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  • 2015
  • 1 Season

Southern Uncovered with the Lee Bros. is a culinary journey through the South, exploring the region's rich cultural history and diverse cuisine. Hosted by brothers Matt and Ted Lee, this food and travel show brings viewers along for the ride as the duo uncovers hidden gems, unique stories, and delicious recipes.

Throughout each episode, the Lee Bros. delve into the cultural and culinary landscape of different southern cities, starting with their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. From there, they travel to destinations like Nashville, Savannah, and Louisville, seeking out the best eating experiences each city has to offer.

Along the way, the brothers meet local chefs, farmers, and food enthusiasts, learning about the ingredients and techniques that make each region's cuisine special. From hot chicken in Nashville to seafood gumbo in New Orleans, the Lee Bros. dig deep into the history and culture of southern food.

But Southern Uncovered with the Lee Bros. isn't just about eating - it's also about history, art, and community. In each location, the brothers explore the local culture, visiting museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions to gain a deeper understanding of the people and traditions that make up the region.

One of the unique aspects of Southern Uncovered with the Lee Bros. is its focus on lesser-known destinations and hidden gems. Rather than simply highlighting popular tourist spots, the brothers go off the beaten path to uncover under-the-radar restaurants, shops, and attractions. This approach gives viewers a more authentic, immersive experience of each city they visit.

Throughout the series, the Lee Bros. demonstrate their expertise in southern cuisine, sharing their own unique recipes and culinary tips. Whether they're frying up crispy chicken or making classic biscuits from scratch, the brothers show viewers how to bring the flavors of the South into their own kitchens.

At its core, Southern Uncovered with the Lee Bros. is a celebration of southern culture and cuisine. The show's warm and engaging hosts, combined with its stunning cinematography and mouth-watering food, make it a must-watch for anyone interested in exploring the rich history and delicious food of the South.

Southern Uncovered with the Lee Bros.
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Asheville, NC
3. Asheville, NC
June 28, 2015
Matt and Ted Lee take on Asheville, North Carolina – a city that’s quickly become known as the artisanal enclave of Appalachia. The brothers forage for wild ingredients with farm-to-table guru, chef William Dissen, and check out a traditional stone-burr gristmill that’s responsible for some of the best bread in town. Asheville also boasts more breweries per capita than any US city, so the brothers can’t leave town without taking part in a Bend & Brew class – who says beer and yoga don’t mix?
Atlanta, GA
2. Atlanta, GA
June 21, 2015
Matt and Ted Lee explore Atlanta’s surprising array of culinary offerings, dining on Southern meets Asian “Seoul” food and sampling the global flavors created by the King of Pops – Atlanta’s artisanal ice pop purveyors. Before their flight out, Matt and Ted grab a bite at One Flew South, a restaurant that’s redefining Southern food at the world’s busiest airport.
Charleston, SC
1. Charleston, SC
June 14, 2015
James Beard Award-winning food and travel writers, Matt and Ted Lee, uncover the unexpected bites and sights in their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. From Lowcountry oyster roasts to an undersea winery and dinner that comes with a side of dance lessons, Matt and Ted prove there’s far more to Charleston’s food scene than the tour guide lets on.
  • Premiere Date
    June 14, 2015