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  • 2017
  • 1 Season

Restoring the Shack is a heartwarming series making its debut on TBN. The show seeks to refurbish classic American cabins, especially those in dilapidated conditions, and bring them back to their original glory. On each episode, the hosts revisit a set of remarkable cabins and explore their rich history. They trace the stories of former owners and the stories that shaped these cabins into becoming cultural landmarks that they are today.

Viewers get to see the actual restoration happen with an insight into every step of the process. The cabin restoration team behind the series is incredibly skilled and experienced, as seen in their meticulousness to ensure authenticity in every restoration process. This involves specialized tools used to make minor tweaks and changes to retain the originality of each cabin.

One thing that stands out about the restoration process is how the team achieves a balance between retaining the original structure, while still upgrading the cabins to meet modern-day living standards. They offer modern amenities, coupled with a touch of the traditional, to ensure the cabins retain their authenticity while providing all the home comforts necessary.

The show has a feel-good vibe, owing to the charming scenery and the rustic feel of the cabins. It's heartwarming to follow the journey they take to restore the cabins while retaining the magic of each place.

Restoring the Shack also highlights the importance of preserving heritage buildings and landmarks. The show connects the historical significance of these cabins with the future. It takes the viewers on a journey to show how the history of the place affects our present and the necessity of preserving such heritage sites.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the series is the use of music. The soundtracks used in the series correspond with the cabin's history and location, creating a moving atmosphere that connects the viewers with the cabins' unique stories.

Restoring the Shack is suitable for all ages and provides a win-win for the audience- an informative and engaging show that also nurtures the soul.

Another interesting thing is that the show also highlights unique ideas for people looking at restoring their own cabins. It is genuinely eye-opening to see the different possibilities that exist for people with cabins in dilapidated conditions who may be struggling with where to start.

The show has lived up to its hype in celebrating the beauty of bringing old things to life, taking things from the past and finding a place for them in the present. It is a great reminder for people that anything from the past can still be appreciated in the present.

In conclusion, Restoring the Shack is an impressive series that offers a perfect blend of history and modernity, celebrating heritage while also creating a better living experience. It is a must-watch for anyone who has an appreciation for the past and an eye for good architectural designs.

Restoring the Shack is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on March 8, 2017.

Restoring the Shack
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Episode 20
20. Episode 20
July 16, 2017
Paul wraps up the series, tying everything together and focusing on the idea that despite much of what we've been taught, it is we who have turned our face from God because of our shame and brokenness, not God turning his face from us.  Despite this, however, God has always been in a relentless, never-ending pursuit for our hearts.
Forgiveness and Reconciliation
19. Forgiveness and Reconciliation
July 9, 2017
Paul examines the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation and how liberating it is to embrace the former while letting go of the burden of the latter.
18. Words
July 2, 2017
Exploring the impact of words in our lives; the interpretation of scripture and how it sharpens concepts of God.
Festival of Friends
17. Festival of Friends
June 25, 2017
Paul uses a particular chapter of ``The Shack'' to illuminate how living in the flow of God's living water empowers us to be all that God created us to be.
Troubling Texts
16. Troubling Texts
June 18, 2017
Paul takes on critics who have mislabeled him as a "universalist'' and defends why he believes Jesus will go down any road to find to us and draw us back to him.
A Lament
15. A Lament
June 4, 2017
Embracing something not done in the West, lamenting; scriptures are filled with references of God himself grieving.
The Cave
14. The Cave
May 28, 2017
Paul takes us deep into one of the most challenging and profound sections of "The Shack" - Mack's encounter with Sophia, the wisdom of God - exploring our own misconceptions behind the concepts of Hell, judgment and eternity.
Changing the Narrative
13. Changing the Narrative
May 21, 2017
Paul brings a new perspective to the story of Abraham and Isaac to help us to understand how God will meet us where we're at and how we can move from just knowing the Bible to knowing Jesus intimately.
Coincidence has a Name
12. Coincidence has a Name
May 14, 2017
Paul illustrates how God is involved in the intimate details of our lives, by exploring the incredible events in lives of people who have cross paths with "The Shack" and how God will use anything and everything to transform lives.
The Garden
11. The Garden
May 7, 2017
Paul delves into another important metaphor in "The Shack," - the garden - where the work of God is to expose our hearts which may have become overgrown with the brambles, thistles and thorns of brokenness and pain, transforming it into the place of beauty and wonder it was always meant to be.
Loss and Love
10. Loss and Love
May 3, 2017
Paul tackles questions of "loss," sharing the incredible story of how, through a crazy set of "coincidences," a struggling couple who had lost a teenage daughter to suicide found themselves on the movie set of "The Shack" watching a key scene minister to the heart of their pain.
Loose Ends
9. Loose Ends
April 30, 2017
Paul tells four inspiring, though often heart-wrenching, stories meant to tie up all that's been talked about before, highlighting the activity of a God who is good and is involved in the details of our lives.
The Question of the Cross
8. The Question of the Cross
April 23, 2017
Paul delves deep into Psalm 22, exploring the question of who originated the cross and challenging the assertion that God the Father turned his face from Jesus on the cross, using the scriptures themselves to prove that the Father was present with Jesus the whole time, just as He is with us during our darkest moments.
Fathers and Sons
7. Fathers and Sons
April 16, 2017
Paul teaches about the transformative concept of wholeness and how by learning to live in the identity of Christ so that the "way of our being matches the truth of our being" removes the struggle of performance and having to live "rightly" under own efforts.
Who is the God of the Shack?
6. Who is the God of the Shack?
April 9, 2017
Paul uses his own mother's objections to the portrayal of God the Father in "The Shack," as a jumping off point to explore not only the nature of God, but to share the amazing story of how God used events and people in his mother's life from some 60 years earlier to bring her full circle get her "unstuck."
5. Future-tripping
April 2, 2017
Paul shares how learning to live inside the grace of just one day by taking on a child-like perspective and trust in God helped to transform his life and allow for joy to show up as a constant companion.
The Birth of the Shack
4. The Birth of the Shack
March 29, 2017
Paul shares the story of how "The Shack" went from beginning as 15 xeroxed copies of a story written solely for his children as an expression of how God had changed his life to the phenomenon it is today, and how it was only possible due to discovery of joy in the midst of having every material thing stripped of him.
3. Kim
March 22, 2017
Paul reveals not only how he met and married his wife Kim, but how he dragged all his secrets and addictions into their marriage, ultimately leading to a disastrous affair and an 11 year process through which God rebuilt not only their relationship but Paul's very soul.
Perfectionist Performance
2. Perfectionist Performance
March 15, 2017
Paul takes us on a journey into how his relationship with his missionary father, coupled with his abuse in boarding school, shaped his theology of a distant, angry God, leading to a life of perfectionist performance and the construction of a fake persona to hide the battered "shack" that was his soul.
An Invitation
1. An Invitation
March 8, 2017
Author Paul Young invites the audience to join him on an adventure into the power of story and the themes, metaphors and theology that shaped his phenomenal best-seller, "The Shack."  He also introduces the concept of how understanding relationship the relationship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is the key to understanding God's desire for relationship with us.
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Restoring the Shack is available for streaming on the TBN website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Restoring the Shack on demand at Apple TV Channels, Amazon Prime, Amazon and Hoopla.
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    March 8, 2017