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The problems that arise daily for couples have never been more complex. Juggling the demands of work, children, money, and family leaves little time to spend nurturing an intimate relationship. Faster than ever, relationships are falling apart. In each episode of Last Chance for Romance we meet a couple in crisis that are given one last chance to save their relationship.

Last Chance For Romance is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on February 11, 2008.

Where do I stream Last Chance For Romance online? Last Chance For Romance is available for streaming on Syndicado, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Last Chance For Romance on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Tubi TV online.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
February 11, 2008
Cast: Cheryl Hickey, Joe Rich
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Last Chance For Romance Full Episode Guide

  • Rob fell out of love, left after a fight, and avoids questions. Charleen is still in love and 7 months pregnant and needs some answers. Can Rob fall back in love with Charleen for their children?

  • Justin wants financial security before marriage and he needs time. Sarah wants marriage wants children and is running out of time. In what order does a marriage, career, and happiness come in? Will Justin and Sarah figure out how to make it work?

  • Aaron is reluctant to talk, wants kids, but isn't sure about marriage. Melissa is eager to talk wants marriage but isn't sure about kids. Will Aaron and Melissa determine their future to be together, or apart?

  • Laura fights about anything and worries about everything. Joe is a passionate person who fights constantly but loves to make up. Laura and Joe admit to fighting a lot but is it all a cover for their worries?

  • Paul is carefree and needs to be spontaneous. Arleigh worries about the future and needs to have a plan. Can these two learn to compromise on their future?

  • Hayley is sarcastic and persistent, especially during a fight. Adrian is sensitive and reclusive, especially after a fight. Can Hayley and Adrian figure out how to avoid fighting and commit to positively to their relationship?

  • Lorne is constantly distracted and lacks the focus to give Leanne a better relationship. Leanne likes to be active and needs Lorne to change. Can Lorne and Leanne find out how to pay better attention to each other?

  • Stephen is impatient and can say hurtful things especially if he's drunk. Larissa tends to blow things out of proportion when she feels overwhelmed and anxious. Can Stephen and Larissa learn to overcome their challenges so they can live together?

  • Lisa, a mom/stepmom to 4 kids, loves routine but often worries about the children. Troy, a dad/stepdad, is devoted to his family but misses the fun of dating Lisa.

  • Jen feels ignored, wants respect, and hates arguing but does it a lot. Mike feels like he can't win, needs respect, and wants to be appreciated for trying. Can being in a rush tear a relationship apart?

  • George works hard but drinks too much and feels alone. Francie is emotionally frozen and loves George but feels frustrated and alone. Can these two sae their 23 year old marriage?

  • Tina needs attention and likes to talk but has difficulty listening. Arinze needs space and likes to be creative, but doesn't feel appreciated. Can opposites attract?