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  • 2021
  • 2 Seasons
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Partners in Rhyme is a unique game show that premiered on ALLBLK in 2021 that brings together celebrities and their fans to compete and create rhymes. The show is hosted by the charismatic Wesley Jonathan and features Grammy-nominated rapper MC Lyte as the show’s rhyme master.

Partners in Rhyme is unlike any other game show on television. It’s a combination of a game show and a rap battle that tests the creativity, wit, and skills of the contestants. Each episode of Partners in Rhyme has two teams of two celebrities and their fans facing off against each other to create the best rhymes. The competition consists of three rounds, each with a different theme or challenge.

In the first round, called “Rhymeception,” the teams take turns creating rhymes on the fly based on random topics provided by MC Lyte. The goal is to come up with the most creative rhyme possible while keeping up with the fast pace of the game. It’s an intense round that tests the contestants’ ability to think on their feet.

The second round, called “Rhyme Reveal,” is where the fans come in. In this round, each team is given a clue and 45 seconds to guess the rhyming word. The catch is that the fans have to help their celebrity partners guess the word by giving them clues that rhyme with the answer. It’s a fun round that involves a lot of teamwork and collaboration between the celebrities and their fans.

The final round, called “The Remix,” is where the contestants’ creativity is taken to the next level. In this round, each team is given a popular song, and they have to rewrite the lyrics to fit a new theme or topic. The challenge is to create a new and catchy chorus that rhymes with the new lyrics. It’s a high-pressure round that tests the contestants’ ability to write and perform under pressure.

Throughout the game, the audience and the judges react to the rhymes, adding to the excitement of the show. The judges consist of a rotating panel of celebrities, writers, and producers who evaluate the rhymes based on creativity, originality, and humor.

Partners in Rhyme is not only entertaining, but it also celebrates and highlights the art of rhyming in hip-hop music. The show’s host, Wesley Jonathan, is a well-known actor who has appeared in various TV shows and movies. He provides comic relief and keeps the show’s energy high throughout the game. MC Lyte, the show’s rhyme master, is a legend in the hip-hop industry and brings her expertise and experience to the game.

The celebrity contestants on Partners in Rhyme are also well-known and accomplished in their respective fields. They have to be quick on their feet and able to come up with clever rhymes under pressure. The show’s fans are also an integral part of the game, helping their celebrity partners throughout the game and adding to the excitement.

Overall, Partners in Rhyme is an entertaining and unique game show that celebrates the art of rhyming. It brings together celebrities and their fans in a fun and exciting way and provides an opportunity for them to showcase their creativity and skills. With its engaging format and charismatic host and judges, Partners in Rhyme is the perfect show for anyone who loves hip-hop and enjoys watching celebrities compete.

Partners in Rhyme is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (15 episodes). The series first aired on November 18, 2021.

Partners in Rhyme
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All Ready
8. All Ready
December 1, 2022
Lana, Vicky and Mekhi are gearing up for the first day of Luscious" tour. Lana decides to take her future into her own hands and announces a major change.
Happy Holidays
7. Happy Holidays
November 23, 2022
Happy Holidays at the Crawfords', or so we thought. There"s a big family blow up and a lot gets revealed. Shay discovers the gut wrenching truth about who her father really is.
Dead Zone
6. Dead Zone
November 17, 2022
Luscious denies that she relies on her phone and challenges Lana to a three day phone fast. Lana enlists the help of Mekhi and Vicky to throw Hazel a big surprise birthday party at the lounge.
Boss Up
5. Boss Up
November 10, 2022
Hazel passes out due to high blood pressure and gets hospitalized. Epiphany jumps on Luscious' track and outshines Luscious, garnering a lot of attention causing Luscious to get jealous.
Game, Set, Match
4. Game, Set, Match
November 3, 2022
Vicky and Mekhi meddle in Luscious' new relationship. Vicky finds a very shady history. This prompts Luscious to get revenged. Lana and Boston learn a lot about each other while on a road trip to a yoga retreat. Tensions start to rise when Boston refuses to look at directions or get gas. Lana and Boston get into an argument and realize they might not really like each other.
Smooth Operator
3. Smooth Operator
October 27, 2022
While Boston and Lana"s relationship hits a new level, it"s interrupted when Lana"s ex-boyfriend, who happens to be another iconic rapper, shows up. Mekhi and Luscious notice how much Vicky is working and the toll it"s taking on her.
Promo Fomo
2. Promo Fomo
October 20, 2022
One of Lana's old songs becomes a part of a Tik-Tok dance challenge and goes viral, causing Lana's catalog to resurge its popularity.
1. Gone
October 13, 2022
After Luscious decides to leave with her Mother Shay, Lana holds auditions for a new hot artist to replace her in hopes that Hazel won't find out.
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Partners in Rhyme is available for streaming on the ALLBLK website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Partners in Rhyme on demand at Amazon and Apple TV.
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    November 18, 2021
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