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  • 2020
  • 1 Season

Space Kids from Kidstream is an educational children’s show marketed towards young viewers aged between 6 and 11 years old. The show was developed to teach young children about space and inspire them to explore the universe around them. The format of the show is entirely animated, and the primary focus is on creating a visually stimulating and entertaining experience for young viewers. The show follows a group of kids who travel through space in a spaceship called the Star Chaser. The kids take on various missions and learn about space and the universe.

The main characters of the show are a group of diverse children from different countries and cultures. Each character has their unique strengths, personalities, and interests. For instance, the captain of the spaceship is a young girl named Zoe, and her co-pilot is a boy named Brad. Zoe is curious and excitable while Brad is calm and collected. Their personalities complement each other, making for an entertaining dynamic as they navigate through the cosmos.

One of the most striking features of the show is its colorful and vibrant animation style. The animation is bright, bold, and eye-catching, which is sure to appeal to young viewers. The graphics used are also quite sophisticated and detailed, which is impressive given the show's target audience.

The episodes of Space Kids from Kidstream cover a wide range of topics related to space and astronomy. Some of the topics covered include the Solar System, Galaxy, Black holes, Planets, etc. Each episode is packed with learning opportunities for young viewers about the subject at hand. The information conveyed in each episode is presented in an interesting and accessible way, ensuring that young children can easily understand the concepts being taught, and at the same time, they are entertained.

One of the most exciting features of the show is its interactive nature. The creators behind the show have incorporated quizzes and mini-games into each episode, which challenges young viewers to test their knowledge. The quiz questions are usually based on the information presented in the episode, making it a great way to reinforce learning.

The show has a fantastic educational value, and it encourages kids to learn about space and the universe in a fun and engaging way. The show also emphasizes the importance of teamwork, highlighting how the Star Chaser’s crew works together to accomplish their missions. The characters engage in communication to solve problems faced during their missions, making it an excellent example of collaboration and teamwork.

Lastly, the show's themes undoubtedly make it stand out. Space Kids from Kidstream tackles important issues such as environmental responsibility and sustainability, highlighting how humans can protect the planet and reduce their carbon footprint. This adds a great educational value to the show beyond its astronomy aspect and contributes to a more comprehensive understanding among the young viewers.

In conclusion, Space Kids from Kidstream is an admirable show geared towards young viewers. Its vivid animation, interesting characters, and challenging call-to-actions engage young learners in a fun-filled learning journey. The show's inclusion of important themes, such as environmental awareness and teamwork, add an educational value that helps shape children's worldviews in a positive way. This show provides young viewers a chance to dream big and, most importantly, explore and learn about the infinite universe around them in a way that is both fun and informative.

Space Kids is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (37 episodes). The series first aired on August 25, 2020.

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39. Satellites
June 1, 2020
There are thousands of satellites in space orbiting around Earth. They
North Star
38. North Star
June 1, 2020
The North Star is like a compass in the sky, always showing the way north. It also helps sailors navigate by revealing their distance from the equator. Learn how in this episode.
37. Eclipses
June 1, 2020
A Day In The Life Of An Astronaut
36. A Day In The Life Of An Astronaut
June 1, 2020
35. Telescopes
June 1, 2020
Ever since 1608 when a Dutch inventor experimented with using glass lenses to magnify distant objects, scientists have been pushing the limits, building new telescopes to explore the furthest reaches of the universe. This episode reveals the history of the telescope and looks ahead at telescopes of tomorrow.
How Big Is The Universe?
34. How Big Is The Universe?
June 1, 2020
How big is the Universe? It
Space Heroes
33. Space Heroes
June 1, 2020
History is full of great adventurers who have explored the farthest corners of the Earth. This episode profiles some of the most daring explorers to leave planet Earth and explore outer space.
A Space Commute
32. A Space Commute
June 1, 2020
Imagine piloting a spaceship flying at 25,000 km/h and trying to land on another object moving even faster. In this episode learn how astronauts travel from Earth to get to work on the International Space Station.
Pale Blue Dot
31. Pale Blue Dot
June 1, 2020
This episode looks at our beautiful, fragile Earth from outer space and shares some inspiring words from the people who
29. Comets
June 1, 2020
Reclaiming The Sky
28. Reclaiming The Sky
June 1, 2020
Our planet is covered in unnatural light: light pollution from streetlights, buildings and billboards. What would it look like if we turned out the lights? This episodes reveals what
27. Pluto
June 1, 2020
In 2006, a spacecraft called New Horizons set out on a mission to explore Pluto. It took 9 and a half years to travel from Earth to Pluto but the trip was well worth it. This episode looks at some of the amazing images sent back to Earth and explains what we
Time Capsule From Earth
26. Time Capsule From Earth
June 1, 2020
In the year 1977, NASA sent out two space probes to explore outer space. On the probes they attached a Golden Record containing a special message for aliens should they find it. This episode looks at what the aliens will find.
The Moon
25. The Moon
June 1, 2020
How far away is the Moon? Why does it appear to change shape? What
24. Earth
June 1, 2020
"What makes Earth so special? Erath is the only known planet in the entire Universe to have life. In this episode of Space Kids, find what makes Earth the ideal place for life to flourish. What makes Earth so special? Erath is the only known planet in the entire Universe to have life. In this episode of Space Kids, find what makes Earth the ideal place for life to flourish."
What Is Mission Control?
23. What Is Mission Control?
June 1, 2020
When Astronauts spend time away in space, they
How To Become An Astronaut
22. How To Become An Astronaut
June 1, 2020
Have you ever dreamed of becoming an astronaut? This episode explains what takes to get a job in space.
What Is A Light Year?
21. What Is A Light Year?
June 1, 2020
Space is so enormous that the units we use to measure distances on Earth
Is The Milky Way Made Of Milk?
20. Is The Milky Way Made Of Milk?
June 1, 2020
If you
Pictures Of The Night
19. Pictures Of The Night
June 1, 2020
People have been making pictures of the night sky for thousands and thousands of years. Take a trip through history to see how we
18. Neptune
June 1, 2020
Take a trip to Neptune the furthest planet from the Sun in our Solar System. Get an up-close look and find out how this cold, slushy planet gets its bright blue colour.
17. Uranus
June 1, 2020
Like winter? Then you'll love Uranus, the coldest planets in our Solar System. Take a tour of the seventh planet from the Sun, where temperatures hover around -224
16. Saturn
June 1, 2020
Take a tour of the sixth furthest planet from the sun in our Solar System, Saturn and get a close up look at its icy, rocky rings.
15. Jupiter
June 1, 2020
Chances are if you have looked up at night, you will have seen Jupiter shining brightly. This episode takes you up close for an even better look at the biggest, fastest spinning planet in our Solar System.
What Is A Nebula?
14. What Is A Nebula?
June 1, 2020
Welcome to the star nursery, where stars are born... a Nebula! This episode explores nebulae, those giant clouds of dust and gas in space.
What Is A Black Hole?
13. What Is A Black Hole?
June 1, 2020
Deep in the centre of our Galaxy, something mysterious and invisible is lurking. Something so powerful that it swallows entire stars! This episode explores Black Holes.
What Is Gravity?
11. What Is Gravity?
June 1, 2020
Did you know, if it weren't for gravity you would just float away into space? This episode of Space Kids looks at the glue that holds our Universe together.
Solar System 2
10. Solar System 2
January 1, 1970
Summary is not available.
Solar System 1
9. Solar System 1
August 25, 2020
Our Solar System | What is the Universe? | How Big is the Universe? | Stars in Our Eyes
The Sky and Beyond
8. The Sky and Beyond
August 25, 2020
What is an Aurora? | Eclipses | Pictures of the Night | Reclaiming the Sky
Space Science
7. Space Science
August 25, 2020
What is Gravity? | What is a Light Year? | What is a Microgravity? | Telescopes
6. Stars
August 25, 2020
What is a Star? | Constellations, A Story Book in the Sky | What is a Nebula? | North Star
Earth, Moon and Sun
5. Earth, Moon and Sun
August 25, 2020
Earth | The Sun | The Moon | Pale Blue Dot
Space Exploration 2
4. Space Exploration 2
January 1, 1970
Although humans haven
Space Exploration 1
3. Space Exploration 1
August 25, 2020
A Day in the Life of an Astronaut | How to Become an Astronaut | What is Mission Control? | Space Heroes
Planets 2
2. Planets 2
January 1, 1970
Those tiny little stars in the night sky are actually giant burning balls of gas in space. Find out all about those Super-Giants and Yellow Dwarfs in this superstar episode.
Planets 1
1. Planets 1
August 25, 2020
Mars | Venus | Mercury | Jupiter
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    August 25, 2020