Mi Vida en Sayulita

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Mi Vida en Sayulita: Centered around a group of teenagers living it up in tropical paradise during the summer break, the series documents how the free spirit of the coastal village of Sayulita on the Nayarit peninsula north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, captivates these seven young souls, forever altering their perspective, philosophy and outlook of life.

1 Season, 17 Episodes
July 11, 2014
Latino, Reality
Mi Vida en Sayulita

Mi Vida en Sayulita Full Episode Guide

  • The kids at Sayulita start class. Esteban arrives at the airport with a rose to bid Camila farewell, but is too late.

  • Everyone is nervous about the new school year. Camila and Esteban talk but his feeling are hurt. Ines tries to help Camila by going to see Esteban, who tells her it€™s all Camila's fault for always lying.

  • Camila€™s father tells her she must move to France. She wants to tell Esteban but is afraid. At the last party of the summer Aranza asks Camila in front of Esteban is she€™s happy to leave for France. Esteban confused and upset eaves the party in a rage.

  • Things are well between Camila & Estebi. Ines is having the summer of her life, Aranza isnì°½t very happy about it. Estebi tries to help Jorman with his demo recording but ends up stealing the show with the producer and makes Jorman somewhat insecure.

  • Ines and Kris, Aranza's new conquest, go out for a bit. When he returns, Aranza is enraged, and feels she is longer queen of the party.

  • Group dynamics is a nightmare. Andrea is jealous of Ana and Aranza spending time together. Aranza gives Ana her favorite wristband. They have a pool party. Camila get mad when Ana flirts with Esteban and leaves. Jorman with Esteban over the record demo.

  • Ana, Aranza€™s evil twin arrives in Sayulita. Andrea and Aranza have a fight. Courtney organizes a Tiki Beach Party. Mikele and Jorman fight over stage time. Ana throws a cake at Ines€™ face and disrupts Courtney€™s speech. Camila defends Ines and leaves.

  • The Mayan Trip is a surprise to all. Esteban and Aranza fight when she kisses a tourist named Kris. Camila supports Esteban and they get back together. She starts selling pastries. Andrea writes an article. Jorman manages a social media campaign.

  • Camila€™s old boyfriend shows up out of nowhere. Jorman is sad about losing his audition. So he goes fishing with Esteban.

  • Jorman has an audition and Mikele is jealous. The two sisters antagonize Camila. Courtney starts dating Taylor but then he dumps her.

  • Camila€™s old boyfriend shows up. Jorman is sad about losing his audition. He goes fishing with Esteban who invited Camila, who wasn€™t invited to Aranza€™s slumber party.

  • Estebi and Mikele talk of Camila and her dreams. Camila is still at her job and her attitude has improved. Andrea tells Camila she is in love with Mikele. Camila promises she will never be with Mikele, she would never do that to her best friend.

  • Camila is late on her first day at work and her boss has her clean the restrooms as punishment. Jorman still obsessed with Courtney won€™t stop sending her messages. Aranza and Jorman agree on cutting down their text messaging to Courtney and Esteban.

  • Camila crashes Aranza's party. Aranza breaks her promise to Andrea and reveals a secret. Jorman and Courtney end up fighting during Mikele's DJing debut.

  • Camila arrives in Sayulita. She realizes that life isn’t perfect and reality sets in harshly. She meets Esteban her ex-boyfriend who is dating Aranza. Andrea has feelings for Mikele who has feelings for Camila. Jorman is obsessed with Courtney.

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