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  • TV-PG
  • 2018
  • 4 Seasons
  • 6.8  (3,157)

Frankie Drake Mysteries is a Canadian television drama that began airing in 2017 and is now available on PBS Masterpiece. The show is set in the 1920s, during a time when Toronto was experiencing enormous changes, with new opportunities for women and people of different races to assert themselves in ways previously unavailable.

Frankie Drake Mysteries follows the story of Frankie Drake, played by Lauren Lee Smith, who is a private detective in Toronto. She's a brave and independent woman who's unafraid of taking on the challenges of the male-dominated world of investigation. She's joined by her sidekick, Trudy Clarke, played by Chantel Riley, who is also an excellent detective and Frankie's lifelong friend.

Frankie Drake Mysteries is a show that's both engaging and entertaining, with intriguing storylines that are intricately woven together. The show is a mix of crime and detective genre, wrapped in the theme of women empowerment. It's full of mystery, intrigue, and suspense, with a touch of humor to make it even more interesting.

The show is unique in its approach, as it tackles issues of race, ethnicity, gender, and class. The story touches on subjects that are still relevant today, such as discrimination, stereotypes, and prejudice. The writers have done an excellent job of creating characters that are complex, multi-dimensional, and relatable. The show's cast is diverse, with a range of characters that reflect the different backgrounds and cultures of Toronto's population.

The central character Frankie Drake is a force to be reckoned with. She's smart, confident, and doesn't shy away from danger. She's a feminist icon who challenges the gender norms of her time. Frankie's backstory is given depth through multiple episodes that explore her past, including her service as a spy during World War I. Frankie is determined to make a name for herself as a private detective and prove to the world that women are just as capable as men.

Trudy Clarke, Frankie's partner in crime-solving, is an expert in forensics and is knowledgeable in a variety of other fields. Trudy is resourceful, quick-thinking, and often comes up with creative solutions to complex problems. She's fiercely loyal to Frankie and is always ready to jump into action to help her friend and partner.

The show's other recurring characters have their own stories that are revealed over time. Mary Shaw, played by Rebecca Liddiard, is a former thief who now works as an assistant to Frankie and Trudy. She brings her street smarts and cunning to the team, helping them to solve cases that require cunning strategy. Flo Chakowitz, played by Sharron Matthews, runs a speakeasy and is also a source of valuable information.

The show's production design stands out, with carefully designed sets that recreate the look and feel of Toronto in the 1920s. The costumes are also beautifully designed, reflecting the style and fashion of the time. The music features original jazz and blues tracks and captures the spirit of the era.

In conclusion, Frankie Drake Mysteries is a must-watch show for fans of the detective and crime genre. It's a unique show that portrays women's empowerment and progress during a time when patriarchal systems dominated. The show's well-written characters are brought to life by a talented cast, and the production design is top-notch. Frankie Drake Mysteries brings the 1920s to life in a way that is both entertaining and informative.

Frankie Drake Mysteries is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (44 episodes). The series first aired on August 20, 2018.

Frankie Drake Mysteries
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A Family Affair
10. A Family Affair
March 8, 2021
A shakeup in all our gals' lives sees Frankie's dad alive but in danger, Trudy leaving Drake Private Detectives, Mary going on the record, and Flo's new family being threatened.
9. Showstoppers
March 1, 2021
Mary looks into a morality violation by Rita Hart's modern dance troupe while Frankie questions if they've brought the Spanish Flu to Toronto.
Sweet Justice
8. Sweet Justice
February 22, 2021
When Trudy discovers that her new dream home has contaminated water, the gals investigate the source with help from nighttime vigilante, Lady Justice.
Life is a Cabaret
7. Life is a Cabaret
February 15, 2021
After witnessing a man's murder, Frankie's search for his lady-friend suspect leads her to an underground cabaret and surprising results.
The Guilty Party
6. The Guilty Party
February 8, 2021
A man acquitted of a grisly murder is still a suspect. The clock ticks as the team investigate whether or not he is the guilty party.
Ghost in the Machine
5. Ghost in the Machine
February 1, 2021
Convinced she was visited by the ghost of a murdered woman; Nora makes Frankie and Trudy search their building leading to a shocking discovery.
A Most Foiled Assault
4. A Most Foiled Assault
January 25, 2021
When the coach of Canada's first female fencing team is murdered and a fencer is wrongly arrested, Frankie and Trudy are tasked with the case.
The Girls Can't Help It
3. The Girls Can't Help It
January 18, 2021
Frankie and Trudy cross paths with a trio of flappers and head into an illegal auction as they investigate the theft of a priceless bottle of wine.
Prince in Exile
2. Prince in Exile
January 11, 2021
When a playboy prince is kidnapped, the team has to be discreet as they investigate in order to avoid an international incident.
Scavenger Hunt
1. Scavenger Hunt
January 4, 2021
Our gals are on a spirited scavenger hunt. When a player is murdered, they need to figure out if it's a case of killing off the competition, or something more personal.
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Frankie Drake Mysteries is available for streaming on the PBS Masterpiece website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Frankie Drake Mysteries on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Apple TV and PBS.
  • Premiere Date
    August 20, 2018
  • IMDB Rating
    6.8  (3,157)