Monty Python's Flying Circus - Eric Idle's Personal Best

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  • TV-14
  • 2005
  • 1 Season
  • 8.8  (77,298)

Monty Python's Flying Circus aired on British television from 1969 to 1974, and is widely regarded as one of the most innovative and influential comedy series of all time. The show featured an ensemble cast of six members - John Cleese, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, Graham Chapman, Terry Jones, and Terry Gilliam - who wrote and performed sketches in a wide variety of styles, from absurdist humor to social satire.

Eric Idle's Personal Best is a special episode of the show that first aired in 2005. In this episode, Eric Idle, one of the show's original cast members, hand-picked his favorite sketches from the series and provided commentary on each one. The show includes some of the most memorable and iconic moments from Monty Python's Flying Circus, as well as some lesser-known gems.

The sketches in Eric Idle's Personal Best cover a wide range of topics and genres. The episode starts with a parody of a children's television show, featuring John Cleese as a psychotic children's entertainer who terrorizes his young audience. From there, the show moves on to more classic Python fare, such as a sketch about a man trying to return a dead parrot to a pet store, and a surreal piece about a man who turns into a tree.

Other sketches in the episode take on more serious subjects, such as politics and religion. One sketch, for example, features Eric Idle as a disgruntled voter who storms into a polling station and demands a different system of government. Another sketch, titled "The Life of Brian," is a parody of the biblical epic genre and tells the story of a man named Brian who is mistaken for the Messiah.

Throughout the episode, Eric Idle provides insights into the writing and performing process behind each sketch. He discusses the various inspirations and influences that the Monty Python team drew upon, from classic comedy acts like Laurel and Hardy to more avant-garde artistic movements like Dadaism.

In addition to the core cast members, Eric Idle's Personal Best also features appearances by Carol Cleveland, who appeared in numerous Monty Python sketches and is sometimes referred to as the "Seventh Python." The show also features animations and other visual elements created by Terry Gilliam, the group's resident animator.

Overall, Eric Idle's Personal Best is an entertaining and informative look back at one of the most important and influential comedy series of all time. It showcases some of Monty Python's most memorable and iconic moments, while also providing new insights into the group's creative process. Whether you're a die-hard Python fan or a newcomer to the series, this special episode is sure to provide plenty of laughs and thought-provoking moments.

Monty Python's Flying Circus - Eric Idle's Personal Best
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Monty Python's Flying Circus - Eric Idle's Personal Best
1. Monty Python's Flying Circus - Eric Idle's Personal Best
January 1, 2005
Eric Idle - the outrageously successful actor, writer, composer, director, producer and Broadway Impresario - is not satisfied yet. Determined to reshape the entire entertainment world in his image, Eric has gathered what he considers to be the very best Monty Python material of the entire four year run and squeezed it all into one convienient package. This one. He's even created all new, never before seen material. It's amazing what some zillionaire meta-stars will do for a few extra shillings, isn't it?
  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2005
  • IMDB Rating
    8.8  (77,298)