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  • 2016
  • 1 Season

Pirata & Capitano is an adventurous and fun-filled animated series produced by Millimages and Educational Broadcasting Corporation for preschoolers. The show follows the escapades of two best friends, Pirate and Captain, as they sail across the seas to find the ultimate treasure – the Golden Wheel. Along their journey, the duo meets new friends and characters who aid them in their quest. Pirata & Capitano is a show that encourages teamwork, problem-solving, and creativity through its colorful and exciting episodes.

The show's main characters, Pirata and Capitano, are a dynamic duo that loves adventures and treasure hunting. Pirata is a brave and fearless pirate who values honesty, loyalty, and courage. He is always on the lookout for a challenge and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Capitano, on the other hand, is more cautious and methodical. He is a natural leader who thinks things through before taking any actions. He is smart and clever, often coming up with creative solutions to problems.

Together, Pirata and Capitano make an excellent team. They complement each other's strengths and weaknesses, and their friendship is a testament to the power of collaboration. No matter what challenges come their way, they always find a way to overcome them. Their motto, "Forward, forward, always forward," is a reminder to never give up and keep moving forward.

Aside from the main characters, Pirata & Capitano introduces a host of other exciting and colorful personalities that add depth and variety to the show. For instance, there's Pico, a parrot who acts as Pirata's sidekick, and his arch-nemesis, the sneaky Pirate Rat. There's also Manny the Octopus, who serves as the duo's navigator, and Frida the Mermaid, who helps them find hidden treasures.

The show's episodes are filled with action, adventure, and humor that appeal to young audiences. Each episode is self-contained, featuring a unique challenge that Pirata and Capitano must overcome. The challenges range from escaping a whirlpool, rescuing a ship in distress, and disrupting Pirate Rat's schemes.

In addition to the entertainment value, Pirata & Capitano also exposes preschoolers to basic concepts such as geography, navigation, and problem-solving. The show uses vibrant and colorful animation to bring to life various locations such as tropical islands, underwater caves, and bustling ports. The characters also use nautical terms and tools that promote early learning.

Pirata & Capitano is an excellent educational tool for preschoolers as it uses imaginative storytelling to foster creativity, curiosity, and problem-solving skills. The show encourages teamwork and emphasizes the importance of trust and honesty in friendships. Children will also learn about the importance of perseverance, courage, and respect for others.

The show's soundtrack is also catchy and memorable, with upbeat songs that complement the pirate theme. The opening theme song, "Pirata & Capitano, we'll sail the seven seas," is sure to get preschoolers excited and ready for an adventure. Each episode also features fun and engaging sing-along segments that reinforce the lessons taught in the show.

Overall, Pirata & Capitano is a well-crafted and entertaining animated series suitable for preschoolers. It is a show that encourages problem-solving, creativity, teamwork, and early learning. The colorful characters, exciting adventures, and catchy music will keep young audiences engaged and entertained. Pirata & Capitano is a must-watch for families who love adventure and treasure hunting.

Pirata & Capitano is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2016.

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Un merveilleux cadeau
52. Un merveilleux cadeau
January 1, 1970
For her birthday, Pirata receives a treasure map that leads her straight to a casket containing a sabre that points to a direction yielding an even better present!
Alliance aquatique
51. Alliance aquatique
January 1, 1970
Pirata and Capitano free Barbudo, who has been imprisoned in a grotto by the mermaids to stop his destructive treasure hunt, which threatens the endangered coral reef.
L'Ile des weboo
50. L'Ile des weboo
January 1, 1970
Pirata takes Weboo to his ancestors' island as a special surprise, but he tells her that, according to family legend, the island is haunted!
L'Ile aux mouettes
49. L'Ile aux mouettes
January 1, 1970
When Seagull Island is hit by an earthquake, all the seagulls flee to Barracuda Island. Barbudo isn't happy, so Roberto must find his ancestor's harp to lure them away.
Zizanie chez les pirates
48. Zizanie chez les pirates
January 1, 1970
The peace of Barracuda Island is broken when two normally even-tempered and reasonable pirates start fighting over a sword.
La lumi
47. La lumi
January 1, 1970
After the Pink Skull's crew spot a strange light moving through the water one night, Pirata sets out to solve the mystery - and restores the reputation of an old pirate.
Le petit mousse
46. Le petit mousse
January 1, 1970
Moby the whale asks Pirata to help her find Hippo-the-Wise, who has entered a mysterious underwater cave to see why a Gooza is acting so strangely.
Nom d'une corne
45. Nom d'une corne
January 1, 1970
Murana has amnesia and thinks that she's a member of the Pink Skull's crew!
La louche d'or
44. La louche d'or
January 1, 1970
When Roberto's prized golden ladle goes missing during the annual trading market on Barracuda Island, Murana delivers an ultimatum when she is accused of taking it.
Le tr
43. Le tr
January 1, 1970
Pirata is in charge of training Racket the Ogre to become a pirate, but finds it very difficult. However, her 'bad student' ends up giving everyone a lesson in true piracy...
Jambe-de-bois les mains d'or
42. Jambe-de-bois les mains d'or
January 1, 1970
Determined to beat Pirata to an ancient treasure, Murana lures the melody-minded Weboo away with a fake music competition, but the booty itself is protected by a musical puzzle.
En musique
41. En musique
January 1, 1970
Pineapple Wilson becomes stranded at sea after his hydroplane breaks down and is greeted by a giant octopus with an eye for seagoing aircraft.
Un dr
40. Un dr
January 1, 1970
Plic faints after seeing himself in a mirror and his body develops a silvery film, so Pirata must obtain a bottle of special perfume from Murana.
SOS Pirate en danger
39. SOS Pirate en danger
January 1, 1970
Summary is not available.
La statue de Prior
38. La statue de Prior
January 1, 1970
Pirata responds to an SOS, but helping Murana will jeopardise her lead in the race to find Jack Scarotte's treasure.
Le pirate des glaces
37. Le pirate des glaces
January 1, 1970
Pirata and Capitano discover a pirate imprisoned in an iceberg, who unleashes a reign of terror on the Great Sea and on Barracuda Island after he is defrosted.
La r
36. La r
January 1, 1970
Pirata and Capitano must rescue the statue of Prior, the Original Pirate, before a volcano erupts and destroys it.
La couronne de nacre
35. La couronne de nacre
January 1, 1970
When the crew don't appreciate his meals, Roberto wanders off and is kidnapped by Penelope, the giant cyclops guardian of the Pearly Crown.
L'herbe de Barbe-Folle
34. L'herbe de Barbe-Folle
January 1, 1970
Pirata and Capitano set off in search of a blade of golden grass from Gallopacross Island, an untethered island that moves with the winds.
The Pink Skull's Clones
33. The Pink Skull's Clones
January 1, 1970
The Mirror Triangle puts a curse on the Pink Skull, creating a duplicate ship and crew who wreak havoc on the ocean with their pranks!
La carte aux
32. La carte aux
January 1, 1970
Master map-maker Hippo-the-Wise has a map of Sun Treasure Island and needs Pirata's help to find it. But as the Pink Skull draws near, mysterious mermaids try to lure them away...
La tricherie de Murana
31. La tricherie de Murana
January 1, 1970
Pirata must restore her honour when Dodo the Devious fools the pirates on Barracuda Island into thinking that she destroyed broke his leg and destroyed his treasure map!
Slimy Scheming Murana
30. Slimy Scheming Murana
January 1, 1970
Murana cheats at a contest to win the Pink Skull and its crew, then orders them to set sail for the treacherous Barbarossa Straits!
L'oeuf de Fabergus
29. L'oeuf de Fabergus
January 1, 1970
When Pirata finds a portrait of a pirate and a mermaid, Dany thinks that it's a painting of one of his ancestors and he goes off in search of mermaids.
The Fabergus Egg
28. The Fabergus Egg
January 1, 1970
Pirata must fire the fragile Fabergus Egg out of a cannon without breaking it so that Dany-the-Dandy will paint her portrait and hang it in the gallery of illustrious pirates.
The Case of The Missing Seaplane
27. The Case of The Missing Seaplane
January 1, 1970
Capitano's hydroplane has vanished! He boards the Pink Skull so that he and Pirata can search for it, but doesn't know the ways and customs of pirates and makes a lot of blunders.
26. Nakunedent
January 1, 1970
Summary is not available.
Les deux m
25. Les deux m
January 1, 1970
Summary is not available.
The Two Pendants
24. The Two Pendants
January 1, 1970
Murana steals a medallion found by Pirata, because it forms a treasure map when placed next to hers. But the two pirates abandon their search when Dany needs saving from a shark.
Meowkat Must Be Saved
23. Meowkat Must Be Saved
January 1, 1970
Dodo the Devious kidnaps Meowcat and demands Cococroc's treasure, which is buried at the bottom of a bottomless well, as ransom.
22. Justonetooth
January 1, 1970
When Sharky-One-Tooth steals Pirata's shark-tooth collection, Pirata realises that it's because he only has one tooth and gets Capitano to make him a set of dentures.
The Treasure Cave
21. The Treasure Cave
January 1, 1970
Roberto finds a treasure map signed by his ancestor, Boney Boots. Pirata and Capitano embark on a treasure hunt full of challenges and mishaps, but they finally reach their goal.
The Seagull
20. The Seagull
January 1, 1970
When a seagull steals an antique pirate flag, Pirata and Capitano discover that the bird was specially trained for the task by the crooked pirate Barbudo.
Pirate of the Year
19. Pirate of the Year
January 1, 1970
Capitano is curious when Pirata enters the Pirate of the Year contest on Barracuda Island, but gets into trouble when he sneaks over to take a look.
The Robinson Pirates
18. The Robinson Pirates
January 1, 1970
When a storm forces Pirata and Capitano to crash-land the hydroplane on a deserted island, they must find a way to tell their friends exactly where they are.
Mystery Island
17. Mystery Island
January 1, 1970
The Pink Skull encounters some egg-shaped people on a coconut raft. They are fleeing their island because they think it is haunted, so Long: Pirata and Capitano decide to investigate.
The Treasure Hunt
16. The Treasure Hunt
January 1, 1970
Pirata sets off on a treasure hunt after finding a bottle with a treasure map inside on her birthday.
The Whale
15. The Whale
January 1, 1970
A giant whale swallows the hydroplane with Capitano and the Pirestars on board. It's up to Pirata, her crew and Pineapple Wilson to rescue them!
14. Thief!
January 1, 1970
A thief sneaks aboard the Pink Skull and steals a package that Pirata and Capitano need to deliver.
Justonetooth | The Two Pendants
13. Justonetooth | The Two Pendants
January 1, 2016
After a terrible accident, Sharky-One-Tooth lost almost all his teeth, his singing voice, and his love of music. | Pirata finds a medallion. But Murana steals it because she has one as well, and when the two are placed side by side, they form a treasure map.
Meowkat Must Be Saved | Pirate of the Year
12. Meowkat Must Be Saved | Pirate of the Year
January 1, 2016
Dodo the Devious kidnaps Meowcat and demands Cococroc's treasure, which is buried at the bottom of a bottomless well, as ransom. | Pirata participates in the Pirate of the Year contest on Barracuda Island. Non-pirates are not allowed to participate, but a curious Capitano sneaks over to get a look at what they're doing.
The Robinson Pirates | The Treasure Cave
11. The Robinson Pirates | The Treasure Cave
January 1, 2016
When they are caught in a storm, Pirata and Capitano crash-land the hydroplane on a deserted island. Before the radio stops working, they manage to alert their friends that they're on Thousand Carat Atoll. | On Skeleton Island, Roberto finds a treasure map signed by Boney Boots, one of his ancestors. He gives it to Pirata and Capitano. Our two pals immediately suggest going on a treasure hunt.
The Game | The Seagull
10. The Game | The Seagull
January 1, 2016
Because they lost a game of Little Boats against Dodo the Devious, Pirata and Capitano must complete a challenge: they must find and bring back a belled banana before sunset. | Capitano gives Pirata an antique pirate flag. Delighted, Pirata holds it out to admire it, but just then, a seagull flies by and nabs it!
The Whale | The Treasure Hunt
9. The Whale | The Treasure Hunt
January 1, 2016
Carrying Capitano and the Pirestars the hydroplane is swallowed by a giant whale! | On her birthday, Pirata finds a bottle with a treasure map inside! She immediately sets off in search of the treasure... which is no easy task. In the end, she discovers that the whole adventure was planned by Capitano as a present, with help from all her friends, and discovers a true hidden treasure.
Thief! | Hairy Chests and Treasure Chests
8. Thief! | Hairy Chests and Treasure Chests
January 1, 2016
A thief has sneaks aboard the Pink Skull and steals a package that Pirata and Capitano need to deliver. | When famous pirate Omar the Red decides to retire, he devises a brainteaser: whoever solves it will get his treasure.
Mystery Island | Underwater Symphony
7. Mystery Island | Underwater Symphony
January 1, 2016
While navigating The Great Sea Pirata and her crew come across strange little natives sailing in a tiny coconut raft away from their island that they believe to be haunted. | Pirata is puzzled when she sees a bunch of panicky jellyfish doing somersaults and emitting electric flashes in the water. She and Capitano try to find out the cause of this strange behavior.
A Medal for the Pink Skull | A Remedy for Inky
6. A Medal for the Pink Skull | A Remedy for Inky
January 1, 2016
It's a big day for Pirata and her crew: they're going to attempt a challenging feat. If they win, the Pink Skull will be awarded the Silver Ship, the highest honor in the pirate world. | Pirata and Capitano meet at Pulpi Salma's for a juice. Much to their astonishment, they find Pulpi Salma suffering from a strange illness: her body has swollen up and she is hiccupping up multi-colored bubbles.
Who Stole the Pink Skull? | Mussel Soup a la Roberto
5. Who Stole the Pink Skull? | Mussel Soup a la Roberto
January 1, 2016
Dodo the Devious infests the Pink Skull with mosquitos, forcing the crew to evacuate, then steals their ship! But Pirata isn't going to take this lying down. | Two ingredients are crucial for Roberto's legendary Mussel Soup, Roberto-Style: blue Gouzi leaves and mussels from Skull Island.
Green Beard's Treasure | Dolphino Goes Missing
4. Green Beard's Treasure | Dolphino Goes Missing
January 1, 2016
Pirata finds a map indicating the location of Green Beard's famous treasure. According to the map, the treasure is buried on Hundred Reef Island, which is only accessible at high tide. | When Pirata and Capitano visit Skeleton Island for the opening of a beach tavern, they discover that Delfin Bones, the island's mascot, has disappeared.
The Pearl | The Mermaid Mystery
3. The Pearl | The Mermaid Mystery
January 1, 2016
Pirata accidentally breaks the pearl she was going to give to Inky Salma for her birthday. Pirata enlists Capitano's help and they set off in search of a new pearl. | Pirata and Capitano overhear a starfish captain talking about a mermaid he spotted off Blue Mist Island. They both want to rush over to the island and see for themselves, but for different reasons.
The Island with No Name | A Package for Inky
2. The Island with No Name | A Package for Inky
January 1, 2016
Pirate tradition holds that the first pirate to set foot on an unmapped island and plant his or her flag on the summit gets the privilege of naming it. Pirata wants to name an island after herself, but so does Capitano! | Today, Capitano has many packages to deliver, including one containing the fireworks for a party at Inky Salma's that very night.
The Sunken Ship | Pegleg Squid's Treasure
1. The Sunken Ship | Pegleg Squid's Treasure
January 1, 2016
While sailing, Pirata finds a piece of carved wood which looks like a fragment from the figurehead of an incredibly old pirate ship. After locating the shipwreck with Capitano's help, Pirata wants to explore it right away, despite Capitano's warnings. | Pirata and her crew hoist a treasure chest onboard. Inside, they find a mysterious message containing a riddle signed by a famous pirate.
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Pirata & Capitano is available for streaming on the Kidstream website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Pirata & Capitano on demand at Amazon Prime and Philo.
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    January 1, 2016