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Widower Hugo is struggling to balance his work and home life. His life is about to get much more complicated when his 8-year-old befriends the daughter of a prolific ex-criminal. From Walter Presents, in Dutch with English subtitles. The Blood Pact is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on .

The Blood Pact is available for streaming on the PBS Masterpiece website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Blood Pact on demand at Amazon Prime, The Roku Channel online.

PBS Masterpiece
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
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The Blood Pact Full Episode Guide

  • Hugo's lack of criminal expertise leads to complications with Ron and everything draws to aclose in a bloody finale in which there are few winners and many losers.

  • Hugo finds his lies are catching up with him as both his daughter and Sophie corner him for answers. Marius once again needs Hugo's help.

  • Ron visits Marius in jail to put more pressure on him for the money. With the stakes so high, Marius calls upon Kitty to bring him the number of a hit man.

  • As Hugo and Marius become embroiled in the police investigation and Kitty becomes increasingly desperate, Wout is hungry for revenge.

  • With Marius' life and Hugo's job on the line,desperate measures are called for, but the police are closing in.

  • Things turn serious for Marius when he tries to confront Ron. Wout awakens from his coma and begins experiencing flashbacks of the attack.

  • Hugo is left reeling when he finds out Wout is in a coma and the police arrive at his door, while Marius becomes increasingly paranoid.

  • Ron has figured out Marius and is demanding a hefty sum to stay silent. Hugo desperately tries to convince Laura of Wout's unsuitability for her. He confides in Kitty at the playground.

  • After getting rid of Wally's body, Hugo and Marius decide to go their separate ways. Marius has a new business and Kitty has opened her dream restaurant. But the past has a way of catching up.

  • Hugo is desperate to bring his dangerous venture with Marius to an end after the money is found, but the situation comes to a dramatic head at Suus's ninth birthday party.

  • Marius escapes with barely a scratch on him to the home of Kitty's parents. Kitty gives valuable information to Hugo, and the police interrogate Hugo again asking why he has files on Van Galen.

  • Under pressure from Wally, Abdu forces Kitty to reveal Marius's hiding place. Hugo and Kitty try to locate Van Galen's attorney as he might have a lead on the lost money.

  • Hugo insists that Marius go into hiding while he looks at his financial problems. Meanwhile, the police are taking an interest in the odd friendship between a tax official and an ex-con.

  • When Marius finds the missing Suus, Hugo is so grateful that he agrees to help Marius sort out his taxation problems, even though he is still worried about becoming involved.

  • Hugo doesn't know how to refuse Marius's request for help, and his anxiety gets worse when he goes on Suus's school camping trip only to find Marius and Kitty in attendance.

  • Marius meets up with Abdu to find out if Wally was behind the attack. Meanwhile, Hugo organizes a meeting between his daughters and his girlfriend Hannah, but Laura is hostile.

  • Marius finds out that he has a massive tax debt on top of his other money worries. Hugo tries to stop Suus spending time with Chrissie after he saves Marius's life during a shooting.

  • At a parents' evening, ambitious tax official Hugo meets Marius, a mobster who's just been released from prison. Marius gets a visit from an old friend.