Kevin Spencer

Featuring a cast of interestingly unstable characters, Kevin Spencer delivers its own brand of dark humor to audiences. The title character, Kevin, is a teenager who suffers from mental illness and is described as unable to show emotion. This lack of emotion is made evident with his tendency toward remaining silent, as well as his indifference towards his parents.

Kevin is often visited by what can either be described as a hallucination or his imaginary friend, Allan the Goose. When Allan shows up, things often go awry. The goose suggests ideas to Kevin that usually result in trouble for the boy but Kevin remains unaffected and even welcomes the negative consequences.

Anastasia and Percy are Kevin

The Comedy Network
8 Seasons, 113 Episodes
October 31, 1988
Adult Cartoon, Comedy
Cast: Greg Lawrence, Thomasin Langlands, Mike Wetmore, Dave Bigelow
Kevin Spencer

Kevin Spencer Full Episode Guide

  • Mom strokes out in a bar and dies, Percy slowly succumbs to necrotising fasciitis and Marty fails at suicide but dies anyway.

  • After stealing their neighbor's mail the Spencers stumble across an invitation to a high society black-tie and gown affair.

  • After getting caught practicing self-pleasure in a thug's house, Percy takes his family and flees to a ghost town to wait for the heat to die down.

  • Percy wins a contest to be a judge on the latest heap of reality TV bile, "The International Idolatry Talent Impersonating Contest of Mimicry."

  • Due to equal doses of self-abuse, brutal assaults and plain stupidity all of the Spencers end up with head injuries and live like savages in a park.

  • Percy and Kevin hatch a get-rich-quick scheme to jump in front of passing cars at a crosswalk and then sue for insurance money.

  • Kevin and Percy steal a Bentley and become professional Demolition Derby drivers. Anastasia refuses to answer a phone that won't stop ringing.

  • Kevin wins a contest with a music video station and gets to spend the day with the band Treble Charger and their friends SUM 41.

  • Percy comse face-to-face with his long lost brother who may be Kevin's real father.

  • The most annoying half-hour of television ever conceived, specifically designed to challenge viewers to make it through the whole episode without changing the channel.

  • Kevin and Allen the magic Goose take a spiritual journey of great importance after stealing the old man's wallet and car.

  • Percy just misses getting to the beer store in time before it closes, driving the Spencers to despair. Kevin assumes leadership of a wannabe gang.

  • The Spencers get caught in the middle of a bank robbery but won't part with their money because they need it to get hammered.

  • Percy resurrects his great-great grandfather's blackface vaudeville act and runs afoul of Afroman, the neighborhood adult film actor.

  • Kevin is placed under house arrest for breaking curfew. Anastasia organizes a family board game night.

  • Helping Kevin build explosives, Percy blows a ski pole through the boy's body and the family heads to the hospital by bus.

  • The Spencers get a free big-screen TV as an out-of-court settlement after Percy gets his groin chewed up in a paper shredder.

  • Percy is confronted by an illegitimate child from his past who's hunted him down. Kevin continues his research into banned liquors.

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