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  • 1998
  • 1 Season

St. Bear's Doll's Hospital is a beloved children's show that follows the adventures of a group of toy animals who live in a magical doll's hospital. The show is produced by Kew Media Group and features the voice talents of Sheila Clark and Tim Gosley. The show is set in the beautiful and idyllic town of St. Bear's, where the toy animals live and play together. The hospital is the place where all the toys go when they need to be fixed or repaired. The hospital is run by the friendly and wise Dr. Max, who always knows just what to do to make the toys better.

The toys at St. Bear's Doll's Hospital are a diverse bunch, with each toy having its own unique personality. There's Rosie the rag doll, who is always full of energy and loves to dance. There's Snuffy the teddy bear, who is brave and loyal, and always ready to protect his friends. And there's Timmy the monkey, who is mischievous and loves to play pranks on the other toys.

Each episode of the show sees the toys facing a new challenge or problem, and it's up to Dr. Max to come up with a solution. Sometimes the toys need to be fixed, sometimes they need to be cheered up, and sometimes they just need a good hug. Whatever the problem, Dr. Max is always there to make things right.

The show is full of heartwarming moments and teaches important lessons about friendship, kindness, and compassion. The toys at St. Bear's Doll's Hospital may be made of stuffing and fabric, but they have just as much heart and soul as real animals.

The animation style of St. Bear's Doll's Hospital is charming and delightful, with bright colors and playful designs. The show's music is also a standout feature, with catchy tunes that kids will love to dance and sing along to.

In addition to the main episodes of the show, there are also several spin-off series that explore different parts of the St. Bear's world. These spin-offs include St. Bear's School, which follows the toy animals as they attend school together, and St. Bear's Shopping Mall, which sees the toys going on exciting shopping adventures.

Overall, St. Bear's Doll's Hospital is a heartwarming and delightful children's show that is sure to captivate young audiences. With its lovable characters, charming animation, and important life lessons, it's a show that both kids and parents will enjoy watching together.

St. Bear's Doll's Hospital is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on January 3, 1998.

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Baby Love
52. Baby Love
December 26, 1998
The Chief of Police has asked the staff at St. Bear's to take care of a baby doll until her owners are found.
The Wrong Patient
51. The Wrong Patient
December 26, 1998
The staff think they have lost Professor Teddy but in fact he was under their noses all day.
The Unscary Scarecrow
50. The Unscary Scarecrow
December 19, 1998
A scarecrow isn't very good at scaring crows as he often falls asleep. The staff discover that by making the Scarecrow snore, they can keep him awake as soon as he starts to fall asleep.
The Medical Student
49. The Medical Student
December 12, 1998
A medical student arrives at the hospital and thinks he knows better than Professor Teddy. At the end of the day he discovers he still has a lot to learn.
48. Teamwork
December 5, 1998
The staff learn to be a team.
The Crying Teddies
47. The Crying Teddies
November 28, 1998
Professor Teddy takes care of the hospital while the rest of the staff go on an excursion.
The Rabbit Afraid of the Dark
46. The Rabbit Afraid of the Dark
November 21, 1998
The staff at St. Bear's help a rabbit overcome his fear of the dark by asking him to save a little teddy. He succeeds.
The Singing Robot
45. The Singing Robot
November 14, 1998
Nurse Penny records her beautiful voice for a singing robot to use.
The Toothfairy
44. The Toothfairy
November 7, 1998
A tooth fairy is given some wings, which allow her to fly away.
The Robbery
43. The Robbery
October 31, 1998
The staff at St. Bear's play a robbery game, which frightens a lion staying in the ward. The lion is embarrassed because he got so frightened of the robbers. He leaves the hospital the next day.
Snorer's Farewell
42. Snorer's Farewell
October 24, 1998
The staff at St. Bear's manage to convince Snorer to stay with them and not leave.
A Clear Picture for a Mole
41. A Clear Picture for a Mole
October 17, 1998
A mole would like staff at St. Bear's to improve his eyesight. The staff get to work.
Professor Teddy's Birthday Party
40. Professor Teddy's Birthday Party
October 10, 1998
The staff at St. Bear's celebrate Professor Teddy's birthday and Pins and Needles make him a surprise birthday cake.
The Laughing Hyena
39. The Laughing Hyena
October 3, 1998
A laughing hyena entertains the staff at St. Bear's.
The Rocking Horse Racer
38. The Rocking Horse Racer
September 26, 1998
A little boy who owns a rocking hose, no longer plays with him. The staff at St. Bear's transform the rocking horse so his rider can be a Knight in Shining Armour. Hopefully the little boy will play with the horse now.
The Lonely Dinosaur
37. The Lonely Dinosaur
September 19, 1998
A dinosaur feels very lonely as some children told him dinosaurs are extinct, which means he is all alone. A new toy dinosaur is hatched. No one is lonely anymore.
TE Phones Home
36. TE Phones Home
September 12, 1998
An alien arrives at St. Bear's and is sad as he has lost his "Blankey", the blanket he uses to comforts him. Luckily he finds "Blankey" and his space ship gets fixed. It is good day.
A Big Lesson for Nurse Penny
35. A Big Lesson for Nurse Penny
September 5, 1998
Nurse Penny is sad when other staff get irritated with her for sometimes making mistakes. The good news is she feels happy again when the other staff tell her how much they love her.
The Shy Cuckoo Clock
34. The Shy Cuckoo Clock
August 22, 1998
A toy Cuckoo clock is broken, but the staff manage to get the clock working again.
The Candy Doll
33. The Candy Doll
August 15, 1998
It's "Get Fit and Healthy" week at St. Bear's. However, A Candy Doll causes trouble by giving out too much candy to the staff.
Bob's Big Test
32. Bob's Big Test
August 8, 1998
Bob passes a test by facing his fear of dark and dusty places. He does this by rescuing a small puppy from under Snorer's bed.
St. Bear's Open Day
31. St. Bear's Open Day
August 1, 1998
Professor Teddy performs magic tricks and Bob tells jokes at St. Bear's Open Day.
The Slippery Slippers
30. The Slippery Slippers
July 25, 1998
Slippers 'Leftie' and 'Rightie' get fluffed up again in the hospital, before returning to the little boy who owns them.
A Skeleton in the Cupboard
29. A Skeleton in the Cupboard
July 18, 1998
Nurse Penny finds a skeleton in the cupboard. They hide the skeleton so it won't be found by the Hospital Inspector who is visiting. However, it turns out the Hospital Inspector approves of the skeleton and thinks it's useful for hospitals to have skeletons so doctors can learn about bones.
The Dragon Who Couldn't Fly
28. The Dragon Who Couldn't Fly
July 11, 1998
The staff at St. Bear's teach a toy dragon how to fly again.
The Inside Picnic
27. The Inside Picnic
July 4, 1998
It is a rainy day so the staff at St. Bear's entertain themselves by having an indoor picnic and playing games.
The Tango Dancers
26. The Tango Dancers
June 27, 1998
Professor Teddy stitches a tango dancer's toe back together and St. Bear's has a tango dancing competition. Evita, the tango dancer, dances with Bob and they win the competition!
The Case of the Missing Ring
25. The Case of the Missing Ring
June 20, 1998
Miss. Chamomile has lost her special diamond ring, but after hunting it is found again.
The Lowdown Snake
24. The Lowdown Snake
June 13, 1998
Cyril, a toy snake, would like to walk instead of slide around. The staff at St.Bear's get to work and give him some legs.
A Toothache for Sharky
23. A Toothache for Sharky
June 6, 1998
A shark with a toothache is fitted with a brand new tooth.
The Circus Comes to Town
22. The Circus Comes to Town
May 30, 1998
The staff at St.Bear's rescue a circus. Gina, the acrobat, is given a toy horse to perform her riding tricks on and Hercules is given some weights, so he can perfom his Strong Man act.
Toy Hospital of the Year
21. Toy Hospital of the Year
May 23, 1998
St. Bear's Hospital is declared "Toy Hospital of the Year" by a visiting Lion. The staff celebrate.
The Dancing Dutch Doll
20. The Dancing Dutch Doll
May 16, 1998
A Dutch Doll needs new clogs so she can dance again. The staff at St. Bear's make new clogs for her and after a bit of music she is dancing again!
The Frog Prince
19. The Frog Prince
May 9, 1998
Bob finds his old rollerblades and a frog prince arrives at St. Bear's.
Professor Teddy's Magic Show
18. Professor Teddy's Magic Show
May 2, 1998
The staff at St. Bear's have forgotten Jack's birthday again. In haste, they throw him a surprise birthday party and Professor Teddy performs a magic show.
The All-Action Music Man
17. The All-Action Music Man
April 25, 1998
An All-Action Music Man is upset as people are scared of him. He does look quite frightening in appearance. The staff at St. Bear's give him new arms and a violin to play. He no longer appears as frightening.
A New Look for Dolly
16. A New Look for Dolly
April 18, 1998
Dolly arrives at the hospital looking a bit messy. The staff at St. Bear's transform her into a beautiful doll again.
Major Tom
15. Major Tom
April 11, 1998
A famous toy spaceman arrives at St. Bears. He is scared of heights, so tells the staff he can't to go on his next mission to the moon. Bob is going to go into space instead, but fortunately the toy spaceman makes a full recovery and even manages to takes a giant practice leap in the hospital!
Spotty St. Bear's
14. Spotty St. Bear's
April 4, 1998
Vanessa the fox, a reporter would like to know why a toy dog is covered in spots. The staff at St. Bear's eventually find out why. It is a dalmatian!
Frog in a Box
13. Frog in a Box
March 28, 1998
A little frog can no longer jump and arrives at the hospital. Pins and Needles use a spring to cure the little frog, so he can jump again.
The Two Miss Chamomiles
12. The Two Miss Chamomiles
March 21, 1998
Miss. Chamomile's sister comes to visit Miss. Chamomile at St. Bear's. Miss. Chamomile told the other staff her sister was quite different to her, but in fact it turns out they are identical twins!
The Repeating Parrot
11. The Repeating Parrot
March 14, 1998
The staff learn to be careful with what they say in front of a broken parrot, who trys to repeat everything they say.
Katarina Ballerina
10. Katarina Ballerina
March 7, 1998
Katarina Ballerina has forgotten how to dance. The staff at St. Bear's help her remember how to dance again.
Crocodile Tears
9. Crocodile Tears
February 28, 1998
Professor Teddy diagnoses a crocodile with a condition called 'hissitis'. The staff at St. Bear's use stickers to cure him. The stickers stops the crocodile deflating when he hisses.
The St. Bear's Races
8. The St. Bear's Races
February 21, 1998
A very slow tortoise would like to have his legs removed and replaced with wheels. The staff at St. Bear's get to work the tortoise win his first race!
St. Bear's TV Special
7. St. Bear's TV Special
February 14, 1998
A TV presenter fox loses her voice, but luckily she manages to get it back thanks to the loving care of the staff at St. Bear's Hospital. The staff also end up appearing on the presenter fox's TV special too!
The Toybox Disaster
6. The Toybox Disaster
February 7, 1998
A selection of toys from a toybox get caught in the rain, whilst out having a picnic. The staff at St. Bear's manage to get them nice and dry by using towels and a heater.
The Little Toy Soldier
5. The Little Toy Soldier
January 31, 1998
A toy soldier has a tricky problem. He cannot move his legs. The staff at St. Bear's try pulling his legs hard to get them working again, but then finally realise he just needs winding up with a key!
The Easter Bunny
4. The Easter Bunny
January 24, 1998
The staff at St.Bear's cure a very bored Easter bunny by teaching him how to play hide-and-seek.
The Toy Train Express
3. The Toy Train Express
January 17, 1998
A toy train arrives at the hospital. His owner has rejected him as he now prefers real trains. The toy train would like some wheels and a whistle. The staff at St. Bear's set to work and Bob's skateboard comes in useful!
The Forgetful Elephant
2. The Forgetful Elephant
January 10, 1998
An elephant comes bouncing into St. Bear's hospital, but unfortunately he can't remember what type of animal he is. The staff at St. Bear's set out on trying to help him remember who he is, an elephant!
A Stormy Night
1. A Stormy Night
January 3, 1998
The staff at St. Bear's hospital are busy repairing a sick spider toy, A powercut scares some of the patients and Bob falls into laundry and is mistaken for a ghost.
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    January 3, 1998