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Laura Mckenzie's Traveler is a travelogue that features exotic places around the world. Laura Mckenzie's Traveler will take visits the countries of Asia, Eastern and Western Europe as well as many of the colorful and exciting cities in the United States. With wit and enthusiasm, Laura Mckenzie engages, educates and entertains.

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6 Seasons, 119 Episodes
January 1, 2003
Documentary & Biography, Travel
Cast: Laura McKenzie
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Laura Mckenzie's Traveler Full Episode Guide

  • On this Episode of Laura Mckenzie's Traveler we're off to discover one of the most adventurous states in the west. Nelson, Nevada is a historical town right in El Dorado Canyon. The western state of Nevada is as exciting as it is beautiful, boasting the best of both worlds in top name entertainment and family adventures. We'll explore the historic mining town of Nelson.

  • On this Episode of Laura Mckenzie's Traveler we're off to discover one of the most spectacular areas in Germany! Bavaria has amazing natural beauty and an incredible history. We sail on Lake Tegernsee in Bavaria. We'll explore the forests and the festivals and make some surprising discoveries. Then we'll discover the best in German culture and tradition. Love that accordion. Before diving in

  • On this Episode of Laura Mckenzie's Traveler we're off to discover fantastic tropical getaways close to home! I'm in an island chain known for its gorgeous water and beautiful deserted white sand beaches. We'll explore the capital of the Bahamas and make some surprising discoveries! Then we'll get a bird's eye view of some amazing beaches! Then dive into a famous Key West kitchen.

  • On this Episode of Laura Mckenzie's Traveler we're off to discover one of the most exciting countries in Africa. Welcome to Kenya. We'll explore the capital city of Nairobi and make some surprising discoveries. Then we'll go on safari in Tsavo West National Park and visit a native Maasai village. Don't miss it. This week, on safari in Kenya.

  • On this Episode of Laura Mckenzie's Traveler we're off to discover one of the wildest areas in the American west, the world's tallest zip-line and we'll explore the historic lone star state. Then we'll take adventure to the extreme in the Sonoran desert and experience the history of Colorado. This week I'm going to show you some of the adventures you can have in the Old West.

  • On this Episode of Laura Mckenzie's Traveler we're off to discover one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world! Florida is a natural hot spot for golfers, beach lovers, thrill seekers, and amusement park enthusiasts of all ages. We'll explore the everglades and hang with Jackie the gator near Orlando. Then we'll discover some unusual Orlando adventures and hit the beaches.

  • On this Episode of Laura Mckenzie's Traveler we're off to discover one of the most majestic mountain states in America and go fly-fishing in Colorado. We'll explore the famous mile-high city and make some surprising discoveries! Then we'll explore the great outdoors and fly high in Colorado Springs. Colorado is booming for visitors looking for adventure.

  • On this Episode of Laura Mckenzie's Traveler we're off to discover a tiny tropical getaway in the heat of the Bahamas. We are going to explore Harbour Island, just off north Eleuthera. We will also visit the famous Rock House. Then brave the Devil's Backbone to Spanish wells. This week from Harbour Island in the Bahamas.

  • On this Episode of Laura Mckenzie's Traveler we're off to discover the dynamic kingdom of Spain! The Kingdom of Spain is synonymous with passion where you can enjoy the art of flamenco dancing, dynamic architecture, late night local culture, incredible food, and amazing landscapes! Welcome to Catalonia! We'll go exploring in Spain's capital city, Madrid and visit the Plaza Mayor.

  • On this Episode of Laura Mckenzie's Traveler we're off to experience the Mile-High City! We'll explore the exciting city of Denver. They should call this Free Denver because there are so many things you can do here! We'll also take an epic tour on two wheels and make some surprising discoveries! Then we'll gear up for a wild ride on the whitecaps of Clear Creek.

  • On this Episode of Laura Mckenzie's Traveler we're off to discover a tropical paradise that's full of surprises! Me and iguanas in the Bahamas! We'll explore islands and cays! The playground of the gorgeous Exumas. The main form of transportation here, the golf cart! We'll also do some island hopping and dine out with the natives. Then we'll investigate the fascinating world below the surface.

  • On this Episode of Laura Mckenzie's Traveler we're off to discover the Spanish City of Barcelona! We'll adventure into the heart of Old Town. Take a sec to peek into some of the little side streets, and discover the crazy designs of Antoni Gaudi! His trademark fairytale curvy architecture is unbelievable! Then speaking of crazy, I found a new way to explore, driving Go-Cars in Barcelona!

  • On this Episode of Laura Mckenzie's Traveler we're off on an African Safari in Kenya! We'll explore one of Kenya's greatest wildlife reserves. And you won't believe how close you can get and we make some surprising discoveries! Then, we'll track through the wild. The Massai people are artists. The women do magnificent bead work! Don't miss it! This week from Massai Mara, Kenya.

  • On this Episode of Laura Mckenzie's Traveler we're off to discover Spain's capital city of Madrid. The sights are amazing and we'll go exploring in the historic center of town. This is the Plaza Mayor and we'll also live it up with the locals. Then, we'll make some unusual discoveries. There's a tradition here in Puerta Del Sol on New Year's Eve. We'll take you on an all access tour.

  • On this Episode of Laura Mckenzie's Traveler we're off discover the perfect family vacation destination. This state has all the outdoor activities. We'll fly high over a legendary natural wonder and we'll take a zip of Manitou Springs. Now they say that each one of these springs has a different flavor. Then, we'll play cowgirl in the Garden of the Gods! Yee-haw!

  • Discover a tropical paradise in the Caribbean Sea! We'll explore the busy interior of St. Thomas and Charlotte Amalie. We'll also take a private chartered yacht out to sea. Then we'll journey to the rum-loving island of Puerto Rico. And take an exclusive aerial tour for a bird's eye view. The Virgin Islands and Puerto lie just south of Cuba in the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean Sea

  • Discover one of the most adventurous cities I the American Southwest. We'll explore the best of the Southwest, from the cliffs to the mines. Witness what life was like in the wild old west. This is Arizona! Nestled just north of the Mexican border between New Mexico and California, Arizona is a four corners state in the American Southwest

  • Discover some of the most beautiful islands in the Bahamas. We'll explore one of the most amazing resorts in the world! All the islands of the Bahamas are unique ...and all share incredible natural beauty... and a warm tropical climate. Here, you could visit a different island every day for two years- and that's what makes it a favorite destination for boaters!

  • Discover one of the oldest cities in Europe! Lisbon is an amazing port city sitting at the mouth of the Tagus River on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal the oldest and the most western country on the mainland of Europe. A city conquered for christianity in 1147 by Afonso Henriques, Portugal's first king.

  • We're off! To discover one of the most historical places in the American Southwest. Get geared up for adventure and walk in the footsteps of history! Tucson, Arizona! Located in the middle of the Sonoran desert, and surrounded by towering mountains... the largest city in southern Arizona...lying just north of the Mexican border

  • We're off to discover some of the most heavenly islands on earth. We'll explore the native wildlife, large and small, and make some surprising discoveries in Key West! Locals call this paradise on earth, and all the visitors seem to agree, because once you arrive in Key West, you never want to leave

  • Santa Catalina Island, or Catalina for short, is the perfect getaway in southern California. Just off the coast of Los Angeles, most people head straight for the harbor town of Avalon, known for its cute little shops, restaurants & hotels on the water. Being so close to Hollywood, movie and TV producers have used Catalina over and over for film & TV locations.

  • We're off! To discover an amazing family destination! We're gonna explore the "other side" of Orlando Florida! Orlando one of America's most popular cities....Where millions of families come for the vacation of a lifetime! Mostly known for Disneyworld and Universal Studios, there's a lot more to Orlando than you think

  • We're off! To discover one of the most famous beach cities in the world! We'll explore the beautiful waters of Biscayne Bay. And hit upon some famous recipes... This is Miami! There it is, one of the most glamorous cities in America, Miami. You're about to see Miami from a whole new perspective. Famous from countless tv shows and movies, Miami, is as glamorous in person as it is on screen.

  • We're off! To discover One of the most beautiful and adventurous destinations in southern California! Here in southern California, San Diego is one of the most beautiful and laid back beach cities on the west coast. With over 70 miles of beaches and beautiful weather year round, it's known for surfing, swimming, sunbathing and sightseeing

  • Welcome to the Big Apple - New York City! Theatres, nightlife, restaurants, never a dull moment, this city definitely has it all. New York City. One of the most exciting cities on the planet! From Central Park to Times Square and Broadway, down here to the South Street Seaport, there was so much to do. So, if you're ready, we are gonna to take Manhattan by storm. New York City.

  • Welcome to Romania one of the most fascinating countries in Eastern Europe and its kind of hard to believe that it's less than 20 years out of communist rule. But its the pre-communist history of medieval villages and fairy-tale castles that's the big draw today. For example, Peles castle located about halfway between the capitol of Bucharest you will find Transylvania, home of Dracula's castle

  • Can you imagine a vacation that's so incredible, it's what most people only dream about? Now...close your eyes and imagine an island virtually unchanged for the past 200 cars, no trucks, no busses, no high rise buildings. Imagine yourself basking in the sun, taking in the sites or people watching at a seaside cafĂ© with an all-day coffee or ouzo!

  • We're off to find a slice of paradise as I search for the very best in world class luxury resorts. First stop, the incredible Gleneagles of Scotland. Home to an incredible variety of exciting outdoor activities. From archery to falconry, you'll be amazed at how much there is to do here

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