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  • TV-PG
  • 2012
  • 1 Season
  • 8.2  (17,811)

Miss XV is a teen telenovela that aired from 2012 to 2015. The show was created by Pedro Armando Rodriguez and produced by the Mexican television network, Televisa. The series focuses on two teenage girls, Valentina and Natalia, who are best friends and have grown up together. The girls are now turning fifteen, which in Latin American tradition signifies the transition from childhood to womanhood. Latin American tradition also celebrates this by having quinceañeras and in the show, the girls are preparing for their quinceañeras, complete with poofy dresses, choreographed dances, and a huge celebration with their family and friends.

Valentina is sweet, kind, and artistic. She dreams of becoming a fashion designer one day but is scared to tell her father, who wants her to follow in his footsteps and become a lawyer. Natalia, on the other hand, is confident, outgoing, and loves to dance. She dreams of being a professional dancer but has to balance her passion with her family’s demands for her to excel academically.

As they celebrate this pivotal moment in their lives, the girls encounter love interests, including the popular and handsome Niko. Despite being from different worlds, Niko is attracted to Valentina’s artistic and kind nature, and he manages to win her heart. Natalia, on the other hand, meets Alex, a talented musician who is the total opposite of her. While Natalia is outgoing and confident, Alex is shy and introverted. But as they teach each other about their worlds, they find themselves falling for each other.

The show has all the makings of a classic telenovela, including the dramatic scenes, the love triangles, and the quest for self-discovery. There are several side plots that add to the overall drama, including Valentina’s father’s rekindled romance with his ex-wife, the girls’ friendship being tested by jealousy, and Natalia’s brother’s gambling problem that puts their family in danger.

The show is also notable for its portrayal of the importance of friendship. Despite being pursued by the same boy at one point, the girls’ bond does not falter. They are there for each other in times of joy and strife, and their unwavering support for each other is one of the show's core messages.

Another significant aspect of the show is the cultural aspect of quinceañeras. The tradition is not only celebrated in Latin America but also in parts of the United States with significant Hispanic populations. The show’s portrayal of quinceañeras adds authenticity to the story, and the audience gets a glimpse of the cultural significance of this event.

The show also tackles more serious issues such as bullying, domestic violence, and gambling addiction. While the show remains focused on the girls’ coming of age and romantic entanglements, the serious themes are woven into the storyline in a way that highlights the importance of seeking help and support in times of need.

Miss XV had an impressive cast, including Paulina Goto as Valentina and Natasha Dupeyron as Natalia. Also, Niko was played by Eleazar Gomez while Alex was played by Yago Munoz. Supporting characters included Marisol Barradas as Valentina's mother and Jack Duarte as Natalia's brother.

In conclusion, Miss XV is a well-produced telenovela that has all the traditional elements of the genre. The show’s focus on friendship, cultural significance, and more serious themes such as bullying and gambling addiction make it stand out. The show’s cast also delivers excellent performances, making the show an entertaining watch for its target audience of teenagers and young adults.

Miss XV is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (120 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2012.

Miss XV
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Gran final
120. Gran final
The big day finally arrives and Vale has her party. Some leave with broken hearts, others with renewed love, and some begin a new era in their lives.
Fiesta de XV
119. Fiesta de XV
Niko wants Vale to come back no matter who brings her back. Leonora wants the party to be just for her. Nats thinks Val won't show up on time.
118. Suplente
Leonora assures Nats that she'll take Vale's place at the 15th birthday party, because she's probably not coming back anytime soon. Alexis misses her.
Viaje a Espana
117. Viaje a Espana
Leonora won't let Niko go to Val's house. Prince Antonio asks Valentina to hurry up, the plane is about to leave. Vale heads off to Spain.
Traicion de Pato
116. Traicion de Pato
Nats refuses to be won over again. Pato betrays Leonora to teach her to be a better person. Niko has an important message for Vale.
Tristeza de BFF
115. Tristeza de BFF
Niko confronts Prince Antonio and says the royalty thing is affecting Vale. Nats is really sad that Val is out of the group.
Disco en puerta
114. Disco en puerta
Prince Antonio never thought he would find love. Everyone makes fun of Niko, but he doesn't care about anything but recording an album.
Elecciones de princesa
113. Elecciones de princesa
Pato gets a kiss from a girl. Alexis promises to pull one last prank, and Niko will know who's in charge. Niko asks Vale if she's really a princess.
Princesa Valentina
112. Princesa Valentina
Leonora wants to know if the crown is real. Pato tells Alexis Leonora is out of control and willing to tell what happened at Magic Dragon's wedding.
111. Persecucion
Alexis tells Niko he's going to hate him forever. Vale tells her family there's a crazy person following her around who knows everything about her.
Problema gigantesco
110. Problema gigantesco
Nats and Miguel hope their plan will come together. Eddy is in big trouble and asks Valentina for help. Leonora has a plan to make Niko her boyfriend.
Plan indiscreto
109. Plan indiscreto
Juana's wedding is about to be canceled. Pato asks his father for a favor. Eddy has a plan, but he'll need help from the Dosbis and the Pinkikis.
Proxima boda
108. Proxima boda
EME-15's big show is today. Eddy has his eyes on the prize. He tells Nats he knows this is his big chance.
Grupo en pelea
107. Grupo en pelea
Alexis reminds Niko he's not in EME-15 anymore. Val is really desparate since Niko and Alexis won't stop fighting, so she asks Nats for help.
Ayuda de amigas
106. Ayuda de amigas
Eddy is in trouble. Niko wants to tell Leonora, but he knows he could cause her trouble. Leonora asks Nats to help her organize a 15th birthday party.
La música lo es todo
105. La música lo es todo
Vale is excited about EME-15's show. Niko is worried; he thinks no one cares about getting a chance to record an album as a group.
Plan de destruccion
104. Plan de destruccion
Manzanita finds out Kike has the crown and she realizes he really is a thief just like Catalina said. Nats meets Eddy's new friends.
Sorpresa en internet
103. Sorpresa en internet
Niko is tired of Catalina's mistreatment and abuse. Eddy assures Nats he'll stay on with the group but only until Cindy's party.
Richi insistente
102. Richi insistente
The fate of the Miss XV competition and the winners will be revealed to the press. Luigi asks Niko to gather the group in the Miss XV offices.
Ayuda de Pato
101. Ayuda de Pato
Val and Nats swear they didn't sabotage Cindy, saying she's their friend, and beg not to be disqualified. Pato confesses who was really responsible.
Ganadora de Miss xv
100. Ganadora de Miss xv
It's time for Leonora to carry out her plan to sabotage the competition finale. Pato is trying to get word of her plans to the band.
Sorpresa y decepcion
99. Sorpresa y decepcion
Eddy finds out Richi was putting the moves on Nats and confronts her for not telling him. Niko is upset after missing the band rehearsal.
Puntos en riesgo
98. Puntos en riesgo
Eddy recommends Richi tell the girl how he feels about her. Vale hopes Niko stays with the group. Nats and Val are worried about Niko and Eddy.
Admirador secreto
97. Admirador secreto
Vale's lies are revealed, and Alexis can't believe it. Nats thinks all those gifts are from Eddy trying to get her back. Val and Niko record an album.
Consejero del amor
96. Consejero del amor
Lula tells Pato and Fabián she needs to talk to them, because she's decided who she's staying with. Richi asks Eddy for romantic advice.
Hartos del amor
95. Hartos del amor
Eddy has a new business and he tells Dosberto about it. Leonora is sick of love. Niko and Valentina can't seem to get together. Val and Nats get mail.
No mas chico del ano
94. No mas chico del ano
Catalina finds Niko in Val's room and asks what he's doing there. Eddy is tired of being the center of attention. Nats and Vale are still in the game.
Plan complot varicela
93. Plan complot varicela
Leonora quits as student advisor. Alexis is happy because Plan Chicken Pox is going perfectly. Romulo finds out who stole his pen.
Adios amistad
92. Adios amistad
Alexis and Leonora are sick of the band members and decide to stop being friends with them. Niko asks Leonora to get Romulo to stop reading his email.
Besando a Alexis
91. Besando a Alexis
Vale wants to get the proof for Niko, so she visits Alexis to kiss him. Nats and Manzanita want to know all about the kiss between Val and Alexis.
Niko en problemas
90. Niko en problemas
Romulo wants Niko out of the school, and Valentina finds out. Leonora doesn't want Niko to leave GreenLand. Niko thinks Max put the pen in his locker.
Deseo de expulsion
89. Deseo de expulsion
Max's ex-girlfriend is about to rat him out to everyone. Alexis and Niko are still planning how to get rid of Max. Vale realizes Max wants revenge.
Jefa de operaciones
88. Jefa de operaciones
Dosberto has a plan against Max. Vale asks Manzana to join forces against Max; she agrees on one condition: that she be in charge of the operation.
Accidente de Max
87. Accidente de Max
Max gets hurt at the basketball game and swears he took a fall, but Alexis doesn't believe him. Dosberto realizes Niko and Alexis have a plan.
Partido de basketball
86. Partido de basketball
Eddy and Dosberto decide to make a fool of Max at the basketball game to get him to leave Nats and Renata alone. Max's team and Pato's team face off.
Niko y los Mirreyes
85. Niko y los Mirreyes
Leonora is afraid she'll get expelled from school over the pen issue. Niko doesn't want to play basketball with Max. The Archies ask him to join them.
Revision escolar
84. Revision escolar
Nats finds Val and Max talking, and she asks her boyfriend why they both looked so surprised to see her. Something goes missing at GreenLand School.
Fiesta de Antonieta
83. Fiesta de Antonieta
Alexis asks Valentina's parents to let her go to Antonieta's party with him. Max finds Vale with Nats. Pato is surprised to see Lula.
Invitacion rechazada
82. Invitacion rechazada
Eddy is upset about Max's kissing Natalia. Leonora tells Pato that Max is behaving better and better. He says there's something she needs to know.
Niko culpable
81. Niko culpable
Vale feels bad about the kiss misunderstanding and tells Niko it's all her fault. Max asks Niko to help him find a job. Natalia isn't over Max.
Fiesta Max
80. Fiesta Max
Max decides to throw a party at his house. Niko's plans against Max are going perfectly, but Dosberto has other ideas. Nats can't keep folling Val.
Celos Eddy
79. Celos Eddy
Val is furious for what Niko's done, and Eddy can tell. Max asks Dosberto to do him a huge favor. Eddy goes to Nats's house and asks who she's seeing.
Sin explicaciones
78. Sin explicaciones
Nats wants to know whether Max is enjoying the party, but he replies he likes her more. Vale can't find her ring. Niko confronts Max.
Nat piensa en Max
77. Nat piensa en Max
Nats can't stop thinking about Max, she's really starting to like him. Niko confronts Max and makes it clear they are not friends.
Nuevo contrincante
76. Nuevo contrincante
Max is the new foreign exchange student. Niko wants to check on something at the Miss XV competition. Alexis is jealous of Max and Valentina.
Candidato de intercambio
75. Candidato de intercambio
Leonora tells Romulo she's chosen a candidate for the student exchange program. Eddy is upset because a fan club is making him look bad.
Intercambio escolar
74. Intercambio escolar
Griselda, Pato's grandmother, returns. Pato has a surprise for Leonora. Leonora tells the school that Vale is going abroad on a permanent vacation.
Nats celosa
73. Nats celosa
Nats is jealous of Eddy, as the sports clothing campaign is bringing him a lot of fans. Leonora is hysterical after Niko leaves her.
Explicaciones de Leonora
72. Explicaciones de Leonora
Nats asks Eddy for a funny pic. Pato hears someone threatened Leonora in the competition. Vale knows the truth about Leonora and wants an explanation.
Solo una quinceanera
71. Solo una quinceanera
Vale confronts Alexis for daring to pretend he's Nobody Knows Who I Am. Miss XV inform Nats and Vale that only one birthday girl can be the winner.
En problemas
70. En problemas
Niko is about to return to the stage. Leonora does what she does for Niko out of love. Alexis, Pato and Leonora are in trouble because of Martina.
Paula regresa
69. Paula regresa
Paula is about to tell Niko the whole truth. Eddy and Nats decide to try dating. Paula arrives at Natalia's house to talk with her, to her surprise.
Ze toda la verdad
68. Ze toda la verdad
Leonora's agent Rose isn't working with her anymore. Upset, Richi asks Vale to stop pretending and asks her to tell everyone the truth.
Premiacion y despedida
67. Premiacion y despedida
After the blackout, Vale wants to fix everything. Alexis can't stand the whole brotherly friendly comical magical musical thing between Vale and Niko.
Plan anti-expulsion
66. Plan anti-expulsion
Alexis won't forgive Pato after messing with Vale and Nats's albums. Dosberto tells Leonora Vale's been expelled, but Nats has a plan to save her.
Video equivocado
65. Video equivocado
Valentina is always sticking her nose in other people's business. She thinks she has the right video of Nats's parents, but she doesn't.
Preguntas de chantaje
64. Preguntas de chantaje
Alexis tells Valentina that they're looking for her. Val can't believe what's happening to her. Leonora tells Niko that all this is Vale's doing.
Chismes de concurso
63. Chismes de concurso
Nats and Vale think up a plan to finish with the gossip in the competition. Alexis tells Valentina he doesn't need any more of her help to win.
Alta calificacion
62. Alta calificacion
Nats thought Vale would be on her side in the campaign. Niko doesn't want anyone to cheat on his behalf, but Leonora has a plan to help him win.
Chico del ano
61. Chico del ano
Nats and Val are looking for the boy of the year, someone talented, popular and trustworthy. Eddy really wants to win. Vale won't let Alexis compete.
Posible truene
60. Posible truene
Eddy gives Nats a great idea for her mother's campaign. Niko tells Leonora it isn't working out. Nats wonders what's going on between Alexis and Vale.
Nuevo representante
59. Nuevo representante
Renato Gil is Niko's new agent. Leonora confronts Pato and asks him if he copied the crown and gave her a fake one. Val has something to say to Nats.
Nuevo chantaje
58. Nuevo chantaje
Alexis and Pato are missing Val and Nats's party. Leonora won't let Niko go support his friends at the party. Alexis pushes his boundaries with Vale.
Sin invitados
57. Sin invitados
No one shows up to the excess-themed party. Val thinks Leonora is handing out the invitations. Niko doesn't want to go unless he's personally invited.
Fiesta rockera
56. Fiesta rockera
Eddy tells Dosberto he hates school. There's a new challenge in the Miss XV competition, and Nats and Val will have to organize a rock and roll party.
Harto de la indeferencia
55. Harto de la indeferencia
Vale asks Paula what she meant by the letter she left her. Nats tells Val that Eddy is in big trouble. Alexis is tired of Valentina's indifference.
Carta reveladora
54. Carta reveladora
The pinkikis find an announcement on the wall at school, and Renata is surprised. Paula promises Leonora feels bad for what she did.
Plan mejor como amigo
53. Plan mejor como amigo
Eddy needs money to keep Paula happy. Manzanita moves forward with her plan to get between Leonora and Niko. Paula writes Vale a revealing letter.
Nueva oportunidad
52. Nueva oportunidad
Leonora tells Pato she's with Niko. Val is very hurt that they're together and hopes she never sees them kissing. Nats tells Eddy she's left Miguel.
Confesion de amor
51. Confesion de amor
Val tells Magos that Alexis wants her to be his girlfriend. Nats is ready to tell him she's always loved him and she never wants to be with another.
Debut de lady venenosa
50. Debut de lady venenosa
It seems like no matter what Alexis does, he always gets punished. Niko finds Benito. Miguel practices so he can talk to Natalia without stuttering.
Nueva presidenta
49. Nueva presidenta
Vale asks Niko for another chance. Pato has the crown at his house. The Pinkikis tell Nats she was great. The school election winners are announced.
Aún hay amor
48. Aún hay amor
Nats tells Miguel the debate is today and she forgot to write her speech. Val is mad at Alexis for what he did to Nats. Alexis is happy Vale won.
Presidenta del comite de alumnos
47. Presidenta del comite de alumnos
Eddy misses flirting with the girls. Leonora knows Pato has a secret; she threatens him and tells him she'll make his life miserable until he tells.
Nuevo galán
46. Nuevo galán
Pato asks Leonora to be his girlfriend. Eddy asks the Pinkikis whether they like other guys; he wants to know who they think is cute.
Esperanzas para Pato
45. Esperanzas para Pato
Nats tells Miguel not to lie to try to make it better. Leonora promises Pato they'll be together soon. Niko will finally meet the love of his life.
Identidad desconocida
44. Identidad desconocida
Natalia invites Miguel home to dinner. Valentina tells Manzanita she'll finally meet "no one knows who I am". Niko overhears their conversation.
Mundo cibernetico
43. Mundo cibernetico
Dosberto hopes to get back together with Renata. Vale becomes a fan of the cyberworld. Alexis tells Pato he's going to school wearing a new fragrance.
La princesa más princesa
42. La princesa más princesa
Eddy forbids Miguel from seeing Natalia. Vale asks Camilo for Magos; she wants to see the dress Dominique ordered. Leonora asks Alexis for help.
Nadie sabe quien soy
41. Nadie sabe quien soy
Eddy moves on from Renata and her schemes. Vale tells Manzanita she met a super-cute boy. Niko is looking for someone named Nobody Knows Who I Am.
40. Esp'as
The next challenge on Miss XV is announced, and it has nothing to do with music. Vale and Nats miss each other and become best friends forever again.
El dilema de niko
39. El dilema de niko
The Archis threaten Niko, who says they can do whatever they want. Pato forgives Catalina after the accident. Catalina says something to upset Niko.
Amistad en riesgo
38. Amistad en riesgo
Dosberto tells Eddy he stinks because of Renata. Vale promises not to get mad at Nats, but Leonora is trying to cause trouble again.
Nueva prueba
37. Nueva prueba
Leonora can't find Benito and asks Pato if he lost him. There's one more audition before entering the competition, but there's only room for one.
Apeste escolar
36. Apeste escolar
Lula says Leonora has been acting strangely. Eddy and Nats take a photo together, and Renata jealously confronts him. Nats notices Eddy smells bad.
Modelo estrella
35. Modelo estrella
Renata tells Eddy to drop the ego. Dosberto can't believe Eddy is back with the witch. Leonora tells her friends that Magos's dress has arrived.
Desfile de modas
34. Desfile de modas
Alexis and Niko conspire to separate their parents. Camilo and Magos's designs will be featured in a fashion show, and Vale and Leonora will model.
Niko rebelde
33. Niko rebelde
Niko tells Vale if she's really his friend, she has to help him get expelled from the school. Alexis needs to get everyone together to confront Niko.
Nuevos alumnos
32. Nuevos alumnos
Nats sees Eddy at school and asks him what he's doing there. He replies that he's a student there now. Renata threatens to make Eddy's life difficult.
Eddy celoso
31. Eddy celoso
Eddy is still jealous of Fabián; he can't believe he's going out with Nats. Alexis plans to get revenge on Niko, and Pato agrees to help.
Dilema de quinceanera
30. Dilema de quinceanera
Val has a dilemma. She knows that if Eddy starts going to the school she'll have her party, but if he doesn't, she'll have more time with Niko.
Travesuras de benito
29. Travesuras de benito
Fabián is constantly traveling because of his father's work and has no friends. Niko asks Leonora what she really feels for him. Benito runs away.
28. Troll
Niko is having trouble on the team because of Alexis. Alexis and Pato come up with a plan. Nats confesses to Val that she told the director the truth.
27. Acordeon
Nats hasn't studied, so she cheats on the test. When she drops her cheat sheet, she puts the blame on someone else. Leonora plays the victim with Val.
Plan de venganza
26. Plan de venganza
Vale watches Nats's vlog and is surprised to find a video of Niko and Leonora kissing. Nats's plan is going perfectly; she's got Renata off her back.
Primera audicion
25. Primera audicion
Vale reminds everyone their first audition at Miss XV is coming up. The band is disqualified after only 5 of the 6 registered members show up.
Nuevos sentimientos
24. Nuevos sentimientos
Nats tells the Pinkikis that her new boyfriend is so cute and theyll die of envy when they see him. Val tells Nats Alexis asked for a second chance.
Celos ocultos
23. Celos ocultos
Eddy gets his first real job. Lea tells Nats and Val that they need a rehearsal space. Nats is surprised that Vale likes Alexis now.
22. Discursos
Alexis tells Pato that Val asked him for a speech for the competition. Nats and Val try to write a speech, but they can't come up with any ideas.
Nueva banda
21. Nueva banda
Nats and Val asks the Miss XV producers if they can enter the competition together. Vale tells Magos she's started a band. Niko is happy to be in it.
BFFs de nuevo
20. BFFs de nuevo
Marina cancels Nats's 15th birthday party. Nats asks Niko if he wants to be on her team for the competition; Alexis overhears and says he's with Vale.
Suenos recuperados
19. Suenos recuperados
Nats confronts Vale over the school competition. Nats wants to win the 15th birthday party. Vale is happy; she has her life dream back.
18. Intercolegiales
The competition is coming up, and Nats asks Marina to go see her. Alexis plans to appear in Vale's dance number. Val and Nats fight during rehearsals.
Falsa familia
17. Falsa familia
The Pinkikis try to get under Nats's skin saying she won't look like a member of Vale's family. Marina receives a phone call and Nats answers.
Mala suerte
16. Mala suerte
Lula's party is super goth. Niko thinks he's cursed; something bad always happens when he sings. Alexis asks Leonora for the video of Debbie's party.
Sospechas o celos
15. Sospechas o celos
Nats tells Vale she can't hide anything from her, so she'll tell her a secret. Alexis threatens Vale that he'll tell everyone she's a big fat liar.
14. Revelaciones
Nats and Vale give Lula some great news about her pinky-emo darky 15th birthday party. Pato visits Niko to tell him he'll give him Bobby Bueno's info.
Entre dos amores
13. Entre dos amores
Magos asks Vale if she has anything to do with Debbie's party. Nats has feelings for Rocko Tek and Eddy. Alexis asks Eddy to help him plan his date.
Rocko tek
12. Rocko tek
Eddy's singing a different tune under a new stage name. Nats and Vale make a guest list for their party, but Leonora mistakenly blasts it to everyone.
Pinky emo darky
11. Pinky emo darky
Vale and Niko start a secret relationship. Leonora goes to the school to study with Vale and Nats; there they meet Lula, a pinky-emo darky girl.
Contrato musical
10. Contrato musical
Bobby Bueno likes Eddy's voice and gives him a contract to sign, but Nats says he should read it first. Camilo and Magos fall in love at first sight.
9. Inauguracion
In the Cafe de Camilo grand opening, Leonora gives Niko a tea, but he loses his voice. Vale manages to get Bobby Bueno to listen to her sing.
Nueva modelo
8. Nueva modelo
Vale shows up with orange hair. Marina isn't happy. She says Leonora will do the ad. Nats and Vale decide to celebrate their 15th birthday together.
Modelos de comercial
7. Modelos de comercial
Marina needs a simple girl for her shampoo commercial. Nats and Vale pick three girls out, but it doesn't work out. Vale tells Nats she could do it.
Lucha por el palacio real
6. Lucha por el palacio real
Marina and Sebastián organize a birthday party for Nats, but Vale's party is the same day. Marina wants to hold Nats's party at the Royal Palace.
En la boutique
5. En la boutique
Marina takes Nats and Vale to a boutique where she's organized a fashion show with 15th birthday party dresses ending in a party.
4. Apagon
Vale feels bad for what she did, especially since her parents are throwing her a big 15th birthday party. She tries to hide it by wearing gloves.
Reto por amor
3. Reto por amor
Alexis challenges Niko to fight for Vale's love. Niko wants Vale to be his girlfriend, but she says she just likes him as a friend.
El rosadito
2. El rosadito
After the video from the party, everyone starts calling Niko "Pinky". Leonora just makes it worse. Leonora leaves and Niko declares his love to Val.
Sweet Sixteen
1. Sweet Sixteen
Vale and Nats dream about their 15th birthday presents. They wake up in chemistry class, and Vale pulls a prank, but not without consequences.
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    January 1, 2012
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