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  • 2016

The Motor Trend Awards show is a highly anticipated event held by the renowned automobile magazine Motor Trend, which takes place every year. The show features an array of categories from the automobile world, ranging from the best performance car of the year to the best luxury SUV of the year. The Motor Trend Awards ceremony is hosted by a team of automotive experts from Motor Trend, who feature throughout the show to present their picks and insights, as well as provide behind-the-scenes commentary on the vehicles up for consideration.

The show has become incredibly popular among car enthusiasts, and as such, it is now available to watch online through the Motor Trend OnDemand platform. The show typically runs for an hour or so, and during this time, the audience is introduced to the nominees for each category. The nominees are then reviewed by the expert panel, who provide in-depth analysis on each car's strengths and weaknesses, before revealing the eventual winner for each category.

One particular aspect of the show that is praised by viewers is the diversity of the categories. Unlike other automobile award shows that focus solely on the high-end luxury market or only recognize the best sports cars, the Motor Trend Awards covers a wide range of categories that appeal to a broad audience. This means that while some categories may focus on high-end sports cars, other categories focus on sedans, SUVs, and even electric cars.

Furthermore, the show doesn't focus exclusively on new vehicles released in the past year. The Motor Trend Awards acknowledge that some vehicles have incredible staying power or have had serious updates that improve on their original design. As such, the show includes categories that honor classic cars, as well as older models that have undergone significant updates to remain competitive.

Another aspect that sets the Motor Trend Awards apart is the level of detail and analysis that goes into the deliberation process. The expert panel is made up of individuals who have a deep understanding of the automotive industry, with years of experience working in various roles in different automobile companies. They are knowledgeable about everything from engines and performance to design and functionality. This means that when they are examining and comparing different vehicles, they're doing so from a comprehensive perspective. They consider factors like price, fuel economy, power, styling, and reliability, among other things.

During the award show, the expert panel engages in lively discussions on the merits of each nominee, making the viewers feel like they're getting an insider's look into the way the automotive industry thinks. They discuss each car's innovation, performance, ergonomics, and practicality, and delve into how vehicles stack up against each other in terms of value.

The Motor Trend Awards show is expertly shot and edited, with a clean and modern design that highlights the beauty of the cars on display. The expert panel often provides fascinating behind-the-scenes information for car enthusiasts, including information about testing and development, insights into manufacturers, and unique facts about particular vehicles that most people wouldn't typically know.

In addition to the award ceremony, there are also special features interspersed throughout the show. These features delve into the history of certain manufacturers or particular models, providing valuable context and background for enthusiasts who appreciate the history of the automobile. There are also interviews with industry insiders from various roles, such as designers, engineers, and executives.

Overall, the Motor Trend Awards show is a must-watch for car enthusiasts who want to stay on top of the latest and greatest in the industry. The show is well-produced, informative, and a real treat for anyone with a passion for cars. With a broad range of categories, a charismatic and knowledgeable expert panel, and beautiful production values, it's no surprise that the show has become a major event in the automotive world.

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2017 Motor Trend Awards
1. 2017 Motor Trend Awards
November 7, 2016
Watch the most important and anticipated award ceremony in the automotive industry from the Ace Theater in Downtown Los Angeles.
  • Premiere Date
    November 1, 2016