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  • 2014

The Kids' Choice Sports Awards is a yearly event presented by Nickelodeon that showcases the biggest sports stars and moments of the year. The show caters to the younger generation and celebrates the accomplishments of their favorite athletes. The Kids' Choice Sports Awards has become one of the most significant events in sports, and it is attended by athletes from all over the world.

The event is typically held in the summer, and the setting is usually a jam-packed arena filled with screaming fans. The Kids' Choice Sports Awards is hosted by a celebrity, sometimes an athlete, who guides the audience through the exciting event. The theme of the show is bright and colorful, with shades of orange, green, and blue, which represent Nickelodeon's signature colors.

The show starts with the opening ceremony, which features the host's introduction and a musical or dance performance. Then the fun begins, and the audience is ready to witness all the slime, stunts, and awards that are about to unfold.

The Kids' Choice Sports Awards covers a vast array of sports, from basketball to soccer, boxing to gymnastics, and many other sports that kids are interested in. The show features various categories such as "Best Male Athlete," "Best Female Athlete," "Best Team," "King Of Swag," "Queen Of Swag," "Sickest Moves," "Biggest Cannon," and many more.

The awards are voted on by children, and the show encourages viewers to cast their votes online. The nominees are often chosen based on their popularity, achievements, and personality. The winners are then announced on the night of the show, and the athletes receive their awards and accolades.

One of the highlights of the show is the "Slime Time" segment, which involves athletes and celebrities getting slimed. The sliming is an essential part of the show, and it adds an amusing touch to the event. The athletes and celebrities take it in good spirits as the gooey slime covers them from head to toe.

Another memorable part of the show is the "Acrobatic Stunt Performance" segment, which showcases some spectacular acrobatic feats. This segment usually features some of the best gymnasts and circus performers who are known for their breathtaking stunts.

The Kids' Choice Sports Awards also often features memorable musical performances from some of the hottest artists in the industry. These performances usually rev up the audience and add some excitement to the proceedings.

The show usually ends with the "Legend Award," which recognizes an athlete who has made a significant contribution to their sport. The Legend Award winner delivers a touching acceptance speech, which often inspires and motivates the audience.

The Kids' Choice Sports Awards is a fun-filled event that celebrates sports and the accomplishments of the athletes who dedicate their lives to it. The show captures the attention of the younger generation and brings sports into their world.

In conclusion, the Kids' Choice Sports Awards is an exciting event that highlights sports and the magnificent achievements of the athletes who have made their mark in the industry. It is a show that is not to be missed, and it is a must-watch for any sports enthusiast.

Kids' Choice Sports Awards
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Kids’ Choice Sports Awards 2018
1. Kids’ Choice Sports Awards 2018
July 21, 2018
Nickelodeon's 5th Annual Kids' Choice Sports Awards was held at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California on July 19, 2018, and was broadcast one day later on July 20 (originally scheduled to be broadcast on July 21, but was moved ahead by one day). Houston Rockets’ point guard and former NBA All-Star MVP, Chris Paul hosted the show.
  • Premiere Date
    July 17, 2014