal cases covered. Mike Shapiro, Jim Cissell, and Jayce O'Neal, are all seasoned investigative journalists who guide viewers through the stories and often interject their own thoughts and feelings. Furthermore, their expertise adds to the depth of each episode and helps simplify even the most complex of criminal cases for those unfamiliar with the legal jargon.

In conclusion, Interpol Investigates is a must-watch crime documentary that takes the audience around the world, revealing some of the most exciting and intriguing global criminal cases in history. Its expert storytelling, factual accuracy, and the host's experience in investigative journalism make it easy to follow along, and impossible to turn away from. Although released in 2004, the show still holds up today as an engaging watch that sheds light on the need for international cooperation in law enforcement.

Interpol Investigates is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on August 3, 2004.

Interpol Investigates
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13. 10/19/2004
October 26, 2004
Craig Pritchert and Nova Guthrieare are accused of robbing banks all across America. They flee to South Africa and it takes Interpol and several countries working together to capture these elusive criminals.
12. Betrayed
October 19, 2004
DEA agent Darnell Garcia conducted one of the biggest drug seizures in history. But, Garcia stole some the drugs and fled the county. Several months later, Interpol captures DEA Agent turned drug lord and brings him to justice.
Lethal Obsession
11. Lethal Obsession
October 12, 2004
Elizabeth meets Jens at college and she wants him to kill her parents. When Elizabeth's parents are found brutally murdered, they are the prime suspects. Interpol struggles to track the couple across Europe and bring about justice.
Terror In The Skies
10. Terror In The Skies
October 5, 2004
It's Thanksgiving weekend, November 23, 1985, and Athens Airport is packed. Despite the crowds, security is incredibly lax. A group of passengers have one thing in common; they are about to board Egypt Air Flight 648 destined to be hijacked by one of the most dangerous terrorist groups - Egypt's Revolution.
Fatal Compulsion
9. Fatal Compulsion
September 28, 2004
Ira Einhorn, a renowned New Age guru, killed his girlfriend in Philadelphia in the late 1970's and then vanished. Interpol tracked him to Ireland, England, Stockholm and France by Interpol until he was caught in 1997.
Stealing History
8. Stealing History
September 21, 2004
In 1991, an antiquities smuggler comes across a rare find in an ancient tomb outside of Cairo. Using his restoration skills he smuggles the piece out of Egypt into London, England. There, he and New York art dealer conspire to sell the piece as part of a fake art collection. They succeed, and thus begins a series of smugglings.
Deadly Traffic
7. Deadly Traffic
September 14, 2004
Juan Miguel Ponce Edmonson, head of Interpol in Mexico, tracked famous drug dealer Amado Carrillo Fuentes thru Mexico and Chile. Fuentes was known as "Lord of the Skies" and his Juarez Drug Cartel was the most powerful in Mexico in the 1990's. He took over the Cartel at his own wedding when he killed his uncle's cousin, who was then the leader.
Rising Sun
6. Rising Sun
September 7, 2004
In the mid 1980's, art theft is at an all-time high. Mireille Ballestrazzi is in charge of the Art Theft Squad of the French National Police. Her efforts to track down thieves who took five paintings by Jean Baptiste Camille Carot lead her into collaboration with Interpol.
The Missing Link
5. The Missing Link
August 31, 2004
A small automotive repair shop explodes in the early morning hours in Managua, Nicaragua, killing two people and shattering a peaceful neighborhood. Under the shop's rubble, police discover a bunker filled with weapons, names of terrorist organizations and files on potential kidnap victims including Latin America's wealthiest and influential family.
One Way Ticket
4. One Way Ticket
August 24, 2004
A boat carrying over 300 illegal Chinese immigrants runs aground in New York Harbor. People jump over-board into the icy water, trying to reach America's shore. Several die, others are taken into custody by INS officials and NYPD. The case leads investigators to the gangs of Chinatown...and on a seven-year hunt to find the leaders of the human smuggling operation, known as "snakeheads."
Tracks of a Stalker
3. Tracks of a Stalker
August 17, 2004
This is the case of Sid Ahmed Rezala, known as the Killer of the Trains. A murderer spreads terror throughout Europe, as he randomly begins killing women on the trains in France. British, French and Portuguese police work with Interpol to find the Algerian killer, who uses his keen knowledge of train travel to elude authorities.
Body Double
2. Body Double
August 10, 2004
The Albert Walker case: after stealing millions from his trusting clients and colleagues, Walker flees Canada, taking his teen-aged daughter with him. It takes Interpol, British and Canadian police years to unravel a series of intricate crimes that ultimately leads to murder in a small seaside English village.
The Serpent
1. The Serpent
August 3, 2004
This is the case of Charles Sobhraj, a serial killer who preys on na
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  • Premiere Date
    August 3, 2004
  • IMDB Rating
    7.0  (42)